Patil Couple donate Ultra-Sonography machine to OCHRI

Orange City Hospital has gained distinct goodwill in Central India as a trusted Healthcare service provider encompassing 60 departments and 30 clinics served by 150 doctors under one roof. Patients from far and wide reach here for their health care needs. The 40 bedded Critical Care complex served by trained full time stationed Intensivists group namely Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr. Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Neha Agarwal, Dr. Shivam Puniyani and Dr. Akshay Burlawar led by Dr. Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician & Section Coordinator is trusted by all doctors for critical care needs of even their near and dear apart from their patients.

Recently Dr. Abhijeet Patil, Renowned Eye Specialist accompanied by his wife Dr. Saroj Patil, Prominent Gynaecologist of the city were witness to the comprehensive timely quality ethical critical care support rendered by OCHRI Team under able leadership of Dr. Rajesh Atal, Senior Critical Care Physician. Impressed by the care, concern and dedication shown by Team OCHRI led by Dr.Rajesh Atal; they decided to donate a Sonography machine to OCHRI.

During a small informal function; Dr. Usha Nair, Director- Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited formally accepted the documents and USG unit for further PCPNDT norms as per rules. At the outset, Dr. Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI felicitated Dr. Abhijeet Patil in a traditional manner with shawl and shreefal while Dr. Rajesh Atal presented him a copy of Bhagwat Geeta. OCHRI Management thanked Dr. Abhijeet & Dr. Saroj Patil for their generous gesture.

Dr. Anup Marar, OCHRI Director stated that this USG unit will be helpful to OCHRI Obstetrics division to render quicker service to the numerous pregnant females being attended by them.

On this occasion; Dr. Saroj Patil stated that the indigenous methodical manner in which patients are attended at OCHRI is extraordinary and hoped that the USG unit donated by them will come handy to OCHRI Radiology division to serve the scores of patients coming here for quality diagnostics. Dr. Abhijeet Patil added that even though there are so many patients being attended by Team OCHRI in their OPD & IPD; there is no chaos and a pleasant serene working atmosphere prevails which is creditable.

Shri. Sunil Sure, Shri.Anil Dhakate and Shri.Ganesh Iyer coordinated the itinerary of this program.