Status Report of Miss.Shravani Kalpesh Tarekar As on 06.12.2015 at 10am

Miss.Shravani Kalpesh Tarekar, a 10 year old female was admitted in Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) on 2/12/2015 around 10pm as a case of alleged h/o Coffee dispensing machine blast injury around 9.30pm at Maratha Lawns, Ambazhari lawns in a wedding function. She was brought to OCHRI casualty in a very critical condition with hypovolemic shock, traumatic amputation of Lt. Upper limb at mid forearm level with Grade III Compound Fracture of Humerus L/3rd with severe bleeding. The Lt. Thoraco abdominal area was burst open with prolapsed intestinal coils & stomach. There was also Left Lung contusion with Diaphragmatic tear with collapse of the lung with multiple Ribs Fractures.

She was immediately resuscitated by Dr. Deepak Kore, Dr. Sandeep Kharode, Dr.Roshan Jawlekar and Dr. Santosh Gadge and immediately shifted to Operation theater with DOT high risk consent ( Death On Table) for Emergency surgical intervention, Exploratory Laparotomy and Thoracotomy, Lt ICD insertion, repair of Diaphragm, resection anastomosis of small bowel, repair of Gastric perforation, thoraco abdominal wall reconstruction with Open reduction and internal fixation of fracture Humerus and disarticulation of elbow( amputation) by the team of surgeons namely Dr. Sudhir Tomey, GI Surgeon, Dr. Darshan Rewanwar , Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Tushar Bhure, Orthopedician. 3 surgeons operated simultaneously on her. Critical Anesthesia services were provided by Dr. Smita Harkare & Dr. Anita Pande .Dr. Ninad Gawande provided Forensic expertise.

She is still admitted in OCHRI Pediatric Intensive Care Unit under Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve, Pediatrician aided by Dr.Sandeep Kharode and Dr.Madhuri Likhitkar.

Yesterday refashioning of her amputation stump with advancement flaps was also carried out by Dr.Darshan Rewanwar. Her non-responsive Left lung also responded well to ongoing treatment and lung is expanding normally. She has been weaned off ventilator and her endotracheal tubings and airways have been removed. She is now conscious, talking and oriented. She is also tolerating liquid sips now. Shri.Uday Bhaskar Nair, Chairman          ( RNHPL), Nagpur medical Community, her family, huge number of her well-wishers have applauded the astounding efforts of TEAM OCHRI in taking yeoman persistent efforts to snatch this girl from jaws of death.