Nagpur’s Dr. Anup Marar & Dr. Vinky Rughwani figure in Governor’s Covid Warrior Award list “Be fearless and not fearful, Be Careful and not careless”- Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Nagpur’s Dr. Anup Marar & Dr. Vinky Rughwani figure in Governor’s Covid Warrior Award list
“Be fearless and not fearful, Be Careful and not careless”- Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Covid caused immense upheaval all across world. Even for health care workers it was a new challenge. Inspite of the threat perception, the health care sector including private health care sector rose up accept the challenge. “Be fearless and not fearful, Be Careful and not careless” was the message given by Maharashtra Governor Hon’ble Shri.Bhagat Singh Koshyari during a felicitation program recently organized by his office to honor 52 Covid warriors from Private health care sector across Maharashtra. These group constituted Specialists, Doctors, Administrators, Pathologists, Paramedical staff, Radiographers and Pharmacists. He lauded the efforts of Government and private healthcare workers who inspite of all limitations fought like true warriors and ensured that Covid was controlled in Maharashtra state. Not only Maharashtra Governor organized the felicitation but also arranged for sumptuous breakfast treating the invited 52 Covid warriors as his personal guests.

Nagpur’s two doctors namely Dr. Anup Marar and Dr. Vinky Rughwani figured in this Governor’s 52 Covid warrior Award list.

Dr. Anup Marar- Director of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute had coordinated collection of needful material like Sanitizers, Masks, PPE kits during initial Covid days for Government Medical Colleges to provide relief to serving residents. Not only had he led OCHRI to formulate indigenous protocols which were set as examples by Government authorities for replication in other hospitals, he was also included by Nagpur High Court as individual member in the judiciary empowered Covid Coordination Committee. His regular technical inputs through media was also valued by competent authorities.

Dr. Vinky Rughwani played a stellar role for all Sickle cell and Thalassemia patients who got affected due to Covid as their usual blood transfusions got affected since GMC/IGGMC were full of Covid patients. During this period, he was instrumental in maintaining continuity of blood transfusions for all these patients in his Thalassemia center. Moreover, as MMC Vice-President, he proactively pursued approval for online consultations and accorded approving Credit points for online webinars and Conference for providing relief to medical professionals.

Highlighting the importance of this occasion, Dr. Anup Marar stated that the health care workers who had been serving Covid patients are feeling victimized as they were only scolded or threatened and felt very vulnerable. This positive effort of Hon’ble Maharashtra Governor is noteworthy wherein he personally issued certificates to 52 health care workers handpicked across the state from various hierarchical orders. He added that “We are only representatives of all the health care workers who have being toiling day and night and had got brickbats till date from Authorities and public alike. This award rightfully belongs to all these health care workers”.

Dr. Vinky Rughwani added that such acts of recognition and appreciation motivates all to work harder. Rather than always issuing threats, authorities should understand that more than 2/3rd of Covid patients were treated by private health care sector workers and anticipated that the life insurance cover will be extended to all private health care sector workers since many have lost their lives while attending Covid patients.

Prominently present on this occasion was Dr. Ajeet Gopchade, State Convener- Medical Front and this program was coordinated by Mumbai Branch of Medical Front led by Dr. Smita Kale ably assisted by Dr. Rahul Kulkarni, Dr. Rajkumar Tripathi, Dr. Swapnil Mantri, Dr. Balasaheb Harphale and many others.