Menstrual Hygiene management (MHM) should be compulsorily taught in every school- Umrer WCL & OCHRI

Menstruation is a natural process. However, in most parts of the world, it remains a taboo and is rarely talked about. About 52% of the female population is of reproductive age and most of them are menstruating every month. The majority of them have no access to clean and safe sanitary products, or to a clean and private space in which to change menstrual cloths or pads and to wash. The health problems due to poor hygiene during menstruation, the lack of facilities and appropriate sanitary products may push menstruating girls temporarily or sometimes permanently out of school, having a negative impact on their right to education.

Accordingly, Western Coalfields Limited has commenced a novel undertaking of sensitizing girl students about good Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) which will help in personal, educational and professional development of women and girls. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute joined hands with WCL- Umrer Area for this social responsibility wherein Dr. Bindu Marar, OCHRI Gynaecologist visited Guru Kul Ashram School Udasa & addressed the girl students.

The program as part of Swach Bharat Abhiyaan was organised by WCL Umrer area Heath division led by Dr. Jalaja Ramarao, Area Medical Officer In-charge & Secretary, Ujwala Mahila Mandal.

Dr. Bindu Marar highlighted that the continued silence around menstruation combined with limited access to information at home and in schools results in millions of women and girls having very little knowledge about what is happening to their bodies when they menstruate and how to deal with it.

Dr.Jalaja Ramarao added that many girls and women face challenges with managing their periods safely. Their problems are exacerbated by insufficient access to safe and private toilets and lack of clean water and soap for personal hygiene. As a result, menstruating girls and women often feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Smt.Usha Pratapan, President-Ujwala Mahila Mandal who as Chief Guest stated that such sensitization lectures on Good Menstrual Hygiene management(MHM) is necessary in each and every school.

Prominently present on this occasion were Shri V.G. Pratapan, Chief General Manager & Dr B.K. Mallik.

Programme was coordinated by Smt. Sudha Shende, Senior Personnel Manager, WCL & Shri. Hari Tillai, Personnel Manager, WCL Umrer Area. Vaibhav Aparajeet & Lento Xavier worked hard for this novel mission which was applauded by the girl students.

OCHRI delinks from Ramtek Yogiraj Hospital

SLD to sign in Sree Satya Saibaba Trust

6 yrs back, considering the inability of economically backward rural population of central India to avail state of the art medical facilities due to inadequate infrastructure, Shree Laxminarayan Deosthan(SLD) had conceived the idea of establishing charitable hospital providing quality healthcare to rural population of the region on “No Loss No Profit” basis. A modern multi-speciality “Yogiraj Swami Sitaramdasji Maharaj Hospital & Research Center”; had thus come up in religious town of Ramtek. Trustees of SLD had then approached many trusts and hospitals to manage and run the establishment on no profit no loss basis. Subsequently, they approached Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman, NAIRSONS Group for help as they were not getting assistance from any quarters. Unlike many other private hospitals; Orange City Hospital and Research Institute(OCHRI) is known to have invested its profits back to the society by various means which gave recognition of OCHRI as a unique social trendsetter in field of health care. Looking into the varied social commitments undertaken by OCHRI, Shree Laxminarayan Deosthan unanimously had joined hands with OCHRI for their Ramtek project. The Trustees of Shree Laxminarayan Deosthan and Directors of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited (RNHPL) had thus inked a memorandum of understanding handing over the management of hospital to OCHRI on 3rd March 2012 initially for 10 years further extendable to another 10 years. OCHRI which is known as a healthcare leader in central India thus started providing ethical quality health services at this facility. During this period of 5 years, they even reached to remote villages adjoining Ramtek, Mouda, Devalapar, Parseoni and its vicinities. They conducted many free diagnostic and cataract, ENT and general surgical camps for the poor people.

Recently, Shree Laxminarayan Devasthan requested OCHRI for premature termination of the MOU in view of their forthcoming association with Shree Satya Sai Baba Trust. SLD had desired that free super specialty health care should be delivered to needy poor populace and the forthcoming new association will deliver the said facilities since Shree Satya Sai Baba Trust possess superlative infrastructure and financial backing to realise their goals. Accordingly, OCHRI will withdraw and stop managing Yogiraj Hospital, Ramtek from 3rd August 2017. Hereinafter, entire control regarding running and management of this hospital will be done by Shree Laxminarayan Devasthan with backing of Shree Satya Sai Baba Trust Samiti w.e.f 4th August 2017. This hospital will commence its operations very soon with new name.

On this occasion, Shri. Deepak Chhabra of Laxminarayan Deosthan expressed his gratitude to OCHRI led by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair for serving the needy and making this hospital self-reliant within 5 years.

