CME on NIV for nurses held at OCHRI

Noninvasive ventilation is a valuable complement in patient management-Dr. Ashish Shukla   

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has a dedicated academic division which ensures that all personnel are kept abreast of the advancements in their respective fields. OCHRI caters to maximum number of varied critical care patients referred from all over central India to Nagpur and has a 40 bedded Critical Care Complex.

A training program on developments in field of Non-Invasive Ventilation was organized recently at OCHRI especially for all CCU & NICU/PICU nurses.

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the provision of ventilator support through the patient’s upper airway using a mask or similar device. This technique is distinguished from those which bypass the upper airway with a tracheal tube, laryngeal mask, or tracheostomy and are therefore considered invasive.

On this occasion, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician- OCHRI stated that Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the administration of ventilator support without using an invasive artificial airway (endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube). The use of noninvasive ventilation has markedly increased over the past two decades, and noninvasive ventilation has now become an integral tool in the management of both acute and chronic respiratory failure, in both the home setting and in the critical care unit.

The programme was attended by CCU nursing professionals attached to OCHRI.

Dr. Jaydeep Khalpada was the main speaker who explained the working, settings, various modes and the masks used during NIV. He also showed a video to make the nurses understand more clearly. Lecture was followed by a question answer session. Mr. Mukul Thorat and Mr. Jitendra Shekhawat of RESMED Pvt.Ltd. Gave demonstration of the machine which was actively participated by the nurses in two different groups.

Smt.Saramma Samuel under supervision of Shri.Roy Thomas worked hard for the success of this educational initiative.