OCHRI successfully conducts Dr. Gidhwani’s free Heart Care Camp at Umrer

OCHRI successfully conducts Dr. Gidhwani’s free Heart Care Camp at Umrer

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited is Nagpur’s’ only ISO certified and fully NABH accredited multi super speciality hospital to have retained its inclusion in Indians best hospital national survey conducted by The Week magazine since 2006.

OCHRI is always at the forefront of extending health care services to the local communities’ in

And around its area as a part of its community development initiatives. Recently as part of social community initiative, OCHRI Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Gidhwani provided free Cardiac Consultancy Camp for screened patients in WCL Umrer Area Hospital.

The camp was organized by Dr. Piyusha Sonwanshi, WCL Area Medical Officer Incharge supported by Dr. Chaya Kedare, Dr. Gtoka, Dr. Sweta Gharatkar and Dr. Saxena.

Dr. Neerja Kumar- President, and Smt.Rajshree Suryavanshi-Vice President of Ujwala Mahila Mandal graced the event.

Before conducting the Consultancy camp, Dr. Sanjay Gidhwani addressed the patients and provided them Heart care measures and tips to control Hypertension and Diabetes. Dr. Sanjay Gidhwani conveyed that the longer one has diabetes, the higher the chances that one will develop heart disease. Diabetes, Smoking, High blood pressure, Abnormal cholesterol levels, Obesity and belly fat and Family history of heart disease increases chances of heart disease or stroke. Ensuring ABCs will help one lower chances for heart disease where A is for regular A1C test, B is for blood pressure control, C is for cholesterol control and S is for stop smoking.

Dr. Sajan Nair, Shri.Anil Dhakate, Shri.Prakash Shende and Sr. Veena Mhaiskar from OCHRI assisted Dr. Sanjay Gidhwani during this camp.