About Orange City

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ॥

A decade back, Health care delivery system in Nagpur was quite obsolete. Needy Nagpurians had no option but to reach government medical colleges for any life threatening problems. Small nursing homes use to render single speciality secondary health care delivery and for varied tests, one had to go to different centres in diverse parts of Nagpur. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute was a unique experimentation at a time when nobody dared to venture in field of tertiary health care delivery system. Against all odds, it was started and has now established a name which has led to its recognition as brand ambassador of Health especially for central India. It is known fact that within a decade, OrangeCityHospital has played a pivotal role in gaining the confidence of central Indians and also brought Nagpur in national health care map.

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) based at 19, Pande Layout is a leading multi super speciality hospital of Nagpur providing services of 160 doctors through 60 varied departments. It is run by Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited (RNHPL) constituting Board of Directors namely Dr.Dileep Dhande, Dr.Jay Deshmukh, Dr.Usha Nair, Dr.Anup Marar and Dr.Vidya Udaybhaskar led by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman. Dr.Anup Marar, a Paediatrician and renowned health management consultant also looks after the day to day administration as Director (Administration).


The karmabhumi of NAIRSONS family has always been Nagpur. The respect, love and affection showered by Nagpur citizens had to be repaid a bit in some manner. An unfortunate tragedy in their family wherein their younger brother Shri.Ravi Nair died in a road accident because of lack of timely super speciality expertise shocked NAIRSONS family. At a time when all serious patients had to be directed either only to medical colleges or flown to Mumbai, NAIRSONS family with back up of like-minded medical faculties conceived the idea of initiating a dedicated tertiary care hospital with state of art equipment. There was an urgent need of such a super-speciality centre wherein a relative could bring his suffering family member to offer a fair chance to live. Somebody had to take the first step and undertake major risk to invest in such a comprehensive super speciality hospital and garner confidence of central India populace. Hospitals are major capital investment. Hence earlier in those times, no body was keen to take such a venture. Since profit making through a hospital was not the motto of NAIRSONS family, they went ahead. 15 years back when OCHRI ordered top of the line advanced equipments like 13 HP colour multi parameter monitors in one go, there was no hospital in Maharashtra leave aside Nagpur be it even major hospitals in Mumbai which possessed such equipage.


Time and again; senior faculties from India and abroad, have commended the extensive infrastructure and stringent ethical protocols implemented at OCHRI.

OCHRI is in a different pedestal wherein ethical rational comprehensive quality health care is strictly implemented. The inflow of Patient from Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh leave apart from all over Vidarbha who now confidently come down to OCHRI undisputedly proves the fact that Health care expertise of Nagpur is now counted.

At OCHRI, every penny received and spent is duly receipted as per a fixed tariff. Payments to doctors are also done by cheque mode. OCHRI tried to gather a group of like-minded specialists who are expected to render ethical quality healthcare. Down the line, OCHRI with pride noted that they have associated with more than 160 specialists providing services through 60 varied departments & 30 speciality clinics.

OCHRI is involved in many medico-social commitments of city in form of conducting school health check up camps, cancer screening camps, regular speciality camps etc. OCHRI has also joined hands with Global Cancer Concern of India to provide home based palliative care services for terminally ill cancer patients. Further OCHRI is associated with Sarvaa Shikshaa Abhiyaan scheme of government. Any needy child through their district primary education officer can avail the expertise of OCHRI to get any intricate surgery done for an affliction affecting his scholastic progress be it Orthopaedics, ENT, eye surgeries. Likewise Smile train has approved OCHRI to provide free surgeries to all cleft lip and palate-afflicted children. The Emergency Services of Nagpur city under aegis of Nagpur city Police is run and managed by OCHRI. This exclusive accredited ambulance facility is first of its kind in Maharashtra and such unique police-private hospital participatory venture is first in India! Recently they took over the management of Swami Sitaramdasji Maharaj Hospital & Research Centre based at Ramtek to run on no profit basis.


All such social ventures show that OCHRI within all its feasible resources and limitations is trying its best to serve the society in best possible manner.

The distinctness and academic ambience being nurtured at OCHRI attracts doctors and has even led to its endorsement by Maharashtra Medical Council. OCHRI’s record keeping is also meticulous which ensures accountability of each and every person involved in treatment of patients. The conception of a dedicated area for academics in form of Jaivik conference hall for encouraging associations to hold CME’s and workshops could only be seen at OCHRI. A quarterly newsletter under the name and style of Jaivik is distributed free of costs to more than 1000 doctors all over central India along with a fortnightly day brighteners emphasizing the moral ethics. OCHRI also conducts CME under the name and insignia of “Siddhi” in every town every month to highlight recent advances.

OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by SEC Rly and C Rly for aiding them in emergency care for railway accident cases. OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by 50 major Organisations/Companies of Central India. OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to be recognized by National Board of Examinations for conducting DNB (Family Medicine) course. OCHRI is the only hospital of this region to have consistently ensured its ISO 9001 certification since last 6 years. OCHRI is the only hospital in Central India to have 4 certified Lead Quality Auditors and 3 Certified Internal Quality auditors to supervise and check the quality management systems.

It is now established that Orange City Hospital & Research Institute with its goal of providing quality health care under one roof in reasonable costs is now pride not only of Nagpur but also for Central India and is a symbol of faith.


Along with Consultants; OCHRI have a full time hierarchy of Critical Care Physicians, Resident Physicians, Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists and surgeon’s apart from Registrars and medical officers. OCHRI is the only hospital which boasts of full time 6 member Intensivists group led by 2 critical care physicians to render stationed 24×7 care to the patients admitted in their 40 bedded critical care complex.

OCHRI also promotes whole body check-up approach methodology. Various profiles are evaluated as a regular screening modality. Almost all major reputed companies utilise this executive health check up system for their employees. Correspondingly advanced spiral CT scan, state of art Diagnostic Laboratory, PFT (Lung function), Sleep Lab (for sleep apnoea confirmation), Mammography, EEG (for epilepsy), ENG (for vertigo), BERA (hearing testing), Dentistry, Interventional radiology and Physiotherapy, Blood storage unit, E-Scan etc are also available.

As on date OCHRI has the privilege of ensuring maximum number of specialists and super specialists under one roof in a private health care Institution of Central India outside any medical colleges. The magnitude of health care dependency on Nagpur is now attracting health care groups from metropolis to function at Nagpur. This must be due to the fact that Nagpur & central Indians are not reaching their centres based in metropolis nowadays. As a prime mover based at Nagpur, which did endow this foundation of trust with a long-term vision in mind to acquire this image for Nagpur, this is one of OCHRI’s most distinct achievements. Thus OCHRI is not a corporate hospital but a hospital which is investing the amount back to society by continually improving the health care delivery system. With so much feathers in its cap, OCHRI is worthy of being endorsed as the brand ambassador of central Indian health care sector.

Our Uniqueness

Unique accomplishments of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute ( OCHRI) in Central India’s health care sector as on 1st September 2009.

  • OCHRI is the only ISO 9001:2000 certified hospital of Nagpur providing services of 150 doctors through 60 departments under one roof.
  • OCHRI is the only private hospital recognised to render Emergency room readiness for all Government VVIP’s encompassing Z-plus security visiting Nagpur.
  • OCHRI is the only Hospital of this region to have been affiliated by Global Cancer Concern of India and SMILE TRAIN.
  • OCHRI is the only Hospital to be included from Maharashtra and Central India in the 9 member Indian health care CEO delegation-2005 nominated by UK Government.
  • OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by SEC Rly and C Rly for aiding them in emergency care for railway accident cases.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital to run a secondary care rural hospital at Ramtek apart from initiating the concept of Family Clinic at Katol Road to provide primary quality health care at very cost effective rates.
  • OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by 50 major Organisations/Companies of Central India.
  • OCHRI is the only Hospital of Nagpur to be recognized by National Board of Examinations for conducting DNB (Family Medicine) course.
  • OCHRI is the first hospital in Nagpur to have been licensed by FDA to run a Blood Storage Unit.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital of this region to have consistently ensured its ISO 9001 certification since last 4 years.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital to have introduced Air ambulance services to Central India.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital of Nagpur to have a registered news paper under name and style of “Jaivik’ which propagates moral, ethical and professional values amongst medical community.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital from Nagpur to had retained its inclusion in India’ best hospital list ( The Week) for 3 years amongst the survey conducted amongst all government/ private medical colleges/ hospitals of Nagpur from 2006-2008.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital in Central India to have 4 certified Lead Quality Auditors and 3 Certified Internal Quality auditors to supervise and check the quality management systems.
  • OCHRI was the only hospital from Nagpur to have presented a paper on behalf of medium sized hospital in the recent held 2nd National Health Conclave organised in Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
  • OCHRI was the only hospital from Maharashtra who’s CEO was awarded the National Achievement of Health Excellence -2007.
  • OCHRI was the only hospital from Maharashtra who’s CEO was awarded the International Achievers award for Health Excellence -2008.
  • OCHRI was the only hospital from Nagpur who’s CEO was awarded the Life time Health Achievement Award -2008.
  • OCHRI is the only hospital of Nagpur to have been considered and accredited by Nagpur City Police to run and manage “Emergency Medical Services” at Nagpur as a joint endeavour.
The One & Only Hospital of Central India to claim above accomplishments within a short span of 13 years from inception. For Complete Ethical Quality Health Care The Tree stands in sun and give shade to others. Their fruits are also for others. Similarly good people go through all hardships for welfare of others.
Our Quality Policy commits us to provide rational health care to all stratas of society with uncompromising quality standards within available resources.

