A novel endeavor on rising attrition rate and crunch of trained and qualified staff in health care sector was recently undertaken by Dr.Dhananjay Ookalkar. He invited all major hospital representatives of Nagpur for a related discussion. Dr. V. L. Gupta, Dr. Anup Marar, Dr. Kamal Bhutada, Dr. Rajan Barokar and Dr. Vasant Khalatkar addressed this round table conclave of all renowned hospital of Nagpur.

Dr.Anup Marar, Director( Administration), Orange City Hospital & Research Institute highlighted that management of hospitals have to gear up to the new Human Resources changes noticed in all industries. He stated that following 6 new HR Trends have to be considered by the employers:

1. Time over Money – Employees today seek more personal time versus financial compensation.

2. Professional versus Personal Role – Employees want to be active both at work and at home, not choosing between the two.

3. Rising Super-class of Employees – As more employees opt for less stressful work/more personal time, a subgroup of employees, often characterized as more driven, are carrying the load of travel, relocation, and long hours.

4. Integration of Home and Work – Employers are increasingly offering services to reduce the stress of managing professional and personal lives. These services include child and elder care, dry cleaning, housecleaning, on-site full service banking etc.

5. Gen X Entrepreneurs – Employees in their twenties and thirties view the workplace differently, preferring greater autonomy and less bureaucracy. They are “loyal” to the work and not to the employer.

6. Collaborative Management – Traditional models of administrative structures are also in flux with flattening of hierarchies and increased team structures. People who can create environments of teamwork and creativity are the definition of good managers. No longer is top down control seen as desirable.

He added that retention of staff begins with how the organization does or does not value the staff. Human resources can arguably make or break an institution’s image and competitive edge. Organizations that maintain a market advantage will be those who not only remain competitive from a cost structure, but who also attract and retain talent. The staff of today needs autonomy, salaries, schedules, credibility and professional respect. They now look for participatory management, enhanced communication and thus adequate staffing, Effective administrative structure, quality patient care, investment in sustained professional development of staff are important. Career flexibility addressed by a leadership succession and competency program to identify and retain organizational talent is essential in today’s scenario.