Dr. Milind Mane, MLA visits him at OCHRI

Sampat Ramteke Critical

Dr. Milind Mane, MLA visits him at OCHRI

Shri. Sampat Ramteke aged 67-year-old male was brought in an emergency condition to Casualty-Orange City Hospital & Research Institute from his Sadar residence on 07.11.2017 around 11pm. He had complaints of Chest pain, giddiness, sweating and belching. He had been suffering from similar symptoms since 2 days but he was still working continuously. He is a known case of Diabetes Mellitus with Hypertension and had no history of any earlier hospitalization. On examination he had tachycardia, Bilateral crepitation’s in lungs and respiratory distress. His ECG showed evidence of extensive Myocardial Infarction (Heart attack). He was immediately admitted in CCU under care of Dr. Pankaj Raut-Cardiologist and Dr. Nikhil Balankhe- Senior Critical Care Physician. Dr. Pankaj Raut attended him immediately and he was advised to immediately undertake Primary angioplasty at OCHRI Cath Lab with all risks explained for which the relatives refused. Accordingly, he was thrombolysed and put on BIPAP support and all other supportive treatment started as per protocol. His 2 D Echo showed only 10% ejection fraction. It was noted that he also had heart failure and deranged kidney functions.

Shri. Sampat Ramteke is a renowned social activist fighting for Sickle cell patients. He is President of Sickle Cell Society of India (SCSI).

On 13.11.2017 evening hours he again suffered a major cardiac arrest in CCU and was again revived and put on ventilator support. At present his General condition is very poor. He is on ionotropic support and other supportive critical care treatment management as per protocol.

His provisional Diagnosis is Acute Extensive Ant. Wall Myocardial Infarction with Left ventricular failure with Respiratory Distress with Acute Kidney Injury with known case of Diabetes Mellitus with Hypertension.

His treating Specialist in OCHRI are

Dr. Pankaj Raut- Cardiologist

Dr. Nikhil Balankhe-Senior Critical Care Physician

Dr. Kundan Wadhai-Nephrologist

Dr. Ashish Shukla-Chest Specialist

Dr. Ganesh Bure- Chief Intensivist

24×7 full time stationed Intensivist cover is provided by: Dr. Rani Lakhe, Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr. Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Neha Agarwal & Dr. Shivam Puniyani.

Diagnostic support by

Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist

Dr. Nishikant Lokhande & Dr. Prashant Shende-Radiologists

Nursing & Paramedical team cover under supervision of

Sr.Preeti Joseph

Dr. Milind Mane, MLA visited him at OCHRI on 14/11/2017 morning hours and discussed his status and ongoing treatment with treating specialists. Dr. Anup Marar – OCHRI Director and Dr. Pankaj Raut- Cardiologist highlighted the critical condition of Shri. Sampat Ramteke in presence of Dr. Rani Lakhe, On duty Intensivist. Dr. Milind Mane expressed his satisfaction on the comprehensive care being provided to Shri. Sampat at OCHRI and conveyed that all possible rational attempts in an ethical manner are being undertaken by TEAM OCHRI. Dr. Ganesh Ramteke, Retired Deputy Director of Health Services who has been personally attending Shri. Sampat since day one of admission at OCHRI also concurred with the decision of Dr. Milind Mane. Dr. Milind Mane also met and counselled the relatives.