Under mentioned thrust areas describe our quality commitments:

  • Strong Patient Focus.
  • Bringing about a social awareness in health care.
  • Fulfilling our social obligations as a premium health care institution.
  • Continual improvement in the process of health care provision and all the processes of our quality management system.
  • Involvement of all OCHRI personnel in our quality commitments.

To create a positive impact within available resource in the interest of patient care and to provide quality comprehensive curative and preventive medicare services.

Smt. Vilasini & Shri Udaybhaskar Nair

Shri. Udaybhaskar Nair became a professional entrepreneur and chairman of Nairsons group of companies at a very young age almost four decades back. Today, Nairsons Group of Companies consists of Ravi Nair Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. (Orange City Hospital & Research Institute), Nair IT Pvt. Ltd and Videsh Coal Services Pvt. Ltd.

He is a man of remarkable dynamism. Any project he undertakes has his personal touch. He represents the progressive group of management experts with keen interest in service oriented industry and its development. He is a fine example of rare combination of management expert and an astute businessman with an ocean of kindness.

After completing his M.Com from Nagpur, he pursued his MBA from Bombay University and started his carrier as a lecturer at Somaiya College, Mumbai. Self motivated coupled with remarkable foresight he came back to nagpur to build the parent company Nair Coal Services Limited as a professionally managed business house. He diversified into Healthcare, Medical education and Information Technology Industry over the years as the need of the hour evolved.

He was Bharatiya Janata Party’s official candidate for the 13th and 14th Lok Sabha Election from Palakkad constituency in Kerala. He created history by getting the highest votes by a new candidate contesting for the first time in the region. He has served as the member of the BJP National Executive Council.

He serves as a Director of Shri Narakesari Prakashan Ltd. (Tarun Bharat Daily Marathi newspaper) published from Nagpur after his tenure as a Chairman. Shri. Udaybhaskar is the Chairman of National Human Care Foundation, Nagpur and Executive Committee member of Indian Cancer Society after his term as a Chairman, Nagpur Branch. He is the Chief Patron of the National Association for the Welfare of the Physically Handicapped and Nair Service Society. He is a member of the Centre for Environment & Health.

In the past, his contribution to Bhonsale Military School as the Vice- President (Nagpur Branch) has been laudable. He continued as a member of Central Hindu Military Education Society for many years. He has been a member in National Commission of Cattle (Govt of India), Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Animal & Dairying, Department of Company Affairs, Ministry of Law, Justice and Company Affairs (Govt of India) and Committee to Administer the investor Education and Protection Fund. He was also the Vice President at Vanrai Parivaar (Vidarbha Region). During his time as the President of Keraleeya Samajam (Nagpur) we saw the establishment of an edifice for the recreation and welfare of the community.

The woman behind the successful man – Smt. Vilasini Nair has been the constant support and strength in the past forty years of their marriage. She has shouldered responsibilities as the Managing Director of Nair IT and built her own name in the city by working under the banner of Aashrita Mahila Mandal (Nagpur Mahila Club) for women’s welfare activities alongside partaking in many organizations that work towards social causes. As a couple, they share one of the purposes of life – helping mankind.

Chairman’s Reflection…

Having grown-up in the small village of Alanallur in Kerala where there was no electricity, no road, with only bus service twice a day, and studied in the Government High School, I am humbled to have come thus far in this city of Nagpur which has been my “deZHkweh”. With first-hand experience of the hardships faced by the rural population and having been raised in a politically conscientious environment, I knew I needed to contribute back to the nation. Life brought my family to Maharashtra. My nationalistic spirit only grew stronger here. The drive to do better pushed me and my brothers. I learnt about coal services helping my father before its nationalization. If I may quote Seneca, Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities created all around me by the Almighty.

In 1987 the sudden and tragic death of my youngest brother for want of medical aid devastated the family. This was a turning point in my life and priorities. There dawned in me a new sense of purpose. Such incident should not happen to any other family. And thus, I took up the biggest challenge yet as a non-medico with a dream and vision to start a hospital that makes sure patients get medical aid within the platinum hour.

This dream got actualized when Orange City Hospital & Research Institute took birth. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success, so the saying goes. I cannot but recall the stalwarts of our founding medical team like Dr. Dilip Dhande, Dr. Jay Deshmukh and Dr. Ajay Mehta who guided through the inception and have been with OCHRI for a good part of our eventful journey. My personal advisor and confidant Shri. M.S.G. Iyer will always be held in high regards. My friend, Shri. Prakash Vithal Page, the brain behind the institute played a vital role in OCHRI taking form and shape. My entrepreneurship and business opportunity in Nagpur had its genesis in my close association with Shri U.C. Mehra. I am profoundly appreciative of my special family relationship with Nitin, Shri. Nitin Gadkari to many, who rose from the ranks to occupy the high office of Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways. I recall with pleasure and satisfaction the few visits he made to the hospital and the opportunity given to us to elucidate on the quality health care solution offered by us. I vividly remember the late hours I worked one on one with our first employee Shri. Roy Thomas who retired last year. I proudly highlight the services rendered by our versatile Dr. Anup Marar.

