OCHRI/AMM/2018/005                                                                                               Date: 6th January 2018


Subject: Renal Transplant of Mr. Rahul Kishor Kapale

Reference: DHS/HOTA/Renewal Certificate/Orange City Hospital/Nagpur/D-20/14 dated 26.05.2014

Permission from Government Authorization Committee for transplantation of Human organs – Nagpur GMC/SSHN/AC/NOC/ 136 dated 06/01/2018

Greetings! This has reference to above cited recommendation received from Government Authorization Committee- Nagpur. Mrs. Mamta Rahul Kapale (Wife) is donating kidney to Mr. Rahul KIshor Kapale (Husband). It is herewith conveyed that the said renal transplant surgery is now provisionally scheduled on Thursday 11.01.2018.

Dr. Suhas Salpekar, Dr. Dhanajay Bokare, Dr. Sandeep Deshmukh-Department of Urology & Dr. Rohit Gupta- Department of Vascular Surgery, constitutes the surgical team. Dr. S.J.Acharya- Department of Nephrology is overall coordinator of said endeavor.

Dr. Neeta Deshpande, MD will be the OT Coordinator aided by Dr. Smita Harkare, Dr. Anita Pande while Dr. Devayani Buche will pursue medical coordination on our behalf. Dr. Rohit Gupta will be the vascular surgeon to assist the recipient surgeon. Dr.Ashish Shukla, Dr. Anit Prakash & Dr. Kavita Dhurvey will coordinate the Pre & Post-operative care arrangements in RTPT Room and assist the surgical team in requisite pre, intra and post-operative care of said donor and recipient.

Nursing I/c/WSS, CCU 1 & 2 will pursue pre & post nursing care of donor & recipient along with Nursing I/c, DW.

Mrs. Manjiri Damle will ensure compilation of requisite documents as per statutory rules and post-surgery intimation to statutory authorities as per norms.

RMO’s on duty, NA, CCU 1 & 2 & DW are directed to ensure that all possible care is rendered to donor and recipient as per applicable statutory norms.

OT, NA, CCU1, CCU2, DW, Pathology, Radiology & Pharmacy In-charges are requested to interact with Dr. S.J. Acharya for planning the arrangements to prevent any shortcomings.


Copy for kind information, confirmation, & records to:

Resp. DGHS (Mumbai)/DMER (Mumbai)/ Dean, GMC (Nagpur). Through fax/mail for kind information and records. Please feel free to convey query/objections if any before the surgery which is scheduled on 11.01.2018.
The Board, OCHRI All above concerned please CGM (Accounts) OCHRI PRA I/c, OCHRI

The Notice Boards: WL/Main