Vijay Atal- Unilever Asia Director commends OCHRI

Orange City Hospital which is ranked Nagpur’s 1st best in India’s best hospital list vide The week Nielsen National survey 2017 caters to many NRI’s who have been brought up in Nagpur and have settled abroad. They visit OCHRI to avail the comprehensive health care services assured of rational cost effective judicious treatment delivered with personalised care.

Recently Shri. Vijay Atal, Director-IT, Unilever Asia and settled in Singapore visited Nagpur for his school reunion. He is product of Nagpur Kendriya Vidyalaya and has fond memories of the city. He made a courtesy visit to OCHRI and after utilising the services conveyed that OCHRI is a fantastic facility with an outstanding team. He conveyed his wishes to TEAM OCHRI and appreciated the goodness being done for society by OCHRI. He thanked Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director for the personalised care nurtured at OCHRI. He stated that OCHRI has gained a distinct name amongst NRI’s settled abroad and is a boon for many of them whose parents are stationed in Nagpur. It is added that OCHRI’s Varistha Arogya Yojna caters to many senior citizens and provides them domiciliary care apart from transportation and indoor hospital care to the needy as and when required.

Shri.Vijay Atal also applauded the infrastructural changes towards betterment being conspicuously noticed in Nagpur under the leadership of Union Minister Shri.Nitinji Gadkari and Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri.Devendraji Fadanvis. He added that till date Nagpur was not cared for by the rulers and present transformation of Nagpur fills him and all Nagpurians with pride.

Prominently present on this occasion was Dr. Bindu Marar- OCHRI Gynaecologist.