The wholehearted support of the bureaucrats , police force and politicians combined, helped in the development and smooth functioning of the hospital. My sincere thanks to the public, institutions, corporate and other companies who have recognized and empanelled OCHRI and have reposed complete faith and trust on us for all their medical needs.

As we complete 25 glorious years of our endearing journey, with all humility I recollect all the people behind the successful realization of this milestone achievement and the hard work, dedication, devotion and determination of our entire team of Doctors, Nursing and Paramedical staff over the years.

I cannot miss to thank Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar & COVID team who faced the biggest challenge in healthcare history of our times, stood by us and who have worked round the clock. I take pride in the way our Medical Team and Staff rallied together during this dystopic time and continue to provide their services.

Our efforts have propelled OCHRI to be in the forefront of healthcare services in Central India. The contribution of every employee is undeniable and acknowledged. Heartiest Congratulations to “ONE and ALL”

I take this opportunity to honor the one person who has been by my side through all of life’s trials and tribulations, who patiently puts up with my long absences, stretching her helping hands in support of all my endeavors, ignorance & successes and willing to pitch in for me when needed in spite of her own busy schedule – my “सहधर्मिणी ” Vilasini. No words are enough to praise her for her benevolent nature and all her sacrifices.

As I look back and ask myself whether my aim stands fulfilled, the answer is Yes and No. Yes, because my institution has saved lives and thus saved families from all walks of life. And No, as I wish my cherished institution to serve for posterity. Above all, my heart is filled with gratitude.

Udaybhaskar Nair

” The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy
– Kalu Ndukewe Kalu “

Dr. Anup Marar
Consultant, Department of Paediatrics
Director, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute

Dr. Anup Marar after completing his graduation and subsequently post-graduation in Pediatrics from Indira Gandhi Government Medical College has gained more than 31 years of clinical and 26 years of administrative experience. He has been actively advocating the cause of medical professionals since 3 decades starting from his college days. Since 2000, Dr. Anup Marar is serving as Director of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. He is a qualified ISO 9001 Lead auditor, certified NABH Assessor and was a Certified Examiner for Quality Management for IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award. He is Director of Nagpur Institute of Medical Sciences and Central India Health Academy. He is associated with many social organizations namely as Convener- Vidarbha Hospitals Association, Hon. President- Orange City Bahuudeshiya Sanstha, Hon. President-Dignity for the Dead Foundation, Hon.Secretary- Save Merit Foundation and Past President, Saraswati Vidyalaya Alumni Association.He was also the Hon. Director of India’s first Police-private pre hospital care joint endeavor “Emergency Medical services” of Nagpur city which successfully functioned in Nagpur for 5 years.He is founder editor of “Jaivik” presently a registered new paper which is in circulation since 1992. He is also paper setter, moderator and examiner for MHA course run by Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences. His name has also been included in Asia Pacific’s “Who’s Who”. Recognized as a Health & Hospital Management Consultant; he is recipient of National Achievement Award for Health Excellence 2007, International Achievers award for Health Excellence 2008, Life Time Health Achievement Award 2008, Global Achievement Award 2010 for Health Excellence, Indian Health Care Excellence Award 2012, Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar 2015, Rising Star of Asia in health care sector 2016 and Intellectual of Year 2019. He was nominated as jury member for Times of India’s Nagpur Heroes and Lokmat’s Health Care Excellence Awards. During Covid times, Hon’ble High Court had nominated his inclusion in Covid Co-ordination Committee. Looking at his proactive contribution, he was bestowed with Covid Warrior Award by hands of Hon’ble Maharashtra Governor in 2020 and was felicitated by Hon’ble Nagpur Mayor in 2021.


A bond sanctified by God

23 years of affiliation sanctified in presence of God. It is time to reflect back. They say everything in life is a reflection of a choice you have made.

Way back in summer of 1998, I got a call from my younger brother that Chairman of Nairsons Group wanted to meet me in Guruvayoor. During this period, I was serving as a Pediatrician in a North Kerala based Missionary Hospital. Accordingly, me along with my wife and 1st born rode to meet Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair and his family. He asked us both to join the forthcoming association of Nairsons and Meghe family in Wardha based Radhikabai Meghe Memorial Medical Trust. Mutual commitments were sanctified in presence of Lord Krishna and we shifted our base to Nagpur to join as Officer on special Duty, Nairsons Group on 1st July 1998. Subsequently, from 1st November 1998 till 30th November 2000, I was deputed to Wardha to serve as Chief Medical Superintendent of Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital attached to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College along with being Chief Coordinator of RMMMT. After this stint on 1st December 2000, I was recalled to join Nagpur based Orange City Hospital and Research Institute as Director (Administration). Many questioned me about my decision to shift from running a full-fledged Health Campus to a 4-year-old 28 bedded hospital. Many could not understand that commitment, affection, loyalty and faith overrules rationality.

