OCHRI screens IRSIL employees on Health Day under “Shram Shilpi”

Preventive health care holds enormous promise for the competitiveness of Indian companies

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute regularly conducts on site preventive health check up camps in various industries as part of their social responsibilities under insignia of “Shram Shilpi”. Recently they organized a preventive health checkup camp at Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd, Butibori to commemorate Health day. At the outset, Dr. Nitin Bhalerao, Chief Medical Officer, IRSIL welcomed OCHRI Team and conveyed thanks to OCHRI for rendering such proactive support to industry workers.

Dr.Upendra Kumar, Physician, Dr. Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician, Dr. Akash Saoji, Orthopedician and Dr. Lokesh Choudhary, RMO from OCHRI rendered their expertise for the benefit of employees serving in IRSIL. Sr.Roshani Zilpe, Sr.Darshana Patle and Shri.Arun Chopde assisted the doctors.

Highlighting the need of regular preventive health check up of industrial workers, Dr.Anup Marar, Director, OCHRI stated that well-designed employee wellness programs create 25 per cent reduction in health-plan costs, sick leave, disability pay and workers’ compensation while reducing just one health risk increases an employee’s on-the-job productivity by 9 per cent. It is added that Preventive health care holds enormous promise for the competitiveness of Indian companies and for the country’s economy in the global arena. In an era when the service sector is gaining pre-eminence, the value of the individual employee has increased more than ever before. Employees with specialized skills are the focal point on whose well-being and performance the productivity of a company rests.
In a highly competitive corporate environment, companies cannot afford the absence of their employees due to sickness, caused by a sedentary lifestyle, etc., or a poor performance at the workplace due to poor health. Both as part of their corporate social responsibility and to boost their profits, a number of firms are offering preventive health care facilities to their employee and it is on their performance, productivity and profitability that India’s growth potential and global competitiveness depends substantially.
Dr.Nitin Bhalerao added that the Report of the National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health , jointly brought out by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Finance, says that the “prevention of diseases, particularly non-communicable diseases that are expensive to treat, is the most cost-effective strategy for a country facing scarce resources.” Hence OCHRI designs customized preventive health checkup package solutions to various industries under their novel “Shram Shilpi” undertaking as per the working hazards faced by employees.

Having 150 doctors serving through more than 60 departments at OCHRI helps all incoming industries to provide one roof value added preventive & indoor healthcare solutions for the benefit of their employees. This camp was organized by Shri.Vijay Tiwari, PAE under the leadership of Shri Sunil Sure, GM, OCHRI. More than 100 IRSIL employees were screened and free ECG and free blood sugar estimation was also done for needy employees.

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