Brain tumor removal at OCHRI brings relief to MP resident

Brain tumor removal at OCHRI brings relief to MP resident

One 32-year-old female from Chhindwada came to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute ( a unit of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited )  with history of persistent headache since 1 year and increase in headache with nausea and decrease in vision since 5 days. She had received treatment from many hospitals but no relief. She was admitted under care of Dr. Shailendra Anjankar- OCHRI Neurosurgeon. She was investigated and diagnosed as Right Para Sagittal high grade Tumor of size 4.7×7.5×4.4 cm, compressing Left Lateral ventricle with mid line shift of 9mm towards Left. The primary treatment for high grade tumor is surgery; which aims at maximal safe resection of tumor and depending on grade and type of tumor further management of chemo and radiotherapy is decided. Inspite of being a high risk operation her relatives having complete faith on OCHRI treating team consented for this intricate surgical intervention.

Dr. Shailendra Anjankar informed that “If you leave a such tumor untreated, it can grow as large as a grapefruit can cause persistent headaches, nausea, loss of neurological function, weakness and/or numbness and tingling on one side of the body and seizures. Pressure in brain can increase leading to coma and difficulty in breathing requiring ventilator support.”

Parasagittal tumor is one that is present at midline region of brain with no brain tissue between the tumor and the SSS. Invasion of the SSS is a challenge for complete removal and, consequently for recurrence of these tumors. It requires early intervention after prompt diagnosis, which can be helpful for prolonging quality of life of patient.

The intricate surgery for resection of tumor was performed by Dr. Shailendra Anjankar. Dr. Smita Harkare -Anesthetist provided the necessary anesthesia. Dr. Kavita Dhurvey- SMO I/c along with Sr. Varsha Gathe & Sr. Angelina Joseph assisted them.

Dr. Hemant Waghmare- Physician looked after pre & post-operative management.  Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist, Dr. Nishikant Lokhande – Radiologist rendered diagnostic support while full time round the clock team of intensivist Dr. Akshay Burlawar, Dr. Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Sheetal Chavan and Dr. Mohit Gharpure provided necessary post-operative care. Sr. Nisha Ashok and Sr. Preethy Joseph led nursing & paramedical team in Operation theatre and ICU while Dr. Atul Dekate led the team of Physiotherapists.

Dr. Noorul Ameen- OCHRI Medical Superintendent added that the surgery was uneventful and post operatively patient is stable and recuperating well. The relatives have thanked TEAM OCHRI led by Dr. Shailendra Anjankar for the exemplary care and concern.

Dr. Anup Marar-OCHRI Director complimented Dr. Shailendra Anjankar and his team and stated that although many head injury “hot” cases are routinely managed at OCHRI; it is “Cold” neurological case management (like tumors etc.) that proves the surgical acumen of OCHRI Neurosurgery Division.

Dr.Usha Nair- RNHPL Director stated that needy central Indians with varied brain and spine tumors apart from spinal disc complaints reach OCHRI to seek solace in view of the round the clock comprehensive diagnostic, surgical, critical care, state of the art modular operation theatre complex equipped with latest high end Carl Zeiss microscope, latest anesthesia machines and rehabilitation facilities available under one roof.