Saraswati Vidyalaya High School and Junior College is an old reputed school of Nagpur which has nurtured many students who have excelled and made a distinct name in India and abroad. Last year ex-students and ex-teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya with cooperation of South Indian Education Society had organized a unique Reunion event wherein ex-students from 53 batches had joined hands to felicitate their alumni member Shri.Devendra Fadnavis who had taken over as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This was an exceptional event. It may be added that this was the only felicitation program for which Shri.Devendra Fadnavis had granted consent.

Recently South Indian Education Society endorsed and approved the request of those ex-students who had organized last year’s event to reconstitute Saraswati Vidyalaya Alumni Association. During centenary celebration of Saraswati Vidyalaya; an Alumni Association was formed with Dr.Natarajan Iyer as President and Smt.Janki Ganeshan as Secretary. With permission of SIES, following new body of Saraswati Vidyalaya Alumni Association (SVAA) has been now been nominated in a recent meeting of ex-students of Saraswati Vidyalaya school. Former students Shri.K.Jagdeesan and Dr.Suresh Chair who are also members of SIES had moved this historic motion of reconstitution of SVAA which was unanimously accepted by SIES body.

Dr.Anup Marar is President while Shri.Udayan Shrouti is Secretary and Shri.Shreekrishna Buty is Treasurer of new SVAA body whilst Vice Presidents are Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni and Smt. Ashwini Jichkar. Shri.Mitesh Rambhia and Shri.Avinash Sahu will hold charge of Joint Secretaries while Joint Treasurers are Shri.Ashish Khandelwal and Shri. Rahul Pande. The new SVAA Executive Members are Dr.Suresh Chair, Shri.Rakesh Purohit, Shri.Sujit Rajankar, Shri.Bhanu Rajgopalan, Shri.Yogesh Deshmukh, Shri.Amit Sampat, Shri.Mayank Sharma and Shri.Pranay Tidke. The SVAA Advisory Board constitutes Shri.K.Jagdeesan, Shri.Jagtar Singh Sethi and Shri.Sivarama Krishnan while Ex- Officio Members are Secretary, South Indian Education Society and Principal, Saraswati Vidyalaya, Nagpur. Past President is Dr.Natarajan Iyer and Past Secretary is Smt.Janki Ganeshan. The new executive body has also recommended Directors of various committees namely Public Relations-Shri.Venkatesh Manian & Shri.Abhiman Hegde, Sports Promotion- Shri.Atmaram Pande & Shri.G.Sunil, Skill Development & Networking- Shri.Dharmendra Bandawar & Shri. Tushar Tamhane, Press & Publicity- Shri.Rahul Soman & Shri.Swapnil Subhedar, Social Activities & CSR- Shri. Randhir Nashine & Shri.Balaji Buty, Membership & Database management- Shri.Shankar Bhavsar & Dr.Kshitij Sable, Youth Connect- Ms.Tejaswini Lohit & Shri.Nirav Thakkar, Batch Coordination- Shri.Sameer Badhe & Shri.Shivaji Dhawad, Liaison & Statutory matters- Shri.Amol Kale, Entrepreneurship Guidance- Shri.Manoj Virkhare & Shri.Vishal Jaiswal, Overseas Affairs- Shri.Mukul Deoras & Shri. MV.Srinivas Rao, Legal Affairs- Smt.Ramani Patro & Shri.Sanjay Rajak & Women Welfare- Smt.Sulabha Deshpande & Ms.Akshita Vyas.

The ex-students led by Dr.Suresh Chair, Shri.Udayan Shrouti and Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni also met Dr.Natarajan Iyer and Smt.Janki Ganeshan who blessed them for the reconstitution. The new SVAA body has thanked SIES authorities for endorsing this reconstitution and assured to join hands with the society in promoting their alma-mater and be a bridge between the students and the school. All ex-students of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur can call upon Shri.Ashish Khandelwal, Shri. Rahul Pande, Shri.Shankar Bhavsar or Dr.Kshitij Sable in 0-9422502225, 9422125840, 9850362980 or 9561510489 respectively to register themselves with SVAA.