Dr.Vidya Nair represents OCHRI in AHPI Global Conclave


Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents more than 10000 healthcare providers in India. AHPI collaborates with national and international FORUMS, engaged in work of similar nature to have access to best practices and undertake training & quality improvement activities in India and abroad. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has the distinction of representing Vidarbha in Association of Healthcare Providers (India) – Maharashtra & Goa executive board with Dr.Anup Marar as Joint Secretary.

AHPI GLOBAL CONCLAVE was recently held at Mumbai. Educating & Advocating for Well Being of Common Man, Health for All: Roadmap, Patient Safety Tool kit, Managing Healthcare Costs, LEAN & GREEN Hospitals, SMART Hospitals, Role of IT Sector, Role of Pharma Sector, Role of Medical Equipments and Nursing Empowerment were few topics covered by all major Healthcare Providers of India during this conclave.

OCHRI was represented in this Global Conclave by Dr Vidya Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited. After partaking in this prestigious summit, she stated that she got a good insight into the Indian Health Care sector. She highlighted that the changing climate within the sector was palpable as the topics of discussion involved Universal health care to SMART hospitals and how with innovation we can decrease the hospital costs. As much change is not easy, it is inevitable she added.

Indian healthcare is passing through critical phase. There is growing perception that healthcare is unduly expensive. Alongside there is an increasing awareness and demand for the patient safety and quality of care. The healthcare is also becoming an election agenda. That brings proactive push for reforms by the government. All these factors pose serious challenge to healthcare providers, who will be required to constantly keep innovating and do fine balancing act. The increase in demand on private sector would be coupled with complying with regulatory and patient safety norms. It is in this perspective that Association of Healthcare Providers (India) had chosen the theme for its Global Conclave I.e. Affordable & Safe ‘Health for All’ through collaborative efforts of Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, IT and Medical Equipment companies. AHPI believes that ‘Health for All’ can only be realized through collaborative approach involving all Stake holders. The conclave took a holistic view of composite issues and tried to present practical solutions to meet with the emerging challenges.