Yogiraj Swami Sitaramdasji Maharaj Hospital and Research Centre, Ramtek run and managed by Orange City Hospital & Research Institute in association with Rotary Club of Nagpur had recently organized a FREE MEGA CATARACT SURGERY CAMP at Ramtek for the benefit of poor and rural population of Ramtek and surrounding areas. All the surgeries, medicines, hospital accommodation and hospitality were provided to the patients “free of cost”.

Out of 77 patients, 74 patients were operated for cataract and 3 for Pterigium in two phases. Patients were operated by Senior Ophthalmic surgeons Dr. Yashpal Lamba, Rtn. Dr. Rafat Khan, Rtn. Dr. Shivani Bidiye and Dr. Abhay Agashe.

More than 500 needy patients were screened over the period of one month by team of Yogiraj Hospital under the leadership of Dr. K. Gopal Krishna Gokhale, CMO, YSSMHRC. He was assisted by Dr. Nahush Bawankar, Dr. Ankit, Optometrists Shri. Mohnish, Shri. Salim and Shri. Kapil & team.

At the outset Shri. Narayandas Agrawal, President, Shri Laxminarayan Devasthan briefed about the unique facilities available at hospital. He highlighted that Yogiraj Hospital is being run and managed by Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, Nagpur on “No Loss No Profit Basis” to provide best medical healthcare services to the rural population at affordable costs.

Dr. Deepak Dongre, Nodal Officer I/c, Yogiraj Hospital expressed that such free surgery Camps in the rural areas by renowned doctors are very much essential as people are not much affordable to avail quality healthcare services. Because of this initiative taken by Yogiraj Hospital and Rotary Club Nagpur, rural people getting quality and ethical healthcare services of OCHRI at their doorsteps. Due to visual correction, patient’s lifestyle gets improved and their span of life gets extended by at least five years. We think this is the best exercise where our doctors altruistically make their knowledge and skills available to serve the humanity. In this way we are able to reach the unreachable.

Rtn. Ms. Kushnoor Chugh, President, Rotary Club Nagpur stated that, “Community Service encourages every Rotarian to find ways to improve the quality of life for people in their communities and to serve the public interest. It is our opinion that camp-based cataract correction is still an important alternative in rural India. Untiring efforts taken by Rotary Ophthalmologists and supporting staff from Orange City Hospital & management of Yogiraj Hospital resulted into successfully performing all surgeries. It is our duty to devote oneself in alleviating misery of our not so well to do brethren. The joy on the faces of the poor patients and their relatives was moving and rejuvenating.”

Rtn Parag Paranjape, Secretary, Rtn. Rina Sinha, Treasurer and other fellow rotary members also visited the hospital and graced the event. Adv. Sanjiv Khandelwal, Shri. Madhukar Mankar, Shri. Sharma from SLD were prominently present on this occasion. On this occasion Shri. Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman, Dr. Usha Nair, Dr. Anup Marar and Dr. Vidya Nair, Directors, OCHRI congratulated the teams from Rotary, OCHRI and Yogiraj Hospital for their active participation and sterling success of the camp. Shri. Rajesh Mastkar, Shri. Moreshwar Khajure, Smt. Vaishali Sakore, Smt. Kanchan Harode, Smt. Houshila Kanoje, Shri. Prashant & Shri. Sachin and paramedical staff of Yogiraj Hospital & Orange City Hospital and all members of Rotary Club Nagpur worked hard for the success of this camp.



Recently Coal India Retired Officers Welfare Association (CIROWA) and team of doctors from Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) jointly organized a preventive health Check up camp at NMC’s Vivekanand Hindi School, Nagpur. Team of doctors screened more than 450 students and addressed various important medical issues like general health, hygiene, nutritional problems etc. Team of doctors comprised of Dr. PC Gupta, ENT Surgeon, Dr. Upendra Kumar, General Physician, Dr. Mohini Gajendragadkar, Gynaecologist, Dr. Deepak Dongre, Dr. Shubhangi Choudhary and Dr. Milind Gujar. Sister Reena Madakwar and Manisha Gohate assisted the doctors in this camp.

