Comatose 76 year old lady regains consciousness after rare brain tumor removal


A 76 years old lady resident of Amravati, came to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute with h/o seizure and unconsciousness for 2 days with K/o Hypertension and cardiac disease on irregular treatment. She remained comatose for 2 days and gradually regained consciousness.  She also has h/o repeating words while talking since 2-3 years. She was admitted under care of Dr. Mohammad Husain Bhati, Neuro Surgeon-OCHRI. She was thoroughly investigated and her CT & MRI Brain suggestive of Huge Left sided Sphenoid Wing Meningioma. Inspite of old age & co-morbid conditions her relatives having complete faith on OCHRI desired to go for surgical intervention.
The intricate surgery for resection of this rare and complicatedly positioned tumor performed by Dr. Hussain Bhati lasted for 5 hours. During surgery Dr. Sweety Pasari -Anesthetist provided the necessary anesthesia and was assisted by Dr.Kavita Dhurvey.
Dr. Husain Bhati, informed that “This is difficult tumor to operate specially on dominant side with co-morbid conditions and long surgery duration. This tumor was also adherent to ICA, basilar artery and optic nerve. If the surgery was not done there were chances of seizure, paralysis, unconsciousness leading to death.
Dr.Milind Pande- Pathologist, Dr.Raju Khandelwal, Dr.Nishikant Lokhande & Dr.Sudha Ambatkar- Radiologists rendered diagnostic support while full time round the clock stationed Intensivist team consisting of Dr.Ashish Shukla, Dr.Rani Lakhe, Dr.Roshan Jawdekar, Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr.Saurabh Rathi, Dr.Vasundhara Jain led by Dr.Ganesh Bure provided critical care support. Smt.Ambika Nair and Smt.Preeti Joseph led nursing & paramedical team in Operation theatre and Critical care unit while Dr.Sanil Koyili led the team of Physiotherapists.
The surgery was uneventful and post operatively she is ambulatory and discharged home. The relatives thanked TEAM OCHRI led by Dr.M.H.Bhati for the care and concern.
Dr.Usha Nair, Director- RNHPL complimented Dr.Bhati and his team and stated that although many head injury “ hot” cases are routinely managed at OCHRI; it is “Cold” neurological case management ( like tumors etc.) that proves the surgical acumen of OCHRI Department of Neurosurgery which comprises of 5 Neurosurgeons. Needy central Indians with varied brain and spine tumors apart from spinal disc complaints reach OCHRI to seek solace in view of the round the clock comprehensive diagnostic, surgical, critical care and rehabilitation facilities available under one roof.