Uninterrupted 9am to 8pm Pediatrics & Neonatology OCHRI OPD now functional

Uninterrupted 9am to 8pm Pediatrics & Neonatology OCHRI OPD now functional
6 Specialists join OCHRI Pediatrics Division
Special Camp for children from 2-7th March

Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute – a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited is recognized all over Central India for comprehensive quality ethical health care delivery through varied 60 departments. Needy children including premature babies from all over Central India are referred to OCHRI Pediatrics division for intricate care.

Although round the clock indoor services was functional for needy children and newborns since last 20 years, OPD timings for Pediatrics & Vaccination clinic were fixed during specific hours. Hence as per feedback of many patients; OPD services & Vaccination Clinic from 9am to 8pm uninterruptedly has now been arranged in OCHRI Pediatrics OPD with inclusion of 6 Specialists. This step will benefit all parents who seek desired ethical health care and vaccination services for their children.

 Dr. Vithalrao Dandge, MD, DCH, FIAP, FICMCH is available in OCHRI OPD from 9am-11am while Dr. Vivek Shivhare, MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), Fellowship Pediatric Critical Care is available from 11am-1pm. Dr. Anju Kadu, MBBS, DCH, Fellowship in Intensive Neonatal Care is available from 1pm to 4pm while Dr. Rohini Gulhane, MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), Fellowship PICU is rendering her expertise from 4pm- 6pm. Dr. Sachin Mulye, MBBS, MD (Pediatrics) is available in OCHRI OPD from 5pm-8pm on all working days whereas Dr. Tushar Thakre, MBBS, MS, MCh Pediatric Surgery- Pediatric Surgeon is available from 2pm-4pm.

To highlight the expertise and uninterrupted Pediatrics & Neonatology OPD functioning, OCHRI has announced a special camp for children suffering from nourishment & repeated cough & cold issues. Parents always complain about improper weight gain while some complain about disproportionate weight gain of their children. Some have off and on cough problems either due to allergy, asthma or infections.  All such worried parents can bring their children to OCHRI Pediatrics OPD between 9am to 8pm and Specialists as per above mentioned timetable will render their advice after examination. Charge of only Rs.135/- has been kept for said first consultation in this weeklong camp. This weeklong subsidized camp for Children is scheduled from 2nd March to 7th March 2020. For appointment, one may contact Priya in 9372332910.