Down the line; we could prove ourselves and make a distinct mark in central India’s Healthcare sector. A dedicated team was nurtured and I was granted full autonomy leading to initiating many trend-setting indigenous protocols ,adding more buildings and Specialties, forging alliances, launching satellite clinics and hospitals, commencing staff welfare measures, creating an In-house hierarchy, nurturing relationships with incoming Specialists and patients, organizing CME’s under insignia of Siddhi , instituting brotherhood programs like Naman/Milaap/ Kutumb, running educational courses like PGDHHM, Fellowships , bonding with other hospitals, launching and editing fortnightly newsletter Jaivik which later was accorded approval by Government as a registered newspaper and many others. Subsequently we could grow from a 28 bedded single building to a 150 bedded- 60 speciality – 3 building hospital complex supported by 150 doctors and cultivate ourselves as a Postgraduate Medical Institute.

Many unique feathers were added to OCHRI’s cap during this 21 years of association. The team spirit nurtured and the prevailing ego-free decentralized family atmosphere not only boosted our growth but even set an example for many other hospitals to follow. There is genuinely nothing more rewarding than helping create something and watching it bloom.

The unflinching faith shown and solid confidence reposed by Nairsons family led by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair whom I consider as my elder brother motivated me to prove my mettle. I had to justify the platform provided. He gave me complete freedom to run this hospital as my own and I still recollect his reassuring words that I will take all credits and he will take onus of all discredits happening due to any of my decisions. Although I was the face of OCHRI in health care sector; soul of hospital was Dr. Usha Nair who silently backed me with managing the nitty-gritties of hospital internal affairs and supported me steadfastly throughout these 21 years at OCHRI. I am confident than Gennext led by dynamic Dr. Vidya Nair will mentor this 25-year-old youthful Institute to the highest pedestal in national health care map.

This attachment has been very fulfilling and showered me with many awards and recognition for which I remain indebted. I am really blessed to witness the silver jubilee during last year of my tenure at this hospital. I deeply value the immense love showered and dedicated support given by all OCHRI family members. This voyage consecrated by almighty has been very gratifying and although my second innings may lead me to other avenues; the primetime of my life spent here at OCHRI will always be cherished.

Someone has rightly quoted that much of effective management involves common sense and common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.

Dr.Anup Marar

“Individual commitment to a group effort –
that is what makes a team work, a company work,
a society work, a civilization work
– Vince Lombardi”

Dr. Anup Marar is serving as Technical Director of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Hospital Private Limited and Director (Administration) of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. He is a Trustee of National Human Care Foundation and Honorary President of government registered bodies namely Orange City Bahuudeshiya Sanstha, Saraswati Vidyalaya Alumni Association and Dignity for the Dead Foundation. He is Founder Chief Editor of “Jaivik”, a registered new paper which propagates ethical and moral values amongst medical community. He is Principal of YCMOU recognised “Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Hospital Administration” (PGDHHM) course run by Nagpur Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur. He is paper setter, moderator and examiner for MHA course run by Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (a Deemed University). His name has also been included in Asia Pacific’s “Who’s Who”.

Dr. Vidya Nair
Vice Chairperson
Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited

Second generation entrepreneur, Dr. Vidya Nair is the eldest daughter of Udaybhaskar Nair. She is a board member and Director engaged in the strategic planning & execution of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute.

Prior to joining Orange City Hospital, as an Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate ( ECFMG) certified Dr. Vidya practiced Psychiatry in the United States of America at Veterans Affairs Medical Centre, Washington, D.C. and Richmond University Medical Centre, New York. She worked closely with patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and she regards Neuroplasticity & Psychosomatic medicine as the future in mental health. Her experience in mental health has expanded her empathetic potential.

Her contribution in research focused on molecular mechanism that link Hyperinsulinaemia to sodium retention and hypertension for the Department of Internal Medicine at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. gives her a broader perspective towards Clinical Medicine.

Dr. Vidya Nair pursued her Masters in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University and specialized in Healthcare Management.

After joining Orange City Hospital in 2016, Dr. Vidya, spear headed initiatives of hospital Quality management and patient safety. Under her leadership, Orange City Hospital is the only hospital in the city to be NABH accredited completely, directly in one go in 2018 and today it stands as the 1st hospital in the city and under 50 hospitals in the country to be reaccredited as per the latest edition. She is also responsible for strategic partnerships, new initiatives & hospital transformation projects. She has been an integral part since inception in Project Geetha as Orange City Hospital remains the only private hospital in Central India to tie up with Tata Trust.

