Dr. Saurabh Prasad

About Dr. Saurabh Prasad

Specialist Department of Oncology

* MBBS from Baroda Medical College in 2005

* MD (Pediatrics) from Smt. NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad in 2010.

* D.M. (Medical Oncology) from Gujarat Cancer and Research B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad in 2014.



Degrees and Education



Medical Oncology

Professional Experience

  • Consultant Medical Oncologist at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute.
  • 3 years experience as Resident Doctor in Medical Oncology, Diagnosis and management of solid tumors, Diagnosis and management of hematological malignancies, Diagnosis and management of pediatric malignancies Management of oncological emergencies, Diagnosis and management of chemotherapy induced adverse drug reactions, Co- principal investigator in clinical trials.
  • 3 years experience as Resident Doctor in Pediatrics.