ISA’s BLS Workshop held at OCHRI

ISA’s BLS Workshop held at OCHRI

Indian Society of Anesthesiology, Nagpur City Branch in association with Orange City Hospital & Research Institute under the insignia of “Siddhi” recently organized a 2 day Workshop on ‘Basic Life Support’ at Jaivik Sabhagruha, OCHRI for the benefit of doctors, nursing, housekeeping and non-clinical staff. Almost 250 participants took the benefit of this workshop.

“Properly applied basic life support can save lives, reduce recovery time and is also important to save the victim from temporary disability or lifelong disability. Therefore, knowledge and skills of BLS technique is must for any individual who is working in healthcare service provider settings.” stated Dr. Vidya Nair, Director(Quality), Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited who initiated the BLS training as a part of ongoing Quality Improvement Program.

Anaesthesiologists Dr. Sunita Lawange, Dr. Smita Harkare, Dr. Neeta Deshpande, Dr. Anita Pande, Dr. Deepak Madankar, Dr. Ritesh Borkar & Dr. Sweety Pasari were the instructors in this workshop. They demonstrated the art and science of basic life support at their stations with mannequins. After demonstrations by the faculties, a ‘hand on training’ of various basic life support techniques on mannequins was given to the participants on their respective stations. Faculties also solved the various queries of participants regarding BLS. It also includes information on the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) and hands-on training regarding providing adequate ventilation through various barrier devices and how to identify and how to assess and remove foreign-body airway obstructions for adults and infants.

Dr. Sunita Lawange, President- Indian Society of Anesthesiology (Nagpur Chapter) emphasized the importance of BLS in various emergencies. She also threw a light on the sequence of CAB in CPR. She said, “Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), is an important life-saving emergency first-aid skill practiced throughout the world for an unconscious victim on whom breathing and pulse cannot be detected.” She gave a major emphasis on a universal compression to ventilation ratio of 30:2 in adults and effective chest compressions with minimal interruptions.

 Dr. Smita Harkare, OCHRI OT Complex Section Coordinator emphasized on the importance of acquiring standardized universally accepted life-saving skills. She said, “BLS Workshop participants learnt how to deal with emergencies and render timely first aid.”

 Dr. Usha Nair- RNHPL Director stressed on the need of more workshops for the benefit of medical fraternity. She expressed, “BLS can prove to be very helpful when it comes to saving the life of an individual. It is important to understand that the objective of BLS is not to ‘treat’ the person but to buy some valuable time until the emergency medical aid arrives.”

Dr. Anup Marar, OCHRI Director pressed the need of distributing ISA public awareness material to every patient incoming to hospitals. He conveyed “Taking the right action quickly and confidently can make difference between life and death for a person dealing with cardiac arrest. An emergency can happen at any time or at any place – in office, in public transport, on the streets etc. So responder should be able to provide first aid before the arrival of medical professionals.”

  Dr. Neeta Deshpande was the convener of this event and Dr. Deepak Dongre coordinated the program.  Dr. Noorul Amin, Shri. Sunil Sure, Dr. Uaha Gawande, Dr. Shrutika Wanjari, Dr. Vishakha Pawar, Dr. Mayur Shakkarge, Dr. Swati Bangar, Ms. Manjiri Damle, Ms. Jayshree Jugade, Ms. Bharati Badwaik, Ms. Preeti Chaudhary were prominently present on this occasion.  Shri. Roy Thomas, Ms. Jessy Abraham, Ms. Saramma Samuel, Shri. Avinash Ganar, Shri. Ganesh Iyer, Shri. Roshan Gotekar and Shri. Nikhil Dharmari worked hard for the success of this workshop.