We bid warm farewell to Shri Vishal Kapse

Bidding farewell to a long standing colleague is quite painful. It does feel good that he is going for commence an IT start up. OCHRI Parivaar wishes Vishal Kapse all the best for his future undertakings. A modest soft-spoken hardworking guy, TEAM OCHRI will miss his presence in campus. Meredith Willson aptly queried “Where is the good in goodbye?”. Moulded Ernie Harwell’s quote for Vishal “It’s time to say goodbye, but we think goodbyes are sad and we would much rather say hello. Hello to your new innings as an entrepreneur.”

Date: 24th January 2018

Good response to Medical Camp by OCHRI Doctors in Garib Nawaz Nagar Slums

“I am suffering from Asthma. I came to this camp and got treatment done free of cost, This camp is a blessing for poor people like me” said Leelabai Varma, a labourer, at the end of a camp on Sunday, Jan 21st.  Orange City Hospital & Research Institute in association with Lokakalyan Samiti, a social service wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha organized free medical check up camp for the benefit of slum dwellers of Garib Nawaz Nagar, Kampttee road, Nagpur. To provide basic health care along with carrying out awareness about health among slum dwellers was the primary objective of this camp.

Sharing his experience on this occasion Dr. Deepak Dongre, SMO I/c, Community Health Division, OCHRI said, “Labourers, mostly migrants from Chhattisgarh are living in this over crowded urban slum. These slum dwellers are faced with inadequate housing, poor hygiene and lack of safe drinking water and sanitation leading to infectious disease in many. Taking health care directly to this vulnerable population fills a critical need. Many people were sick and they were in need of some medical care. But they did not have money to afford the costs of going to the hospital or buying medicines. So, this camp was a great relief for them. Our medical team saw 300 patients in a single day. Medicines were also distributed free of cost in this camp. Blood Sugar test was also done free for needy patients.”

Dr. A. K. Verma, General Physician, Dr. Deepak Dongre, Dr. Shrutika Vanjari , Dr. Monika Bopache, Family Physicians rendered their expert services. Brother Virendra Meshram and Shri. Anil Dhakate, PAE, OCHRI assisted the team of doctors in this camp.

Dr. Anup Marar, Director, OCHRI, on this occasion said that, “It was aimed to provide the underprivileged a free check-up so that the aim of a disease free healthy society is achieved.  Our doctors volunteer during the weekends. We have taken something from the society and this is our way of giving something back to the society. If every doctor follows it, our society will become a better place to live in. Under Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Orange City Hospital and Research Institute organizes various health screening camps for the benefit of economically poor section, rural population, tribal people, women, senior citizens, and children etc.”

Shri. Shrikantji Patankar, Prabhag Karyavah, Shri. Markandji Nimje, Bhag Seva Pramukh, Shri. Maheshji Jha, Mahanagar Kosh Pramukh, Shri. Manoj Khanorkar, Nagar Karyavah visited the camp and motivated the team of doctors.  Shri. Madhavji Urade, Convener of the camp thanked OCHRI management for their noble gesture. Shri. Santosh Myakalvar, Shri. Atul Bawane, Sahanagar Karyavah, Shri. Shailendra Yadav, Shri. Chholaram Sonawane, Shri. Sevakram Nirmalkar, Shri. Suresh Meshram, Shri. Pankaj Ghatole, Shri. Pawan Dehare, Shri. Karan Shahu and Shri. Rohit Varma were prominently present on this occasion.

Shri. Roy Thomas, GM (HRD) and Shri. Vijay Kashyap of OCHRI worked hard for the success of this camp.

Extensively disfigured face of RTA victim reconstructed at OCHRI

Dr. Sameer Jahagirdar & Dr. Rajesh Atal lead TEAM OCHRI

Recently one 22 years, young male from Hinganghat was brought to OCHRI casualty at 4am on 01.01.2018. He had h/o Road traffic accident (RTA) with fall from bike on 31st December’s night at Hinganghat with gross contamination of wounds with multiple facial avulsion injuries. Emergency assessment and First aid was rendered by on duty Intensivist Dr. Santosh Gadge, CMO Dr. Milind Gujar and Sr. Papita Kokata. After initial assessment he was admitted in CCU- Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur under care of Dr. Rajesh Atal, Critical Care Physician, Dr. Sameer Jahagirdar, Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Husain Bhati, Neuro Surgeon, OCHRI.