Shri. Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- Nairsons Group of Companies said that his team had tried to provide feasible ethical healthcare facilities to incoming masses at Yogiraj Hospital. However, it was difficult to provide free health care services since they had to run it on no profit no loss basis. “Even though OCHRI had to bear loss of Rs.50-60 lacs to sustain the recurring expenditure till date, I am happy that the missionary commitment of SLD to render free super speciality health care to incoming poor needy Ramtek populace will be now fulfilled by Shree Satya Saibaba trust.” He added.

Dr. Usha Nair, Director- RNHPL conveyed that Yogiraj Hospital at Ramtek had got very good response from the people of Ramtek and we will remain grateful and indebted for the love and affection showered on TEAM OCHRI by Ramtek residents during their 5year stint at Yogiraj Hospital.

Dr. Deepak Dongre, Nodal Officer I/c of Ramtek Yogiraj Hospital thanked all statutory authorities led by Shri.Sachin Kurve, Collector, Dr. Umesh Nawade, Civil Surgeon, Smt.Abha Kolhe, Joint Charity Commissioner, Shri. Ram Joshi, SDO- Ramtek and Shri.Jumma Pyarewale, CEO- Ramtek Nagar Parishad for their support, backing and guidance to run and manage Yogiraj Hospital.

Dr. Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI, Dr. Vidya Nair, Director- RNHPL, Shri. Narayandas Agrawal, Shri. Kailash Agrawal, Shri. Vipul Chhabda from SLD were prominently present during this delinking ceremony.

When colleagues become your friends and friends become your family!

I fully agree that colleagues may be the best friends you ever make. Friendships formed in the workplace are stronger and more emotionally supportive than any other. I am grateful, indebted and blessed to have an awesome support group named OCHRI Family! The long association of nearly 20 years have turned all of us into one big family. Apt to quote Josie Loren that God has blessed me with an amazing family, friends and work colleagues that have been my joy, my support, and my sanity. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Hats off to the bonhomie and team spirit prevailing in OCHRI Parivaar! Proud to be part of TEAM OCHRI!

Dr.Anup Marar

There cannot be enduring peace, prosperity, equality and brotherhood in this world if our aims are so separate and divergent, if we do not accept that in the end we are people, all alike, sharing the Earth among ourselves and also with other sentient beings, all of whom have an equal role and stake in the state of this planet and its players- Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

OCHRI bids warm farewell to Br.Dayaram Nimbarte

Br.Dayaram Nimbarte, Nursing Incharge- Orange City Hospital & Research Institute recently attained superannuation. He was one of the oldest members of OCHRI and was instrumental in conceiving the exemplary personalized nursing care which has generated lot of goodwill for OCHRI. On this occasion Dr.Usha Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that the immense goodwill generated by OCHRI which has grown from 28 bedded to presently 150 bedded complexes is purely because of selfless and dedicated service of personnel like Br.Dayaram Nimbarte. The indigenous nursing protocols initiated by personnel like him had gained a spot less reputation for OCHRI. A farewell program was recently arranged in his honor. Shri.Sunil Sure introduced him to the audience. A Samman Patra drafted by Dr.Anup Marar was read out by Smt.Saramma Samuel in English which was translated by Smt.Bharti Badwaik in Marathi. Apart from Felicitation; Mementoes and gifts were handed over to her by Dr.Usha Nair, Dr.Anup Marar, Dr.Vidya Nair, Shri.Simha Chalam, Shri.Roy Thomas and Dr.Anit Prakash. All retirement papers were duly handed over to her on this occasion. With misty eyes all OCHRI family members bid a warm farewell to Shri.Dayaram. In his farewell speech, Br.Dayaram Nimbarte mentioned that he was grateful for the immense affection showered on him till date by all OCHRI family members. He recollected his life from a village to army and then at OCHRI. He stated that its karma which leads our life. We at OCHRI have a good chance to do good karma just by doing our duty. Talking pleasantly and listening patiently to patients and relatives gives them a lot of relief. He added that he will always cherish the unforgettable recollections and remain a part of OCHRI family throughout his life time. His role as Poojari for OCHRI Ganesh festival was also fondly recollected by one and all. His poems in all functions will be missed. He stated that the family atmosphere and bonding prevailing at OCHRI does not let anybody ever envisage the idea of leaving. Dr.Anup Marar & Dr.Rajesh Atal also spoke on the good qualities of Shri.Dayaram. Shri.Ganesh Iyer conducted the ceremony in an exemplary manner whereas Vote of thanks was given by Smt.Sheela Patel. Smt.Priya Sashi, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Dr.Kavita Dhurve, Dr.Anit Prakash, Shri.Prakash Shende, Shri.Niraj Patil, Shri.Santosh Mykalwar , Shri.Vishal Kapse , Shri.Avinash Ganar, Smt.Bharti Badwaik, Smt. Sangita Verma, Shri. Pankaj Wadaskar, Shri. Madhukar Chanore, Shri.Mahendra Meshram, Shri.Pravin Kelkar and all his colleagues worked hard for the success of this program. Highlighting the observance of such formal ceremony; Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS Group stated that apart from recognition of members who had brought name and fame to OCHRI, such ceremony points out the efforts and pain taken by such old founder members of each hierarchy in inception days to coming generation. The low attrition rate of OCHRI speaks volume about the excellent working atmosphere & welfare measures prevailing at OCHRI.

