Nagpur City Police- VHA Police welfare initiative


69 Hospitals to attend police personnel in Police Hospital OPD
More than 100 private hospitals of Vidarbha with total bed strength of 10000 had joined hands to form Vidarbha Hospitals Association (A unit of Hospitals Association- Nagpur) which is aimed to help set internal quality standards, ensure cost effective quality health care to incoming needy patients, and support statutory authorities to enhance the image of Nagpur as a health care hub.

Recently Dr. K. Venkatesham, IPS who has taken over as Commissioner of Police of Nagpur City had given a call to Nagpur medical community to volunteer for police welfare. Accordingly Shri.Ishu Sindhu, IPS, DCP- Special Branch discussed the issue with Dr.Bhojraj Madke,CMO-Police Hospital and pursued the idea with office bearers of Vidarbha Hospitals Association in this regard.

Further to said call given by Dr. K. Venkatesham; 69 Hospitals of Nagpur affiliated to Vidarbha Hospital Association volunteered to provide their expertise in Police Hospital OPD- Nagpur. Accordingly, a timetable is being formulated wherein each renowned specialist deputed by these 69 volunteering hospitals will only have to spare 2 hours every month which will be a boon to all police personnel and beneficiaries. The project will commence from 2nd October 2016 after desired infrastructural modifications and equipment procurement are done by police authorities to create the Speciality OPD in Police Hospital.

This working arrangement was formally inked during a meeting in Office of CP- Nagpur which was chaired by Dr. K. Venkatesham. Prominently present on this occasion were Shri.Ishu Sindhu, Dr.Anup Marar, Dr.Bhojraj Madke, Dr.Shishir Shrivastava, Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar, Dr. Gopal Rathi, Dr.Pravin Lad, Dr.Rajasi Sengupta and Dr.Laxmi Shrikhande. Representatives of Sushrut Hospital, Suretech Hospital, Meditrina, Arogyam, Colours, CIIHO, Ashian Renal Care, and Care Hospitals also partook in the deliberations.
Dr. K. Venkatesham conveyed that Nagpur is renowned for its medical proficiency. Police personnel are in need of their expertise. Such model wherein reputed specialists from community volunteer to render their expertise free of cost in OPD of police hospital on selected days is already functioning well in Mumbai and Thane. He commended VHA members for the overwhelming proactive empathetic response. He stated that Identity cards will also be issued to all these volunteering renowned specialists nominated by VHA which will help them for validation.
On behalf of VHA; Dr.Anup Marar, Secretary stated that Nagpur police brethren have always helped doctors in times of crisis. Hence it is our ethical and moral duty to serve them. He concluded that this noteworthy innovative welfare venture undertaken by Dr. K. Venkatesham will go a long way in enhancing the rapport between police and medical fraternity of Nagpur.
OCHRI, Wockhardt, Meditrina, Suretech, Care, Get well , Shatayu , Soni , Child Hospital, Nandan, Kolwadkar , Bhutada, G.T. Memorial , Maxcare, Saboo , Vasant, Junankar, Sawali, Zenith , Desai, Centre Point, Rughwani, Rajan, Manorama, Criticare, Shiv Ganga, Mother And Child Care(2) , Kalpataru, Kunal , Swastik Critical Care, Jaiswal , Colours, Colours, Mandhaniya, Neuron, Indrayani, Crescent, Nerkar, Ashian Renal Care, Bhelonde, Platina, Belsare, Shravan, Shanti Mohan , Arogyam , Deshmane, CIIHO, East End , Shrikhande, Hope, Aditya, Sengupta  , Criticare, Asha , Sushrut, Arneja , Rathi, Sarakshi Netralaya, Hatwar, Rathi Nursing Home, Ketki Nursing Home(2), Central Avenue Critical Care, CNMI, Anmol, Gillurkar, Chikhale, Samarpan and Lata Mangeshkar are some of the renowned hospitals of Nagpur that will be deputing their specialists for this daily Speciality OPD at Police Hospital.