He was thoroughly investigated at OCHRI. On detailed examination, it was noted that he had Rt. Nasal Ala, nasal sill, columella avulsion, upper lip thru & thru avulsion injury extending up to Rt. Cheek with upper incisor teeth loss, avulsion injury Rt. Lower eye lid extending up to Rt. Nasolabial fold, avulsion injury forehead with multiple lacerated wound. He was given blood transfusion and daily bedside dressing & debridement to reduce the contamination since the wounds were totally dark due to road tar and dust. He was planned for delayed reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Sameer Jahagirdar performed the intricate reconstructive surgery of avulsion injuries of forehead, upper lip, cheek & nasal Ala, nasal sil, columella with meticulous suturing and multiple advancements of flap. Dr. Sweety Pasari provided the necessary anesthesia while Sr. Jayshree and Sr. Sarika assisted them. Dr. Rajesh Atal looked after the medical pre & post-operative part of management and stabilized the patient during the course of recovery. The team was ably backed by round the clock stationed Intensivists Namely Dr. Ashish Shukla, Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr. Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Neha Agarwal, Dr. Shivam Puniyani and Dr. Akshay Burlawar.

Dr. Nishikant Lokhande, Dr. Prashant Shende, Dr. Milind Pande and Dr. Kavita Kubde provided elaborate timely diagnostic backup while Dr. Anit Prakash and Dr. Kavita Dhurvey led the team of medical officers.

He was successfully treated and discharged home on 10.01.2018. Relatives thanked TEAM OCHRI for the comprehensive care delivered to their patient. OCHRI is recognized and well equipped to facilitate all types of Polytrauma cases as a dedicated multi-disciplinary Polytrauma treatment team consisting of Critical Care Physicians, Neurosurgeons, Orthopedicians, Maxillofacial surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Nutritionists and Rehabilitation services along with allied diagnostics are all available under one roof.

On behalf of OCHRI management led by Chairman Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair; Dr. Anup Marar, OCHRI Director has complimented TEAM OCHRI including all specialists, medical officers, nursing and paramedical staff and diagnosticians for this commendable collaboration.

Free Medical Checkup Camp held by OCHRI Doctors in Laxminagar Slum Dwellers

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is one of few private hospitals which have the rare distinction of rendering consistent significant contribution towards upliftment of the society. The social responsibilities undertaken by OCHRI are quoted as examples by statutory authorities for others to follow. Recently a Free Medical Checkup Camp was held by team of doctors from Orange City Hospital and Research Institute in association with Lokakalyan Samiti, an outfit of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at Laxminagar, Nagpur for the benefit of slum people.

Under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Dongre- OCHRI I/c- Community Health ; Dr. Milind Gujar, Dr. Pradnya Gijre, Dr. Vijay Karjekar, Dr. Himani Bakshi, Dr. Shivani Mahajan and Dr. Aditi Nevaskar rendered their expert services in this medical checkup camp. Shri. Rajan Thakur, PAE- OCHRI assisted the doctors in this endeavour. Apart from medical health check up, medicines were also distributed to needy people free of cost. Almost 150 persons took the benefit of this camp.

Dr. Anup Marar-OCHRI Director said that, “Under Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, Orange City Hospital and Research Institute supports various organization in holding health screening camps for the benefit of economically poor section, rural population, tribal people, women, senior citizens, and children etc.”

Shri. Anil Sole, MLC, Nagpur, Shri. Lakhan Yerawar, Corporator and Shri. Sandip Joshi, Corporator visited the camp and motivated the team of doctors. Shri. Dilip Gulkari, Convener of the camp thanked OCHRI management for their noble gesture. Shri. Vijay Bagdikar, Shri. Puranik Kaka, Shri. Anantrao Loye, Shri. Killedar, SahaSevaPramukh, Shri. Deshpande, Sevapramukh, Shri Chandrakant Kulkarni, Shri. Ramdasji Ambhorkar, Shri. Chandrashekhar Date of RSS and Members of Bharat Vikas Parishad Shri. Vasudeorao Kulkarni, Shri, Jayawant Sayare, Shri. Dilip Chandrayan, Shri. Dilip Gulkari, Shri. Kakde were prominently present on this occasion. Shri. Sunil Sure, GM (Admin) and Shri. Ramkrishna Mankar of OCHRI worked hard for the success of this camp.

OCHRI donates first aid kits to SJAN

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) is sought after by most of the major sports, cultural and event management organisation for emergency medical assistance during their events. Recently, Sports Journalist Association of Nagpur(SJAN) which organises Inter Press Cricket tournament every year wanted first aid kit boxes to be used during their daily matches. Hence, Shri. Kishore Bagde, SJAN President requested Dr. Anup Marar- OCHRI Director for the same.

Accordingly, Shri. Sunil Sure, General Manager- OCHRI handed over compact first aid kits to Mr. Avishkar Deshmukh who accepted it on behalf of SJAN and thanked OCHRI for the valued support.

It is added that OCHRI has a full-fledged professional team to commission on site medical unit with trauma and cardiac experts as per need and arrange ambulances with backup of comprehensive health care assistance in their base hospital apart from undertaking on site health screening camps and health related lectures. Most of the major organisations utilise the services of OCHRI assured of methodological ethical quality services for such undertakings.


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