OCHRI applauds Paschim Nagpur Nagrik Sangh

Paschim Nagpur Nagrik Sangh and Ram Mandir- Ram Nagar has been organising Walkathon for senior citizens since last 11 years. Shri. Jayant Apte, President- Ram Mandir, Ram Nagar stated that they organise this walkathon on 2nd October which is Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate 1st October which is International Senior Citizen day. Every year Orange City Hospital & Research Institute provides emergency backup to this walkathon which draws senior citizens from all corners of Nagpur. Paschim Nagpur Nagrik Sangh and Ram Mandir- Ram Nagar also provides token of appreciation to each participants while OCHRI also organises a preliminary check-up for all participants in Ram Mandir after the run. This year; Walkathon attracted 748 participants which is organised under the slogan “Challal tar Vachal” to promote the importance of regular walking for 30 minutes a day to recharge our body and soul. This year even a 98-year-old gentleman successfully participated and completed the 2 kms walk. More than 180 participants were from 65-70 years of age. This walkathon is organised for people who are above 60 years. On behalf of OCHRI and medical fraternity; Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director recently complimented Shri. Jayant Apte by presenting a copy of Bhagwat Geeta for his enthusiasm, zeal and passion in organising various such events for senior citizens. Prominently present on this occasion was Shri.Chandrakant Virkhare, Retired Physical Education teacher of Saraswati Vidyalaya and veteran Athlete. Shri. Jayant Apte thanked OCHRI management for their readiness to support all such health related events organised by Paschim Nagpur Nagrik Sangh and Ram Mandir- Ram Nagar. OCHRI team was led by Dr. Deepak Dongre, OCHRI Medical Superintendent