On this occasion Dr.Deepak Dongre, Incharge- Special Projects, OCHRI said OCHRI boasts of one of the best Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The determination to ensure rational cost effective ethical health care within a framework of quality management system has gained us recognition of being the first ISO 9001:2000 certified Unit of this region. As a Corporate Social Responsibility, OCHRI regularly organize the pediatric outreach program endeavors in all encompassing health activities including School Health Surveys, Behavioral disorders detection and management, adolescent health and disability detection and correction camps. These camps ultimately help in reducing morbidity & mortality in student groups as well as local community. In addition, regular, sustained school health examinations help to build a sound foundation for student’s future. Under this program, School Health Checkup is being regularly conducted on a campaign basis by a team of medical officers every year.

Shri. Gopal Bohare, Chairman, Education Committee, NMC stated that Schools that provide health services and education not only benefit school-aged children, but also the entire community. School children can act as messengers for other out-of-school children and members of their communities to communicate better practices in hygiene and overall health. Costs can also be reduced by using existing school system infrastructure as a key delivery mechanism. Such school camps are very essential.

Shri. Arun Hazare, Project Coordinator, Social Activities, CIROWA expressed that, School health interventions have numerous economic returns through health outcomes. Healthier children are more likely to attend school, and modest improvements in schooling will allow for the continuation of education. Education and good health offer children the power of choice and opportunity, as well as optimism for a better life. Health education in childhood can also help establish lifelong positive behaviors. It is widely recognized that school health and nutrition programs are essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. About more than 450 students mostly belonging to poor Socio-Economic Strata were immensely benefitted. They have probably got such health check up for the first time. They were also issued health cards free of cost from you, for which I on behalf of them expressed deep gratitude towards OCHRI.

Shri. M. L. Bhasin, General Secretary, CIROWA and Shri. Unnikrishnan, Jt. Secretary were prominently present on this occasion. Smt. Rashmi Durugkar, Principal, Vivekanand Hindi School School thanked CIROWA & OCHRI management for this selfless gesture. Smt. Sushma Mankar, Smt. Neeta Gadekar, Smt. Sandhya Bhagat, Smt. Waghade,   teachers of Vivekanand Hindi School, Shri. Vijay Tiwari and Shri. Ramakrishna Mankar, OCHRI worked hard for the success of this medical checkup camp.

Canadian delegation visits Rotary-OCHRI Skin Bank


Rotary-OCHRI Skin bank is doing a yeoman service for the solace of needy burn victims of Central India. This Skin Bank has come as a boon. Rotary Club of Nagpur which was instrumental in donating equipments for this skin bank is being developed and maintained by Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute on no profit basis.

The Cadaveric skin which is processed scientifically in this skin bank is subsequently used a biological burn dressing by all major burns surgeons of Central India. Many delegations from far and wide visit this skin bank to understand its working methodology which is guided by National Burns Center, Mumbai.

Recently a Canadian delegation paid a visit to Rotary-OCHRI Skin bank to obtain details and personally confirm the working of this skin bank. The Canadian delegation comprised of Dino Marzaro, Karen Fortin, Hakin Zahar, Leila Besseghaier, Fay Campbell, Dorma Grant, William Gray and David Steeves.

At the outset Dr.Usha Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited welcomed them and while Dr.Sameer Jahagirdar, Plastic Surgeon & Specialist Incharge, Rotary- OCHRI Skin bank highlighted the accomplishments. Rtn. Khushnoor Chugh, President & Rtn. Parag Paranjape, Secretary, Rotary Club of Nagpur also explained the public awareness measures being undertaken by RCN to sensitize public for skin donation. Rtn Prashant Kale, Rtn Ravi Wankhede, Rtn Sati Khanna and Rtn Nimish Sutaria were also prominently present.

