With the aim of building healthy tomorrow, every year, doctors of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute screen schoolchildren under the name of style of “Aglee Peedhi”.

It is remarkable that, during session 2018-19, team of OCHRI D octors have screened almost twenty thousand schoolchildren encompassing various schools. Camps were organized prominently in Bhavan’s Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir (BBPVM), Civil Lines branch, BBPVM, Trimurti Nagar Branch, BBPVM, Shrikrishna Nagar Branch, BBPVM, Ashti Branch, Centre Point School, Katol Road Branch, Nagpur and other schools. Team of OCHRI doctors also rendered their expertise in the screening of Schoolchildren of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Shankar Nagar organized by Saraswati Vidyalaya Alumni Association.

This general health screening camp was carried out to facilitate early detection of deficiencies and general health of school children. Team of doctors addressed various important medical issues like general health, hygiene lifestyle diseases etc.

Dr. Anup Marar, Director & Paediatrician- Orange City Hospital & Research Institute expressed that, “Childhood is the age of learning and it is the time when a child start developing practices and attitude towards health. It is very important to target the children for health and lifestyle awareness. School is considered as place for learning where children learn not only subjective knowledge but also life style practices and health seeking behaviours. Schools can provide an ideal platform for not only promoting positive health but for disease prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of defects and awakening health consciousness in children”.

Dr. Deepak Dongre, Coordinator- OCHRI Aglee Peedhi added that, “Since last 22 years OCHRI regularly organizes School Health check-up camps under the name and style of “Aglee Peedhi” as a Corporate Social Responsibility. This is to ensure and make children aware of the importance of taking care of their health from a young age. Such regular school health examinations help to build a sound foundation for student’s future.”

Team of doctors comprised of Dr. Ajay Mungle, Dr. Kishan Ramani, Dr. Shweta Jain, Dr. Sneha Wasake, Dr. Tushar More, Dr. Deeksha Bodele, Dr. Akshay Jaiswal, Dr. Shweta Lodhi, Dr. Tanisha Ingle, Dr. Shrutika Wanjari, Dr. Himanshu Bisen, Dr. Mithilesh Ramteke, Dr. Ashwini Gore, Dr. Priyanka Rathod, Dr. Pradnya Agre, Dr. Deepika Dongre, Dr. Ghanita Pawar, Dr. Ruchika Shende, and Dr. Neha Bhoyar screened the students under the guidance of Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve, Consultant, Dept. Of Paediatrics, OCHRI. Sister Papita Kokate, Sister Prashika Dive, Br. Virendra Meshram and Br. Pratik Sonekar assisted the doctors in this camp.

Smt. Anju Bhutani, Principal, BBPVM, Civil Lines Branch, Smt. Parvati Iyer, Principal, BBPVM, Trimurti Nagar, BBPVM, Smt. P. Nirupama Shankar, Principal, Shrikrishna Nagar Branch, Smt. Vandana Bisen, Principal, BBPVM, Ashti Branch, Smt. Shilpee Ganguly, Centre Point School, Katol Road Branch, Nagpur and other schools. Shri. Prabhu Raman, Principal, Saraswati Vidyalaya, Shankar Nagar applauded the professionalism and efforts taken by Team of OCHRI Doctors. They thanked OCHRI Management for this valuable gesture towards schoolchildren.

Smt. Balbir Kaur of BBPVM, Civil Lines, Ms. Aruna & Shri. Sanjay Deshpande of BBPVM, Trimurti Nagar, Ms. Gauri, BBPVM, Shrikrishna Nagar, Shri. Nandkishore , BBPVM, Ashti, Ms. Carol, Centre Point School, Katol Road and Shri. Kulkarni of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Nagpur led their respective school teams and worked hard for the success of these Health Screening Camps.

Shri. Rajan Thakur, Shri. Anil Dhakate, Shri. Ramakrishna Nimakar and other OCHRI Staff worked hard under guidance of Shri. Sunil Sure, GM, OCHRI.