Team OCHRI restructures Grievous crush pelvic injuries

Mahindra Employee walks again!

Team OCHRI restructures Grievous crush pelvic injuries

A 52-year-old male employee of Mahindra & Mahindra Company Nagpur recently got discharged and went walking from Orange City Hospital & Research Institute(OCHRI); a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited (RNHPL) after successful treatment for severe pelvic injuries. This gentleman was brought to OCHRI with Alleged history of Roll over injury by tractor tyre over his pelvis resulting in severe pelvic crush injuries.

His investigations suggested Open Book Fracture Pelvis involving Fracture Rt. Superior/ Inferior Ramis with Rt. Sacro iliac opening with Symphyseal disruption, Fracture Alae of Sacrum Type 2 with Imprint contusion over ant. Surface of pelvic area extending from left to Right inguinal area. He was also suffering from Hypertension & Diabetes Mellitus. In view of grievous pelvic crush injuries, Dr. Ashutosh Apte, Dr. Nirbhay Karandikar and Dr. Abhijeet Kawalkar- OCHRI Orthopedic Surgeons after elaborate discussion, revealed that only option was open surgical stabilization of pelvic fractures. The relatives were also counselled that inspite of intricate surgeries; there was all possibility that patient may be bed ridden and will not be able to walk. Relatives and his employers namely Mahindra Group had unflinching faith and trust on OCHRI and team of doctors and they consented for complicated surgery at OCHRI.

Dr. Nirbhay Karandikar and Dr. Abhijeet Kawalkar performed the intricate high risk surgery successfully and stabilized the pelvic fractures. Surgery lasted for more than 6 hours. Critical Anesthesia was provided by Dr. Neeta Deshpande- Anesthetist while Sr. Sujata Gaikwad assisted them.

After series of wound debridement’s, dressings and physiotherapy rehabilitation, he was recently discharged from hospital. Extraordinarily the patient went walking out from hospital and will remain in follow-up for further orthopedic and physiotherapy rehabilitation. Mahindra & Mahindra company management represented by Dr. Vinita Agarwal and relatives of patient thanked OCHRI for successful comprehensive treatment management. M&M and OCHRI have an association of more than decade and all their beneficiaries take treatment at OCHRI. Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director thanked Mahindra Group for reposing confidence on them.

Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- Nairsons Group complimented OCHRI Team led by Dr. Nirbhay Karandikar who provided expert expertise to and conveyed that his dream of having a hospital to provide succor to needy critical patients gets realized when such life-saving wonders are noticed every day. He added that Nairsons Group had envisaged OCHRI in memory of their late brother Shri.Ravi Nair to save lives and not to generate profits for their family and they reinvest the earnings back to society through various means as a social responsibility.

Dr. Mukund Thakur- Laparoscopic Surgeon, Dr. Vina Bang – Physician, Dr. R. Shenoi – Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dr. Ninad Gawande- Medico Legal Consultant supported them.  Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist, Dr. Smita Harkare/Dr.Neeta Deshpande/ Dr. Anita Pande- Anesthetists, Dr. Nishikant Lokhande – Radiologist rendered diagnostic support while full time round the clock stationed Intensivist team consisting of Dr. Sweety Pasari, Dr. Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr. Akshay Burlawar, Dr. Sachin Gondane and Dr. Himanshu Dudeja provided critical care support. Dr. Atul Dekate & Team provided necessary physiotherapy rehabilitation. Smt.Mansi Andhare- Dietician, Dr. Anit Prakash- SMO I/c Wards and team assisted them. Sr. Nisha Ashok, OT Incharge, Sr. Sindhu Rao & Sr. Rosamma- Ward Section Supervisors led nursing & paramedical team in Critical care unit and Wards. Shri.Sunil Sure and team provided desired administrative assistance.