Covid-19: Facts and Myths

DR. Hemant Wagmare
MBBS, MD (Medicine), Orange City Hospital and Research Centre, Nagpur

With starting of year 2020 we all had witnessed rise in COVID-19 cases which peaked from mid February till October in India.  In COVID-19 infection, a person present with fever, cough, acute onset breathlessness. They also have loss of smell and taste with bodyache. If untreated then mortality occurs within 3-7days. Even in treated patients long term weakness, Muscle pain, fatigue remains. Some also having a post traumatic stress disorder with continue to have breathlessness. But with now a days, people are taking this illness very lightly and not taking any precautions.  Orange city hospital has always helped society in crucial pandemic times and will always make public aware about COVID-19 cases by formulating commonly asked questions.
What are most common symptoms in COVID-19 infection?
Most of time patients will be asymptomatic or some will only have mild symptoms like fever, cough, expectoration, malaise, fatigue, decrease/lost in taste, decrease /loss of smell, Headache. If severe cases patients will be breathless even on room air which need ICU admission.
Do every patient having fever should be seen as COVID-19 infection? 
Not necessarily. But if the patient presents with fever along with productive cough and expectoration, fatigue, bodyache, decrease or loss in taste/smell,then we should suspect Covid infection.
Can we take covid-19 treatment by taking favipravir
With rise of covid infection many people went over internet search and purchased Tb Favipravir from pharmacist and took it 14 days without any qualified doctor consultation. It is not advised or reccomended to administer this medication without a doctor’s invigilation considerning the contraindications/ side effects which requires an expert to review and follow up.
If I am COVID-19 positive then what is severity/grading of my infection? 
After clinical assessment,grading can be assessed by lab investigation like CBC, ESR, CRP, D-dimer, Sr Ferritin, IL-6 level and High resolution chest Imaging scan ( HRCT chest)
Is there chances of survival of COVID-19 is very severe? 
Yes, but it depends upon how early patients came to the hospital. Mortality increase if patients with covid-19 with severe symptoms come late after contracting the virus with severe symptoms.
Once I got cured from COVID-19 infection then is there chances of re-infection ? 
Yes, there are cases recorded where Re infection with Covid is seen.One must continue to take all the necessary precautions that is being followed for prevention of the infection even after being infected.
Can Covid infection turn me Diabetic?
No. During the course of Covid-19 treatment, never patients were given steroids to control inflammation. Steroids when given can increase blood sugar levels which gives an impression of flaring of diabetes in non-diabetes patients during treatment of other conditions.  However, in diabetic patients with covid infection, there is an increase in insulin requirement. But once patients got cured the insulin requirement drop to the previous level.
Do Non-allopathy/mixopathy/ alternative medicine offer best results for covid management?
No, till now there is no proven results from the same. We have seen many cases who take home treatment with all the forms of alternative medicine available and when the patient gets serious they come to us, by that time it gets too late and thus mortality rate gets higher because of such practices.
How much time it takes to recover completely from covid infection?
After getting cured, symptoms such as easy tiredness, bodyache, headache, weakness remains for at least 2-3months for many patients therafter.
What precautions should we take to prevent contracting COVID infection?
Wear mask while going out, follow social distancing, avoid crowded areas and touching surfaces in public areas and in that case use a hand sanitizer. If you are having any symptoms of upper respiratory infections consult qualified doctor
Is there an end to this COVID-19 pandemic?
Can’t say, probably it will continue for an uncertan period of time. However, if we all follow rules of  masking, social distancing, hand Sanitisation, avoiding unnecessary crowded places we can definitely save not only ourselves but also our dear one and our country.