OCHRI bids warm farewell to Chate Bhau


Shri.Vijay Chate, Wardboy- Orange City Hospital & Research Institute recently attained superannuation. He was one of the oldest members of OCHRI and was instrumental in conceiving the exemplary personalized patient and housekeeping care which has generated lot of goodwill for OCHRI. On this occasion Dr.Usha Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that the immense goodwill generated by OCHRI which has grown from 28 bedded to presently 150 bedded complexes is purely because of selfless and dedicated service of personnel like Shri.Vijay Chate. The indigenous protocols initiated by personnel like him had gained a spot less reputation for OCHRI. A farewell program was recently arranged in his honor. Shri.Roy Thomas introduced him to the audience. A Samman Patra drafted by Dr.Anup Marar was read out by Smt.Saramma Samuel in English which was translated by Smt.Bharti Badwaik in Marathi. Apart from Felicitation; Mementoes and gifts were handed over to him by Dr.Usha Nair, Dr.Anup Marar, Dr.Anit Prakash, Dr.Kavita Dhurvey, Dr.Noorul Ameen & Shri.Simha Chalam. All retirement papers were duly handed over to him on this occasion. With misty eyes all OCHRI family members bid a warm farewell to Shri.Vijay Chate. In his farewell speech, Shri.Vijay Chate mentioned that he was grateful for the immense affection showered on him till date by all OCHRI family members. He added that he will always cherish the unforgettable recollections and remain a part of OCHRI family throughout his life time. He stated that the family atmosphere and bonding prevailing at OCHRI does not let anybody ever envisage the idea of leaving. Shri.Prakash Shende, Smt.Jayshree Jugade and Shri.Pravin Kelkar also spoke on this emotional moment. They recollected the times shared, friendships forged and the incredible successes. Shri.Dayaram Nimbarte dedicated a poem for Chate Bhau. Shri.Ganesh Iyer conducted the ceremony whereas vote of thanks was given by Smt.Manjiri Damle. Smt.Manjiri Damle, Shri.Niraj Patil, Dr.Kavita Dhurve, Dr.Anit Prakash, Shri.Prakash Shende, Shri.Santosh Mykalwar , Shri.Vishal Kapse , Shri.Avinash Ganar, Smt.Bharti Badwaik, Smt. Sangita Verma, Shri. Pankaj Wadaskar, Shri. Madhukar Chanore, Shri.Mahendra Meshram, Shri.Pravin Kelkar, Shri.Pravin Mungal and Shri. Subhash Bele worked hard for the success of this program. Highlighting the observance of such formal ceremony; Dr.Anup Marar stated that apart from recognition of members who had brought name and fame to OCHRI, such ceremony points out the efforts and pain taken by such old founder members of each hierarchy in inception days to coming generation. The low attrition rate of OCHRI speaks volume about the excellent working atmosphere & welfare measures prevailing at OCHRI.