Indebted society pays tribute to the noble Deshkar family

Representatives of Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee- Nagpur, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute and Central Indian Kidney Foundation visited the Deshkars and thanked them on behalf of a humbled society. A testimonial was presented along with a copy of Bhagwad Gita by hands of Dr.Vibhavari Dani, President, ZTCC – Nagpur. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.Ravi Wankhede, Secretary, ZTCC- Nagpur, Dr.Shivnarayan Acharya, Transplant Convener- OCHRI, Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI, Dr.Vidya Nair, Director( Operations)- Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Transplant Coordinator- OCHRI and Shri.Ganesh Iyer. The Iron lady Smt.Gayatri devi, her sons Anurag and Abhishek Deshkar and their relatives prayed for speedy recovery of those recipients who got the gift of life from their father Late Shri. Vinayak Ramrao Deshkar whose organs gave life to 3 and sight to 2 needy persons.

On this occasion; Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS Group stated that the investment of NAIRSONS family in OCHRI has become fruitful, blessed and justified by this noble act of kindness.


Orange City Hospital & Research Institute recently organised a CME on HIC ( Hospital Infection Control) Quality Indicators as part of its ongoing academic undertaking ”Siddhi” which is held for the benefit of medical professionals .

Highlighting this venture; Dr.Vidya Nair, Director (Quality), Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that Patient safety has become the benchmark of contemporary medical care. Hospital acquired infections are second only to medication errors as a cause of adverse events in hospitalized patients. OCHRI rigidly follows infection control policy and conducts regular training of its doctors and staff to prevent hospital acquired infections.

Dr.Rajesh Atal, OCHRI Critical Care Physician Incharge who chaired this session mentioned that Health care-associated infections lead to death, disability and excess medical costs. Introduction of new technologies in the absence of infrastructure to use them safely may lead to adverse events. Infection prevention maximize patient outcomes and should be part of the accountability of health care provider to provide effective, efficient and quality health services.

Shri.Girish Ozha, Clinical Resource Consultant- BD who spoke during this CME said that Health-care worker protection, Isolation protocols for specific infectious diseases/ high-risk settings, rational use of anti-microbials, safe and appropriate use of injections and infusions, safe and appropriate use of blood and blood products and Hospital sanitation are some of essential interventions which should be ensured for infection control in hospitals.

Prominently involved during the discussion from OCHRI were Dr.Usha Nair, Director (Medical) – RNHPL, Dr.Devayani Buche, Senior Physician, Dr.Kuldeep Sukhadeve- Pediatrician Incharge-PICU & NICU, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Section Coordinator- CCU Complex, Dr.Rani Lakhe- Intensivist, Dr.Anit Prakash, Section Coordinator- Wards and Shri.Isaac Sinha- NABH Coordinator.

Smt.Sangeeta Varma led team of Smt.Saramma Samuel, Shri. Bharti Badwaik, Shri.Vishal Kapse, Shri.Avinash Ganar and Shri. Sachin Gajbhiye for the success of this academic initiative.

OCHRI to Airport Green corridor opened for 1st time by Nagpur police

Nagpur joins hands to respect wishes of Deshkar family

Kidneys, Eyes, Liver & Skin donated

OCHRI to Airport Green corridor opened for 1st time by Nagpur police

One Shri. Vinayak Ramrao Deshkar, Age 67 yrs, Male, resident of Plot No. 36, Madhuban Layout Narendra Nagar, Nagpur was admitted at Trinity Hospital, Nagpur on 16.06.2017 under care of Dr. Shailesh Pitale with history of Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, old CVE and with fresh massive intracranial bleed. Shri. Deshkar had gone to Panchmarhi with his family and had collapsed while taking bath on 16th. His sons and other family members rushed him to his treating doctor Dr. Shailesh Pitale.   Opinion of Dr.Sanjiv Bias- Intensivist, Dr. Sangram Wagh- Neurophysician and Dr. Pramod Giri-Neuro Surgeon was also sought in Trinity Hospital.

Relatives were counseled by Dr. Shailesh Pitale about the critical condition of the patient, outcome, vegetative status and its consequences. On 22.06.2017; patient had sudden hypotension and no spontaneous respiration. Relatives were again counseled about absent brain stem activity. After knowing the brain Stem death status; his wife, Smt. Gayatri and Sons Abhishek & Anurag proactively came forward and wished to donate kidneys, eyes and other organs to the needy so that it could be beneficial to many others.  

