OCHRI IWC Health talk on Psychological problems during Covid times

OCHRI IWC Health talk on Psychological problems during Covid times

Bereavement, isolation, loss of income and fear are triggering mental Health-Pooja Thakkar

Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute; owned by Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited is always at the forefront of extending health care services to the local communities in and around its area as a part of its community development initiatives.  In continuation to series of various social community initiatives to commemorate its completion of 25 years of public service & International Women’s Day, OCHRI under aegis of Inner Wheel Club of Nagpur recently organized a health talk on Psychological problems during Covid times and its management.

The relevance of the topic by Ms. Pooja Thakkar- OCHRI Psychologist drew many interested women across all strata to attend this lecture held at Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur.

Ms.Pooja Thakkar stated, during Covid times there are many psychological issues because of the uncertainties of the pandemic. People faced psychological issues, such as social anxiety, agoraphobia, illness anxiety disorder, depression, substance abuse, OCD, Suicide etc. but, to acknowledge the red flags and using coping mechanisms such as exercise, connection with loved ones, reframing, mindfulness relaxation can make one resilient. She advised that people should keep a watch on their family members and associates for any behavioral change and they should ensure that they positively escort the affected members to a trained Counsellor to prevent any unwanted eventualities.

IWC President Mrs. Supriya Joshi welcomed Ms. Pooja Thakkar and thanked OCHRI for proactively coming in support of society by organizing such much needed eye opening health talks.

Prominently present during this program were Dr. Bhagyalakshmi Rajan, Dr. Ashwini Okhalkar, Dr. Anagha Ambulkar, Dr. Madhuri Sapre and Dr. Vijaya Khanzode.  Shri. Anil Dhakate from OCHRI coordinating the success of this undertaking.