ROTARY CLUB NAGPUR DOWNTOWN conducts OCHRI Health Camp for farmers at Village Chouki

Recently, as a Corporate Social Responsibility, Rotary Club of Nagpur DownTown & had organized a free Mega Health Screening Camp of Orange City Hospital and Research Institute for the benefit of poor farmers at Village Chouki, near Kanholibara, The. Hingna, District: Nagpur. The camp focused on health education & preventive aspects of healthcare issues. Diagnosis of cataract, breast cancer, maternal and child health diseases, malnutrition, geriatric diseases, glaucoma, skin diseases, Hernia, Hydrocele and various infection was done. More emphasis was given on the importance of preventive health check-ups at the villages.

Counseling & consultation was provided by medical experts and senior specialists from OCHRI. Eminent doctors Dr. A. K. Verma- Family Physician, Dr.  Rtn. Dr. Hrishikesh Mayee- noted Ophthalmologist & Secretary, RCN Down Town, Dr. Sheekha Saraf- Family Physician, Dr. Rasika Gogte- Physiotherapist & Dr. Deepak Dongre Incharge- Community Health,OCHRI rendered their expert services in this camp. Team of doctors assisted by Nursing Staff Ms. Asmita Meshram, Shri. Rajan Thakur & Shri. Ramakrishna Mankar. More than 250 patients from Chouki and adjacent villages of Hingna Tehsil took the benefit of this camp. Blood Sugar Tests done free of cost. Necessary medicines were also distributed free of cost in this camp. 17 patients have been identified for Cataract Surgery while 12 for Hernia, Hydrocele Surgery. Four Bicycles were also given by Rotary Club of Nagpur Down Town to needy school children on this occasion.

Speaking about the camp Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director said, “Promoting Wellbeing in community is important for national growth. To build a healthy nation, it’s necessary to build healthy community first. Coordinating effectively to address preventable, chronic illness and create a productive, self-care society is our focus for changing a scenario of healthcare economy that costs too much and delivers too little care to too few people. At OCHRI, we always remain persistent in our goal of providing quality healthcare services, which will benefit the community as a whole. With this objective in mind, we join hands to organize community health check-up camps that would aid prevention and onset of various diseases. These health check-up camps are part of regular community healthcare programmes and are small steps towards building a healthy community.”

Rtn. Vijay Thakre- Rotary DownTown President stated that, “Spending on ill-health is the leading cause of suicides in India. Proper Health reforms at the state levels and particularly in rural areas are likely to have a greater impact on distress and suicides than forgiving institutional loan.” He expressed concern at the poor people, including farmers, are meeting untimely death unable to afford the treatment cost of various diseases. “People are not much affordable to private health care providers. We thank the OCHRI doctors who with dedication in the service to humanity did a detail checkup of poor farmers and villagers. We are also thankful to OCHRI management for organizing this medical camp for the benefit of needy people.”

  On this occasion, Rtn. Meenal Dehadrai, President Elect- Rotary DownTown said, “The camp saw a good response from the farmers with over 90% of families from adjoining villages Hingni, Khadki, Jungad, Wadgaon, Khapri, Kanholibara, Hingna, Bori etc. Participating in the camp. We are heartened by the positive response to our initiative with backing of OCHRI under this “Rotary Club Nagpur Downtown Aarogya Abhiyan”. This camp was part of the Rotary Club Nagpur Downtown’s mission to promote sustainable development of the rural health and economy and we look forward to organizing many such camps in the future. We are planning to send farmers having surgical problems to the private hospitals for surgeries and necessary diagnostic tests.”

Rtn. Sandeep Deshpande, Vice-President, Rotary DownTown, Rtn. Jagdish Lanjewar, Director-Medical Services, Rtn. Nishikant Kashikar, Rtn. Bhushan Banhatti, Rtn. Manish Shah, Rtn. Mohan Pande, Rtn. Abhijit Deshpande, Rtn. Girish Kulkarni, Rtn. Virendra Patrikar, Rtn. Pratiksha Mayee, members of Bharat Vikas Parishad Shri. V. S. Kulkarni, Shri, J. S. Sayare, Shri. Chandrayan, Shri. Dilip Gulkari, Shri. Vijay Bagdikar, Shri. Kakde, Trustee of Bruhaspati Mandir Devasthan Shri. Miskin were prominently present on this occasion. Rtn. Jagdish Lanjewar, Director-Medical Services & Shri. Rajan Thakur- OCHRI PAE coordinated this village camp. Members of Rotaract Club and many local villagers worked hard for the success of this Mega free Health Check-up Camp.