About Dr. Vinay Saoji

Specialist Department of Plastic Surgery

  • Passed  MBBS  from Nagpur in 1974
  • S. Plastic surgery  1982 ( Nair Hospital /TNMC. Bombay University)

Degrees and Education

MBBS, MS (Plastic Surgery)


Diabetic foot Rhinoplasty (Correction of nasal deformities)

Professional Experience

  • Practicing Plastic  surgeon  in city of Nagpur since  1983
  • Has done many plastic surgical procedures which include  reconstructions and cosmetic  surgeries to name few here is the list
    • Congenital anomalies of face, hand feet and genitals
    • Maxillo -facial  trauma
    • Rhinoplasties, breast surgeries
    • Head neck  face reconstructions
    • Hand  deformities and trauma
    • Burn deformities and disfigurements
    • Scars and skin malignacies
    • Various skin grafts  and flaps
    • Diabetic  foot management  (surgical)