Innovative thinking and research is integral for human civilization to move forward. Dr. Vidya is convinced that Technology is the only force multiplier to scale the healthcare for masses.



What an honor, privilege and responsibility indeed my sisters and I share, to carry the legacy of the past twenty five years forward! We are grateful to everyone who came before us and continue to teach and inspire us to achieve our vision.

The only constant in life is Change – Heraclitus

Orange City Hospital has been the pioneer for healthcare in Central India. The hospital in its present exalted status has made others emulate the quality work environment and patient care in the city. Practice of high standards of business ethics, a fervent commitment to excellence and the glory of team work are the cornerstones of OCHRI.

In the past three decades, Healthcare in India has transformed from distributed specialties into a consolidated one-stop shop for patient care. It has benefited patients & families with easy access to services with uninterrupted care. We accelerated the change and refined the care model to meet the needs of the city and around. To accomplish our mission we explored the social, cultural & economical issues in the community which were addressed by our hospital with various successful initiatives over the years.

Growth happens when there is constant adaptation and revision.

The behavioral pattern of the patient population has evolved since COVID pandemic struck. As the world shrinks with technology and innovations, we move forward with a broader perspective towards health for all. Scarcity of advanced healthcare still continues in the neck of the woods. Our efforts will be towards providing support required to patients & families by taking care of the logistics, thus minimizing expensive travel by providing the highest quality care in the comfort of the patient’s home. We plan to provide home health services and telehealth to low mobility and non-critical patients. We also understand patients’ emergency situations take an emotional toll on the families. In order to minimize the stress and enable close proximity; we are working towards offering comfortable housing and ancillary support to families.

Our strong tie-ups with insurance & research institutes will help us minimize the financial burden to patients and receive affordable care. We want to also strengthen the chronic shortages in the health system as the Doctor and Nurse to patient ratio is skewed in India. The appalling statistics show the dire need for trained doctors and nurses as we focus on converting our institute for higher education in healthcare. To ensure continued success, judicious planning and investments are made with well planned expansion and international alliances.

Generosity, loyalty to any cause, independence of views, positive attitude in any situation, however calamitous it may be, all attribute to who we are as a family. OCHRI is an embodiment of my family’s core values, culture, and relentless efforts to provide community service. OCHRI has remained steadfast with its resolution that no family shall grieve for want of better healthcare. OCHRI provides all the impetus one needs in working towards this shared mission.

We are committed to continue the time honored tradition that Orange City Hospital has nurtured a family like environment for all. People have been and will always be our strength.

If one thing I have learnt for sure after living in three continents, it is this: The only thing that will ever matter is how you treat people and how you make them feel!
At OCHRI, we promise that you will feel cared for and you matter.

With the faith entrusted upon us by 1,03,759 families and guided by the wisdom from the past, we march ahead.

Dr. Vidya Nair

We must act as if we answer to,
and only answer to, our Ancestors,
our children and the unborn.
– Amilcar Cabral

Dr. Usha Ravi Nair
Managing Director
Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited

Dr. Usha Nair, born and raised under the foothills of the Western Ghats in Palakkad, Kerala. She did her schooling near her home town. Thereafter, she went on to pursue graduation in BSc. Chemistry from SFS College, Nagpur.

She got her first experience working as a member of the Board of Directors in Nair Coal Services before receiving her medical education from Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical College, Amravati.

She was selected to Post graduate Certificate Course in Mammography from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, and returned to Nagpur as the first Mammographist of the city.

She was able to bring in her medical background combined with her administrative experience as she served as the Director of Ravi Nair Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.

She was bestowed with the title of Lead Auditor for ISO by the Quality Council of India. She is an ardent administrator and has worked tirelessly for the institution since Day One.

Dr. Usha is actively involved in the training program of junior administrative staff and chairs academic sessions for diploma candidates in hospital administration.


A Silver Lining
The past two-and-a-half decades have witnessed many ground-breaking developments in the establishment of the Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. At a time when there was a dearth of quality healthcare services in central India, we were faced with the mammoth task of setting up a multi-speciality medical institute from scratch.

I was reined-in to serve as the youngest director of the institute in 1996. As a young graduate, I sometimes felt overwhelmed seated alongside some of the intellectual elites from the city. I was a novice in the field, but my mentors guided me through the process, and shared some tricks of the trade. A noteworthy incident of that time, which put OCHRI in the limelight, was the immediate resuscitation and quality medical service provided to an international passenger on a Singapore-bound flight, which made an emergency unscheduled landing at Nagpur airport. This passenger’s full recovery was a spectacular way to welcome the new year of 1998, and thus began our long-standing association with the Nagpur Airport Authority.

