Orange City Hospital & Research Institute recently organised a CME on HIC ( Hospital Infection Control) Quality Indicators as part of its ongoing academic undertaking ”Siddhi” which is held for the benefit of medical professionals .

Highlighting this venture; Dr.Vidya Nair, Director (Quality), Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that Patient safety has become the benchmark of contemporary medical care. Hospital acquired infections are second only to medication errors as a cause of adverse events in hospitalized patients. OCHRI rigidly follows infection control policy and conducts regular training of its doctors and staff to prevent hospital acquired infections.

Dr.Rajesh Atal, OCHRI Critical Care Physician Incharge who chaired this session mentioned that Health care-associated infections lead to death, disability and excess medical costs. Introduction of new technologies in the absence of infrastructure to use them safely may lead to adverse events. Infection prevention maximize patient outcomes and should be part of the accountability of health care provider to provide effective, efficient and quality health services.

Shri.Girish Ozha, Clinical Resource Consultant- BD who spoke during this CME said that Health-care worker protection, Isolation protocols for specific infectious diseases/ high-risk settings, rational use of anti-microbials, safe and appropriate use of injections and infusions, safe and appropriate use of blood and blood products and Hospital sanitation are some of essential interventions which should be ensured for infection control in hospitals.

Prominently involved during the discussion from OCHRI were Dr.Usha Nair, Director (Medical) – RNHPL, Dr.Devayani Buche, Senior Physician, Dr.Kuldeep Sukhadeve- Pediatrician Incharge-PICU & NICU, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Section Coordinator- CCU Complex, Dr.Rani Lakhe- Intensivist, Dr.Anit Prakash, Section Coordinator- Wards and Shri.Isaac Sinha- NABH Coordinator.

Smt.Sangeeta Varma led team of Smt.Saramma Samuel, Shri. Bharti Badwaik, Shri.Vishal Kapse, Shri.Avinash Ganar and Shri. Sachin Gajbhiye for the success of this academic initiative.