Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur – Central India’S Health Care Taker

Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, located in Nagpur and named after the city itself, is one of Central India’s most prominent hospitals when it comes to health care, patient comfort, and research. Based on the will to serve the people with top quality heal

Orange-cityth care at an affordable price and bring happiness into their lives, OCHRI is now recognized as a brand ambassador of health care throughout Maharashtra and its neighboring states.

Orange City Hospital and Research Centre Institute was initiated at a time when people had to rely on government medical colleges for even critical care cases. Small clinics and nursing homes were the primary health care facilities available for the people of the city. This was the sad condition of Nagpur about ten years ago. Orange City Hospital and Research Centre was started as an experiment as a tertiary health care system at a time when nobody had the courage to venture into this particular field. Today, OCHRI is a household name when it comes to health care throughout central India. A multispecialty hospital at its best, OCHRI has put Nagpur on the National health care map, and has provided good health and life to the thousands of patients who visit the hospital with their medical needs.

Ethics are one of the most important factors which OCHRI swears by. Ethical, rational, and comprehensive health care quality is strictly implemented by the doctors and the entire staff of the institute. The institute believes in the greater good by making the country a healthier place by not only treating patients, but by providing resources and organizing awareness camps and health checkups regularly. Some of the camps organized by OCHRI are school health checkup camps, cancer screening camps, and regular specialty camps. OCHRI has also collaborated with Global Cancer Concern of India and Sarvaa Shiksha Abhiyaan, making it not only one of the best medical institutes, but also a social one.

Technology present at the hospital, the skills of the doctors, and the infrastructure at the hospital’s disposal are some of the most important factors that are taken into mind when judging a hospital’s worth. With a team of more than 150 doctors who cater their services to more than 60 departments, OCHRI is multispecialty hospital with all facilities available under one roof. Diagnosis, treatment, medicine, and rehabilitation of the patients is taken care of in the most meticulous manner possible, and affordability of treatments is kept in mind at all times. Equipments for proper imaging, surgery, and diagnosis, like Spiral CT scan, PFT, ECG, ENG, BERA, and E-scan, are some of the latest technologies available at OCHRI.

These reasons have given OCHRI the “Central India’s Health Care Taker” tag, and OCHRI has totally justified it and lived up to it. Patients from all over Central India look up to OCHRI for their treatment, and the institute only hopes to be better and serve the patients better, so they can live healthier, fuller lives.