OCHRI Homeopathy division provides Covid 19 prevention strategy

OCHRI Homeopathy division provides Covid 19 prevention strategy 
Holistic approach practiced at OCHRI
Homeo OPD from 5 to 7pm on all days

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private limited is serving Central Indians since last 24 years through 60 departments. Holistic approach to a disease is practiced at OCHRI wherein interested patients can avail expertise of all pathies be it Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Even during these Covid pandemic times, OCHRI has been consistently serving all Non Covid 19 patients reaching them for solace. They had ensured 24×7 emergency services was always open to attend all incoming non Covid 19 patients. OCHRI has clarified that all Covid 19 patients are being admitted only at GMC and IGGMC and all Nagpur based private hospitals have been asked by Government to serve non Covid 19 patients as per rates capped vide government order. OCHRI has accordingly been displaying their lowest TPA rate applicable to all incoming Non Covid patients seeking admissions. Many Non Covid patients suffering from varied diseases are admitted under various specialities at OCHRI and are regularly being treated and getting operated upon as per lowest TPA rates applicable at OCHRI as capped by government.

Dr. Namrata Khajanchi has been rendering her Homeopathic expertise since 2013 at OCHRI and OCHRI Homeopathy division has been catering to needy chronic patients from all over central India. OCHRI staff members had also availed homeopathic medicine for prevention from Covid during this pandemic period from her which had boosted their morale to function as per routine till date.

Recently Homeopathy Division led by Dr. Namrata Khajanchi has announced subsidized Homeopathy constitutional medicine to all interested needy Central Indians to boost their immunity and safeguard against Covid 19 as a social gesture. All interested central Indians can attend OCHRI Homeo OPD on all working days from 5 to 7pm.                                                                                                                                                                            For appointment, one can connect 0712-6634899.