OCHRI’s Lecture on Cancer awareness at CISF is a success

OCHRI’s Lecture on Cancer awareness at CISF is a success
Early Detection Saves Lives- Dr.Sameeksha Dubey

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited boasts of more than 150 doctors serving needy central Indians through 60 departments and 30 clinics. OCHRI is also the only Nagpur based fully NABH accredited & ISO certified hospital to have retained a place in THE WEEK National Survey of India’s Best hospitals list since 2006.

 As part of OCHRI’s regular social activities; on the eve of ‘World Women’s Day’ a lecture by Dr.Sameeksha Dubey on “Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness” was organized at CISF Unit, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Sonegaon-Nagpur for the benefit of CISF women’s employees.

On this occasion Dr. Sameeksha Dubey- OCHRI Oncologist, said that, “Women often spend so much time helping others that they don’t take time for themselves. Breast and cervical cancers are the most common causes of cancer mortality among women in India, but actually they are largely preventable diseases. 1 in 8 women can be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life time. Early detection is the only way to reduce morbidity and mortality. In India, many women seek treatment only after cancer has already advanced, making treatment and recovery difficult. But breast and cervical cancers are curable if diagnosed at an early stage. These cancers are preventable with access to high-quality care, periodic screening tests, and regular follow-up.”

 Dr. Usha Nair- RNHPL Director stated that Cancer of breast and cervix are main women cancers seen in women. Fortunately, they are preventable and early detection holds the key. Prevention and early detection requires focus on self-breast examination and Pap Smear screening approaches.

Ms. Preeti Dhamma, Smt. Nayana Gaikwad, Ms. Jyoti Ahlawat- CISF officials and other women staff of CISF were prominently present. Shri. Sachin Gaikwad-CISF Reserve Inspector organized this lecture while Shri. Anil Dhakate, Relationship Executive and Shri. Prashant Tichkule from OCHRI worked hard for its success.