At least it is for good reasons! It is all because of the immense trust reposed by central India populace. In our goal to evolve best possible feasible comprehensive cost effective health care model, we obtained many recognitions and uniqueness; as on date, we are the only:

ISO 9001 Certified hospital of Nagpur providing services of 150 doctors through 60 departments under one roof

Comprehensively Recognized Hospital for CGHS at Nagpur for most of the departments.

CGHS recognized Poly-trauma+ Neuro-surgery+ Critical Care +Orthopaedics Centre at Nagpur.

Hospital of this region to have been affiliated by Global Cancer Concern of India /SMILE TRAIN.

Hospital to be included from Maharashtra and Central India in the 9 member Indian health care CEO delegation-2005 nominated by UK government.

Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by SECR/CR for aiding them in emergency care for railway accident cases.

Hospital of Nagpur to have been recognized by 60 major companies of Central India.

Private multi-speciality non-postgraduate medical college to be considered amongst India’s top hospitals in The Week-TNS Survey 2005 from Nagpur.

Hospital of Nagpur to be included in “India’s Best Hospital Series” by TNS for 3 consecutive year( 2008).

Hospital of Nagpur to be recognised by National Board of Examinations for conducting DNB (Family Medicine) course.

First Hospital of Nagpur to have been licensed by FDA to run a Blood Storage Unit.

We have tried to install a sense of discipline in our healthcare. Here at OCHRI, each and every money received and spent is duly receipted as per a fixed tariff. Payments to doctors are also done by cheque mode. We tried to gather a group of like-minded specialists who are expected to render ethical quality healthcare. Down the line, we noted that we have associated with more than 150 specialists providing services through 60 varied departments. Likewise we went ahead the also having an In house Medical Team. One can never and should not expect a doctor to render 24x7x365 days service. We tried to evolve a model wherein round the clock specialists will be inside CCU, cover up all each sections and aid the consultant under that the patient is admitted. Likewise patients are admitted as per an indoor timetable. We have a full time hierarchy of Resident Physicians, Gynaecologists, Anaesthetists and surgeon’s apart from Registrars and medical officers. This reduces the stress on each doctor. In-house medical team plays a crucial role in any hospital and is very much in the interest of patients. Thus any patient admitted in our hospital avails the expertise of 2 specialists. Even in Operation theatre, we also always try to ensure 2-anaesthetist provision in each operation.

Moreover, if we consider basic things like what happens if electricity goes off? In OCHRI, we have UPS backing in essential areas like CCU, OT. As well as this a full-fledged 84 Kva generator is available. We even considered extreme situations, that if all 3 also do not work, then what, so we went ahead with one additional 140 Kva generator standby. This is what makes OCHRI unique and different. Such detailed planning has being envisioned in each and every system. Our record keeping is also meticulous which ensures accountability of each and every person involved in treatment of patients.

A doctor will be right person to understand the importance of such intricate planning.

It is thanks to dedicated senior doctors like Renowned Physician of Central India Dr.Jay Deshmukh, Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine (OCHRI) and Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited who are regularly arranging clinical meet for the benefit of central India doctors at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. His perseverance to educate all interested doctors regarding ethical rational therapy has been applauded by all medical associations. Concerned doctors await and attend his clinical meets with great interest. The uniqueness of these weekly programs is that common but practical topics are presented also by OCHRI nursing & paramedical staff related to patient care. Such clinical discussions in early morning every week on recent topics related to Central India populace in hospital surroundings over a cup of tea has come as a fresh breath to many principled doctors who used to feel uncomfortable in dinner meets which has become a trend nowadays. We also have a regular quarterly Jaivik Newsletter and we circulate the same along with fortnightly mailers free of costs to around 1000 doctors of central India. We have also created an academic conference hall for the benefit of medical associations for arranging their CME’s/Workshops etc. All such endeavours do puts OCHRI in a difference pedestal.

Many people will sit in drawing rooms in cities and will talk about going to peripheries. We do hope people will appreciate the efforts of OCHRI to at least conceive such an idea of going to peripheries. OCHRI wants to set a conspicuous identity. As on date, we have achieved enough goodwill with blessings of central India populace and our present infrastructure is being optimally utilised. But our conscience does say, is this enough. I do hope that all private major city health care providers would pursue similar strategy as a medico social commitment, which will surely be boon for needy patients based in small towns.

