OCHRI-Journey from a humble beginning to the glorious top!

Senior Orthopedic SurgeonIn the early nineties, central India in general and Nagpur, in particular, was emerging from their slumber and had started showing signs of industrial growth. The population was multiplying. But on the health front, the region was devoid of a multi-speciality hospital that could cater to the needs of serious patients under one roof with a professional approach. The affluent class, VIP brass and the political personalities rushed to the metros whenever they were in need. The middle class were the real sufferers. They could not afford to move out to metros for the treatment but were compelled to visualize the sufferings of their beloved. But at that time Nagpur witnessed the rise of a gem ‘Orange City Hospital’ which had the potential to be a game changer in future for entire central India and was to become a boon for the entire society. The doubts in the minds of everyone will it rise to the occasion? Will it be a referral center in central India for all advanced treatment? Will it be able to pull in the class which was used to rush to the metros for their treatment? Will it be a boon for the middle class? These questions were yet to be answered then. But the hospital had taken the guard and had started its innings along with its players, I being one of them.

I was busy enjoying the firework with my 6-year-old son after the Laxmi puja on the Laxmi Pujan night of Diwali. Suddenly my mobile rang. It was a call from the casualty department. The sister in charge in her firm but polite tone informed me to rush immediately as a patient with severe polytrauma was received in the casualty. Without wasting much time, I reached the hospital casualty. The intensivist and the physician had already taken care of the vitals. The surgeon had taken care of the chest and abdominal injuries. On assessment diagnosed him to have fractures of all the long bones of the extremities and his prognosis was very poor. After the preliminary emergency treatment, the patient was shifted to ICU. After due care toperated the patient on all his limbs with a death on table consent. But with the help of efficient anesthesiologists, the patient not only survived the surgery but recovered well postoperatively. All his fractures united. The patient has been in the follow up even now.A patient with a fracture femur had severe pulmonary hypertension and had a very low ejection systolic fraction. He was declared unfit for surgery at most of the hospitals in Nagpur. He was successfully operated on and recovered after surgery at the Orange City Hospital. One of my patients developed pulmonary embolism a my set-up after fixation of tibia fracture, He was shifted at OCHRI by myself and Dr. Nikhil Balankhe. He was managed excellently and went home in good health. These recoveries were not just a coincidence but materialized due to the professional multidisciplinary approach by the doctors, sisters and the support staff. By then we were very confident to successfully manage any emergency at OCHRI. But were we ready to manage any VIP? The question was yet to be answered. But destiny had some other plans. We were required to face the formidable challenge while treating one of our most obedient and loyal patient Hon’ble Shri Nitinji Gadkari a very efficient and popular ex minister of Maharashtra for Road transport and communication but at that time the most powerful leader of the opposition in Maharashtra legislative council.

Though a thorough gentleman but the toughest patient (because of his high stature in politics) who was managed at OCHRI after he and his family members met with a near fatal road traffic accident and escaped with a complex fracture shaft of femur (thigh bone). He was such a popular and well known personality that it was very difficult to manage his aura single-handedly. It was possible to overcome all the hiccups only due to the cooperation and help by the Chairman Shri.Udaybhaskar Mrs.Visalini Nair and the entire management like Dr. Usha Nair, Dr. Anup Marar, Dr. Jay Deshmukh along with all the medical, nursing and support staff of OCHRI. He was one of the first from the affluent brass,VVIP and politicians to have been successfully treated at Orange City Hospital. It was he who first showed confidence in Nagpur In general and OCHRI in particular. He endorsed our potential by voluntarily getting himself and his entire family treated at Nagpur. He was instrumental in sending a message that OCHRI had the potential to take care of the VVIPS whenever they require. It was an enjoyable, and a long journey of almost twenty-five years to have been proudly and happily associated with OCHRI. What was a humble beginning in the late nineties progressed into a huge mansion with a golden top. I was fortunate to be one of the foundation stones on which this huge mansion is standing. I’m sure this mansion will grow further high but at the same time will never forget the contribution and importance of the foundation stones. To conclude my heartiest congratulations to the management for completing a journey of twenty-five years successfully and best wishes for the prosperous future. I wish them good luck for a glorious future.

Dr. Ashutosh Apte
Senior Orthopedic Surgeon