Being the forefront of medical care in central India, we have never left any stone unturned in providing the latest technology and infrastructure for patient care. Many doctors have been associated with OCHRI, and provided their services through us. It is encouraging to know that most of the top doctors in the city today had once been a part of OCHRI, and contributed to the mutual growth and recognition. The services rendered by OCHRI have also been acknowledged by many government and private establishments, who have come forward for empanelment with us.

If there is one valuable lesson, I have learnt over these last 25 years – is not to disregard any calls coming at odd hours. Be it family, friends or otherwise, the number of lives saved due to timely action, and prompt medical care cannot be over-emphasized. However, the situation over the last two years; with the COVID pandemic stretching the Indian healthcare sector thin, has been a real eye-opener. Despite receiving instructions from the government at short-notice, we were successfully able to serve and rescue thousands of patients, by operating at maximum capacity with far less mortality rate compared to the national average. Nevertheless, we were also forced to turn down many needy patients for want of beds and infrastructure. Never have I envisaged such a scene, that we would have to refuse such distress calls. I only hope and pray that such a situation never arises again.

For the next twenty five years and beyond I see OCHRI continue with the humane approach in providing hassle-free, affordable medical services to the largest sections of society crossing all boundaries.

Lastly, the success story of OCHRI is incomplete without mentioning the contributions of all the medical, para-medical, administrative and other support staff serving the present as we grow and evolve as per the needs of time. Our loyal employees have put their heart and soul in the enrichment of the institution, and together are an integral part of the OCHRI family.

Dr. Usha Nair

You are what your deepest desire is.
As is your desire, so is your intention.
As is your intention, so is your will.
As is your will, so is your deed.
As is your deed, so is your destiny.


Smt. Divya Nair
Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited

My biggest lesson learned yet would be while I was boarding as a student at Finishing School of Good Shepherd Institute, Ooty – With independence comes responsibility.

One of the things I picked up growing up from my parents was being connected to people. In my interaction with individuals from across the board, I realized I could bridge the gap. I found a sense of satisfaction by helping people find their livelihood.

As a company we have always been employee – centric and I truly believe that once we take care of our employees; the employees will take care of our customers. My focus is creating awareness and fulfill the growing need of manpower within the Healthcare sector. With an increase in geriatric population within India, home health is the future need in Healthcare services.

As a woman entrepreneur, I have experienced the cultural challenges it present to girls and women. My aim is to integrate our platform into vulnerable communities, thus creating employment opportunities. Helping one person could change the whole world for that one person. We strive towards bringing women empowerment especially as they shape the future of a society as a whole.

I look forward to aligning my work with the hospital and do my bit in being able to provide a dignified life for all.

“The mission of your life should be
to leave a better world behind than
what you inherited.”
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Dr. Vinaya Nair
Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited

Orange City Hospital has been a vital aspect of my life. I spent a lot of my after school hours as a child at the hospital, and witnessed first-hand the art of medicine and care-giving. This is probably what encouraged me to take up medicine as a career choice in the first place; now thinking about it. After completing my graduation (MBBS) from Amrita School of Medicine, Kochi, I returned to Nagpur, and served OCHRI as a resident medical officer, wherein I was exposed to the fields of Internal Medicine, Intensive and Critical Care.

My interest and passion towards these subjects grew with time. I also had the opportunity to attend rural medical camps and provide healthcare facilities to the poor and downtrodden sections of Mauda region of Maharashtra. Thereafter, I got an opportunity to work as a resident in Critical Care Medicine at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. Subsequently, I went on to pursue my post-graduation – MD Anaesthesiology from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, DMIMS, Sawangi, Wardha. Following this, I served as a consultant Anaesthesiologist at several private hospitals in Lucknow, UP. Currently, while I prioritize the time with my two year old son; my focus is to pursue working in the field of Intensive Care Medicine. I also like to enrich my skills in baking, gourmet cooking and gardening; time permitting.

My vision for OCHRI in the coming years is to build the institute into a centre of excellence for various medical and surgical subspecialties wherever there is void. Also, to establish state- of- the- art modular facilities, and develop the ICU and critical care team to one of the best in the country. In the coming years, we would help Nagpur become a regional hub for medical and surgical specialties.

Heritage of the past is the seed that brings
forth the harvest of the future – Wendell Phillips

SHRI. Suresh Nair

I extend my heartiest congratulations to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) for completing 25 glorious years of success. OCHRI, with a brilliant team of dedicated doctors and staff and with a friendly environment has always been on the top of the list for serving people not only from Nagpur but also from all parts of Central India.

With commitment and sincerity, OCHRI have time and again proved and have gained the much deserved recognition and fame. OCHRI has also become the first option for majority people. OCHRI have always kept patient’s satisfaction as top priority and have always helped needy people.

We wish OCHRI all the success for many more years to come. We hope OCHRI will continue to serve the people in this same manner. Keep up the good work.