It is true that OCHRI has now undertaken a new mission to support the initiative to conduct, support, promote and advocate primary care in practice-based settings that addresses questions of importance to the discipline of family medicine, and improves the health care delivery/ health status of patients, their families and communities. An increasingly consumerist culture in healthcare has led to a phenomenon where family medicine is seen as a service industry whereas specialty care is seen as a privilege. We want to change the concept. This step is an innovative model and an attempt to arrest the increasing trend of sub-super nuclear specialties and provide cost effective health care solution to Indian citizens. The cost of health care is growing multifold. OCHRI has already made a distinct mark in providing comprehensive tertiary care model at 19, Pandey Layout and secondary health care model at their satellite hospitals. Still the cost factor was always pinching us. As a social commitment, to conceive and introduce a cost effective model based on old concept of Family Medicine was the dream since long. National leadership is required to address the challenges facing family medicine. For the same reason, we have started our first family clinic in Katol Road, Nagpur and also got approval to conduct DNB (Family Medicine) course, which is equivalent to MD.

We are involved in many medico-social commitments of city in form of conducting school health check up camps, cancer screening camps, regular speciality camps etc. We have also joined hands with Global Cancer Concern of India to provide homecare palliative care services for terminally ill cancer patients.Further we have associated with Sarvaa Shikshaa Abhiyaan scheme of government. Any needy child through their district primary education officer can avail the expertise of OCHRI to get any intricate surgery done for an affliction affecting his scholastic progress be it Orthopaedics, ENT, eye surgeries. Likewise Smile train has approved OCHRI to provide free surgeries to all cleft lip and palate-afflicted children.

We Indians have to face a severe onslaught of AIDS, Diabetes and Heart diseases. Diabetes & stress is even affecting the children in a big way. Anything in extreme is bad for your body. We all pray to god through various religious modes. One should understand that each one of us is a uniquely made composition of God. Then why we should not take care of our own body? We do not have the right blame anybody but ourselves for all the vices; brunt’s being inflicted on our body. We offer selective offerings to god but we pump in all trash to our body. The lifestyle changes are going to ruin the next generation. Nobody walks nowadays. People will spend thousands to go for Gymnasiums and will also spend to keep people to do all day to day chores for them at home. Routine day-to-day undertaking of household / office work and walking / climbing staircases by itself is a good exercise. It is an irony that people will use steppers in hi-tech gymnasiums but will use lifts in day-to-day functioning.
For children, Preservative-based foods should be avoided. The old concept of fresh foods made at home is the best. The greatest curse we offer to next generation is our silent consent to their indulgence and dependence on fast food, aerated drinks and fast life culture.

People are not that aware of our routine daily various clinics functioning at OCHRI namely Immunization Clinic, Well baby Clinic, Adolescent Clinic, Well women Clinic, Ante Natal Clinic, Hypertension Clinic, Headache Clinic, Renal Transplant Clinic, Ayurveda Clinic, Arthritis Clinic, Speech Therapy Clinic, HIV Clinic, Hearing Aid Clinic, Homeopathy Clinic, Family planning clinic, Contact Lens Clinic, Cataract Clinic, Asthma Clinic, Obesity Clinic, Backache Clinic, Yoga therapy Clinic, Pain Clinic, Stroke Clinic, Addiction Clinic, Cardiac Rehab Clinic, Vertigo Clinic, Diabetes Clinic, Breast Clinic, Sexology Clinic, Sinus Clinic, Hair Clinic, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, Dental Clinic, Hyperacidity Clinic, Physiotherapy Clinic, Skin Clinic, Pain Clinic, IQ Assessment Clinic, Psychology Clinic. Daily OPD runs at OCHRI on all working days from 9 am to 8 pm.

Likewise we have good whole body check-up approach. Various profiles are evaluated as a regular screening modality. Although most of the major companies utilise our executive health check up system for their employees, general people are not that much aware of this daily parallel division functioning at OCHRI. Correspondingly our advanced spiral CT Scan, Mammography, EEG (for epilepsy), ENG (for vertigo), BERA (hearing testing), Dentistry, Interventional radiology Physiotherapy, Blood storage unit etc are utilised on OPD basis mostly be patient referred by Nagpur doctors. However more and more general populace should also be conversant of these regular modalities functioning daily at OCHRI.

We do not claim any marvel. However, we do feel that we have contributed a bit in garnering confidence for Nagpur health care in Central India. Most of the people now do depend and are confident of the expertise of Nagpur doctors instead of going to metropolis, which was the earlier trend. With pride we note that Central India including Madhya pradesh and Chattisgarh depend on Nagpur health care in a big way. The magnitude of health care dependency on Nagpur is now attracting health care groups from metropolis to function at Nagpur. This must be due to the fact that Nagpur & central India citizen are not reaching their centres based in metropolis nowadays. As a prime mover based at Nagpur which did endow this foundation of trust with a long term vision in mind to acquire this image for Nagpur, this is one of our most distinct achievements.