Shri.Santosh Mykalwar, NBC trained Skin Bank Technician explained the facilities and provisions made in Rotary- OCHRI Skin Bank. Smt.Saramma Samuel, Shri.Ganesh Iyer, Shri.Santosh Mykalwar, Shri.Pankaj Wadaskar, Shri.Roy Thomas, Shri.Prakash Shende and Shri.Avinash Ganar worked hard for the success of this visit.

The delegation complimented TEAM OCHRI and Rotary Club of Nagpur to have envisaged such a unique social venture which not only reduces mortality and morbidity of burn victims but reduces their physical and mental agony apart from cost reduction in treatment vis-à-vis artificial grafts which are 10 times costlier.

TATA TRUST TO SUPPORT OCHRI’s Freedom from Deafness movement- GEETA


Needy deaf children requiring Cochlear Implant Surgery may approach OCHRI for subsidized surgery      

TATA TRUST TO SUPPORT OCHRI’s Freedom from Deafness movement- GEETA

OCHRI thanks CM & Shri. Ratan Tata

Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute caters to a vast section of Central India populace and has made a distinct mark as the Trusted Tertiary Medicare Center of Central India. OCHRI ENT Department reached their zenith of glory by commencing regular cochlear implant surgeries. A cochlear implant (CI) is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing. The surgeries of 5 needy children are being undertaken at OCHRI by team of ENT Surgeons namely Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar, Dr.Sameer Choudhary and Dr.Ajay Deshpande led by Mentor & Chief Surgeon Padma Shree Dr. Milind V. Kirtane, Mumbai.

Hearing loss is the third leading chronic disability following arthritis and hypertension. 9 out of every 10 children who are born deaf are born to parents who can hear. Cochlear implants may help provide hearing in patients who are deaf because of damage to sensory hair cells in their cochleas.

OCHRI’s “Freedom from Deafness” movement has been commenced under aegis of “Project Geeta”. Smt.Geeta, only sister of Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman, OCHRI is congenitally hearing impaired. Thus he is aware of the problems faced by hearing impaired individuals hence wants to make all efforts to abolish congenital deafness from Vidarbha. On initiating the project under name of “Geeta”; he said Geeta is a sacred name for Hindus as the Hindu scripture- The Bhagwad Geeta’s calls for selfless action. Later he read about Geeta, the deaf-mute Indian girl stranded in Pakistan for 13 years who recently got reunited with the family. Hence Shri.Nair felt that OCHRI’s “Freedom from Deafness movement” should be launched under the name and insignia of Geeta.

Although OCHRI have state of art infrastructural readiness and competent hands to perform said surgery on regular basis; the exorbitant cost of said implant was becoming a deterrent. Looking into the efforts of OCHRI to bring Nagpur into Cochlear Implant Surgery map; Hon’ble Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister requested Shri.Rajan Tata to provide financial assistance to poor and needy deaf children of Vidarbha for CI surgeries at OCHRI. Accordingly, Shri.Omprakash Shete, Office of Chief Minister Relief Fund coordinated with Dr.Anup Marar, Director-OCHRI and Shri. Kumar Chaitanya, Head, Individual Grants- TATA TRUST and history was created when TATA TRUST formally signed an MOU with Orange City Hospital & Research Institute wherein grant of Rs. 5 lac per child has been approved by TATA Trusts. This grant is applicable for 5 poor and needy children per month. Likewise Chief Minister’s Office has also assured endowment of Rs. 1-2 lacs per child from CM relief fund. Such grant for health care by TATA TRUST is first time in these parts of Vidarbha.