Late Shri. Hanesh Gavai

Late Shri. Ganesh Gavai BA, LLB was former Lt. Governor, Union Territory of Delhi. Joined IAS,1950. Had held several important and challenging assignments both in Maharashtra & Union Governments. Possessed varied experience in community development, social welfare and project planning work. Planned and piloted gigantic housing schemes in Bombay city as Administrator of Maharashtra Housing Board. He was Home Secretary, Government of Maharashtra. 1974-1977; Chief Secretary, 1979 to 1982 Managing Director Manganese ore India Ltd; Director General of Shipping: Secretary Defense Production, Ministry of Civil Supplies and Ministry of Shipping and Transport; Adviser, Governor of Punjab, Administrator, Nhava Sheva port project, Led India delegation of seamen’s unions and ship owners to Bangladesh on question of wage policy. Headed Shipping Group of India’s delegation to Unctad V. Manila, 1979. We are proud of his association as Founder Board member and pay homage to him.

Shri. UC Mehra

I came from Delhi back to Nagpur after retiring as general manager coordination in the ministry of coal in 1992. Mr. Udaybhaskar is like a family to me. He gave me the opportunity to be part of the founding board of directors. So what started as a purely philanthropic effort turned out to be a passion-filled profession for me. It was a fulfilling experience being able to guide and see the hospital transcend. As an honorary managing director. I had initial fundamental goals of administrative, bureaucratic, and clerical changes, which would nurture the qualified nursing staff and eminent doctors. This soon became Orange City Hospital’s mission: 

-Pre-and post-discharge care of the patients by regular checks from the hospital management. -Prioritizing ICU care and isolation for the communal comfort of all our critical patients. 

– Expanding the social outreach and the volume of care to our entire city by enlisting the hospital on the panel of various public and private businesses.

The hospital provided prompt and timely medical and transportation services to senior citizens when needed. Orange City Hospital’s readiness was realized when we could dispatch multiple units around Nagpur to treat domestic and international patients. We always had teams ready for road accidents and transfer of international patients. Just like readiness, the hospital was always held to a high standard of cleanliness. maintenance, and sanitization, which enabled Orange City Hospital, along with the support of its competent doctors and support staff, to expand further. 

With the deterioration of my health, Orange City Hospital played a vital role in my treatment, and was given a new life. Recently reading about the contribution of Orange City Hospital during the COVID pandemic, I feel really proud to be associated with such a reputed hospital. My blessings and good wishes will always be with the Hospital. I have infinite faith in the work done by Mr. Udaybhaskar and his team at the hospital. Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!

Dr. Dileep Dhande

25 years ago: the founder directors of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute of which I was one, were inspired by a vision of collective action to facilitate better accessibility and quality Care relevant to health in Vidarbha region.

The aim was to set up a safe care center that would address current and future challenges.

It was a stepping stone towards technology and safety of patients.

To achieve this, we had to think big to deliver and I am happy to say that it has held up well. My best wishes to management, doctors and staff members on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration!

Dr. Ajay Mehta

Time flies they say…. It seems only yesterday, quarter of a century ago when seeds of this gigantic “Banyan Tree” were sown!

With handful of Doctors and few beds, it has blossomed into Multi-speciality, nationally acclaimed Institute of repute in Central India.

I feel really proud to be associated with this Institute as “Founder Director”.

I wish this venture grows like a Banyan tree and remains a point of reference in years to come.

Dr. Jay Deshmukh


Congratulations to our hospital that has completed 25 years of its illustrious journey to a position of excellence and being accepted and acclaimed as a trustworthy hospital in Central India. This has been possible by a clase cooperation between the promoters and the founder Directors. I still vividly remember our late evening meetings before the actual commissioning of the hospital. There used to be many aspects of the hospital that used to be discussed threadbare. In our board meetings many a times we agreed to disagree. However, the focus to launch a multi speciality hospital in Central India was never lost. 

In the very beginning we used to have 7 to 8 Indoor patients. Most of them used to be ferried from our clinics to Orange City Hospital in ambulances. In the initial period it took a long time for the clouds of pessimism to make way to optimism. With Grit and determination of all involved, gradually it made a path breaking entry into the world of success and professional excellence.

For a hospital to succeed you require a great team work. OCHRI has been able to achieve the same. The administration, the nursing, the caring Doctors with tremendous zeal and professional expertise and the paramedic staff have contributed to large extent in making a huge success. The ancillary services like blood banks, cold storage for the demised, physiotherapy, the monthly clinical meetings, the monthly health bulletin were important aspects from a general perspective th inital phase, every few months a new speciality was added and this only suggested the progressive attitude of the hospital that was galloping with a tremendous speed to expand its horizons in every aspect of medical care. No wonder that the hospital has set a benchmark for other hospitals to follow

On this happy occasion, I wish OCHRI a very bright future. I am sure that it would continue to be a jewel in the crown of health care services of Central India.