Accordingly Dr. Shailesh Pitale discussed with his batch mate Dr. Anup Marar who is Director of government recognized renal transplant & Organ retrieval unit namely Orange City Hospital & Research Institute and accordingly Dr. Ravi Wankhede, Secretary- ZTCC ( Nagpur) and Dr. Shivnarayan Acharya, Transplant Advisor- OCHRI visited Trinity Hospital for reviewing the status, proposed organ donation and after needful legal formalities; the patient was shifted to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute on 23.06.2017 at 11am for maintenance of potential organ donor pending retrieval. Smt. Manjiri Damle, Transplant Coordinator- OCHRI completed all necessary documentation formalities.

After performing all essential confirmatory tests as per standard protocol in different timings by the government recognized OCHRI brain stem death certification committee namely Dr. Devayani Buche, Dr.R.Atal and Dr.Vasant Dangra; Shri. Vinayak Ramrao Deshkar was certified as Brain Stem dead. Dr.Ninad Gawande assisted by Dr.Noorul Ameen completed medical legal records.

Dr.Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician & Section Coordinator-OCHRI CCU Complex and Dr.Ganesh Bure, Incharge Intensivist- OCHRI CCU led team of full time stationed Intensivists namely Dr.Rani Lakhe, Dr.Roshan Jawlekar, Dr. Santosh Gadge, Dr. Saurav Rathi, Dr.Vasundhara Jain and Dr.Neha Agarwal to ensure strict maintenance of potential donor supported by OCHRI paramedical staff led by Sr. Preeti Joseph.

On 24.06.2017; Organ retrieval surgery was started by around 9.30am. In the meantime OCHRI authorities led by Dr.Anup Marar sensitized police authorities about the need of green corridor from OCHRI to airport. In between, Air traffic control- Mumbai called up to highlight the poor weather conditions in Mumbai so surgery had to be slowed down. After getting green signal from Air traffic control and pilot; surgery was completed. Dr. Sandeep Deshmukh, OCHRI Urologist retrieved the kidneys. Team of Global Hospital- Mumbai led by Dr. Ravi Mohanka, Liver Surgeon harvested the liver. Dr.Sameer Jahagirdar, OCHRI Plastic Surgeon retrieved the skin for Rotary OCHRI Skin bank. Dr. Smita Harkare, Dr. Anita Pande and Dr. Sweety Pasari provided anesthesia services while Sr.Ambika Nair led team of diligent nursing staff.

As per the ZTCC waiting list one kidney was transported to Wockhardt Hospital and other to Care Hospital for needful transplants. Eyes will be retrieved by Mahatme Eye bank. Dr.Shivnarayan Acharya and Dr.Ravi Wankhede stated that in view of his age; the heart and lungs could not be unfortunately utilized.

As per NOTO & SOTO directives conveyed by ZTCC (Nagpur); Liver was transported to Global Hospital, Mumbai by chartered flight while kidneys will be utilized for needy patients as per ZTCC waiting list by Care & Wockhardt Hospitals. Eyes will be used by Mahatme Eye bank while skin will be processed by Rotary –OCHRI Skin bank and used for burn patients. Dr. Ravi Mohanka and team had come in a chartered flight to harvest the liver at OCHRI.

Under guidance of Shri.Ravindra Pardesi, DCP- Traffic; Shri. Jayesh Murlidhar Bhandarkar, ACP- Traffic, Shri. Sudhir Nandanwar, PI Incharge Bajaj Nagar Police station and Shri.Umesh Besarkar, PI-Traffic supervised by their superiors led a team of around 100 policemen to ensure smooth transport of harvested organs and earnestly provided all necessary help for opening up the green corridor for 1st time in Nagpur city. Smt.Manjiri Damle, Shri.Sunil Sure, Smt.Priya Sashi and Shri.Ganesh Iyer provided administrative support.

Nagpur citizens applauded the noble act of Deshkar family in saving lives of 3 needy persons, providing sight to 2 blind persons and providing relief to many burn victims by this altruistic act. The coordinated efforts of Trinity Hospital, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, ZTCC (Mumbai & Nagpur), NOTO and Nagpur City police to respect the wishes of Deshkar family was commendable and proved that Nagpur stands united for any such noble undertakings.

Public and OCHRI doctors sincerely applauded the humanitarian zeal shown by police for waiting patiently for 3 hours and then ensuring that organ reached airport from Orange City Hospital within 4 min. It was really a 4 min wonder with the present ongoing road works and traffic snares.

भगवान् ही नहीं, आप भी किसी को जीवन दे सकते हैं.क्योंकि आपके अन्दर भी भगवान् है!

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