After inspecting the infrastructure and interacting with all concerned; the MOU was formally signed by Shri. Kumar Chaitanya, Head, Individual Grants- TATA TRUST and Dr.Usha Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited in presence of Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI, Dr.Vidya Nair, Director- RNHPL and Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar, Convener, OCHRI Cochlear Implant Surgery and Smt.Kumudini Todankar, Assistant Manager, Individual Grants-TATA Trusts. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.Sameer Choudhary, Dr.Ajay Deshpande, Dr.Ashish Disawal, Shri.Simha Chalam, Dr.Deepak Dongre, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Smt.Saramma Samuel, Shri.Ganesh Iyer & Shri.Rajan Thakur.

The gathering also requested all statutory health authorities and doctors to ensure that Hearing screening assessment compulsory for all new borns at all maternity homes/ hospitals before they are discharged. This will help the government and OCHRI in screening out affected children and render timely assistance to them as it would be ideal to perform surgery before 18 months of age.

The 2nd set of 6 Cochlear implant Surgeries is scheduled on 13th March 2016 at OCHRI. Kindly note only genuinely financially deficient patients in need of Cochlear Implant surgery will be provided the benefit of this grant. For details and assistance, parents of needy deaf children requiring Cochlear Implant Surgery can approach Smt.Manjiri Damle or Smt.Saramma Samuel, OCHRI Cochlear Implant Cell during working hours.




One 24 years male, resident of Umrer, was referred from WCL Umrer Area hospital to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute at around 7pm on 10.02.2016 in a very critical condition. As per the information, he had been Hit by a bull on Left Thigh at around 5:30pm on 10.02.2016 near Umrer while pillion riding in a two wheeler. He got successfully treated and discharged from OCHRI on 25.02.2016.

When he reached Casualty of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, he was profusely bleeding from the Lt groin wound caused by bull horn hit, his general condition was poor, he was drowsy, Blood pressure was very low, Left Foot was cool, Left Lower limb feeble pulsation and hemoglobin was 6.0 gm%. In OCHRI casualty, Dr. Deepak Kore, CMO and Dr. Rohit Gupta, Vascular Surgeon immediately attended him. Provisional Diagnosis kept was Bull horn injury of Left External Iliac Vein with Intimal injury of Left Common Femoral Artery ( CFA) with Acute Left Lower limb Ischemia ( Lower blood supply) with Shock.

After preliminary examination he was immediately shifted to Operation Theatre for emergency surgical management. Looking into his critical condition even death on table consent was taken from his relatives. He underwent Exploration of wound in OCHRI’s hi-tech modular Operation theatre complex for bleeding with repair & ligation of Lt. External Iliac vein with Lt. Common Femoral artery embolectomy and repair of Common Femoral Artery with evacuation of haematoma by Dr. Rohit Gupta, Vascular Surgeon and Dr. Tushar Bhure, Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Smita Harkare provided the necessary intricate anesthesia.

He was admitted in OCHRI CCU and later shifted to ward under care of Dr. Rohit Gupta, Dr. Tushar Bhure and Dr. Rajesh Atal, Critical Care Physician. The team was ably backed by round the clock stationed Intensivists namely Dr. Ganesh Bure, Dr. Umesh Thorat, Dr.Rani Lakhe, Dr. Ashish Shukla, Dr. Saurabh Pathak, Dr.Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Parag Patil, Dr.Kavita Dhurvey, SMO I/c- Surgery and Dr. Anit Prakash, SMO I/c Wards with their teams.

On behalf of WCL; Dr.Mrs. Rama Rao, Area Medical Officer Incharge, WCL Umrer visited the patient and complimented TEAM OCHRI for the timely able management and efforts to snatch him from jaws of sheer death and discharged him successfully. They conveyed that appreciation is due to OCHRI who always stand upto their expectations of needy central Indians in tackling odd serious cases.

It is added that since its inception two decades back; OCHRI has gained a distinct name as an exemplary accident and emergency management center in view of round the clock Intensive care specialists and around 150 doctors serving through 60 departments under one roof. More than 65 companies and organization of Central India have empanelled OCHRI for the timely quality health care of their beneficiaries.

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