Care Hospitals recently arranged their novel academic undertaking Q CARE III dedicated to Transition in Healthcare Quality. Dr.Anup Marar, Director (Administration), Orange City Hospital & Research Institute who is a trained NABH Assessor & ISO Lead auditor was one of the faculty members. He was invited to speak on Management’s perspective on how Quality transforms health care services into patient satisfaction. While complimenting Care hospitals led by Dr.Varun Bhargava on pursuing this annual conclave dedicated to Quality in health care on regular basis under committed stewardship of Shri.Ravi Mannadiyar , he stated that if quality improvement is going to work in healthcare, Health care Organizations( HCO’s) have to engage clinicians. Clinicians are the frontline workers who understand and own the processes of care. Moreover he highlighted that Sentiment analysis is a new scientific approach to comment interpretation that is starting to be applied in health care to gain deeper insights into what patients are saying. In general, it is about the people—nurses, doctors, and staff. Patients consistently rank interaction with the health care staff as paramount in how they evaluate their health care experience, either positively or negatively. It is more specifically about communication and explanation from the clinical and non-clinical staff. He added that management of healthcare organizations can deal with challenges of controlling costs, reducing waste and implementing a sustainability strategy by aligning organizational processes with external pressure and putting quality high on the agenda by organizing care pathways based on evidence of quality and safety interventions.