OCLS-OCHRI acquires XL 200 fully automatic analyzer

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is a multi super speciality hospital which has gained a distinct name as a trusted family hospital of central Indians. With more than 60 departments in a 150 bedded setup and having a 40 bedded critical care complex; the diagnostic arms have to update regularly to keep up with times.

Dr.Milind Pande, MD (Pathology) is Consultant Incharge of M/s Orange City Laboratory services. He leads a team of professional colleagues including Dr.Vijay Yelane, MD (Pathology) & Dr.Kavita Kubde, MD (Microbiology) to ensure timely round the clock laboratory reporting with quality assurance. Recently OCLS acquired one more unit in their plethora of 24×7 diagnostic facilities. OCLS has procured the advanced XL 200 which is a fully automated random access Clinical Chemistry analyzer.

It is a fully Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests/hr (photometric test) and 400 tests/hr with ISE (Na/K/Cl/Li). It possesses 30 Position Reagent Tray with On-board cooling, convenient software, and extensive quality control menu and has a possibility of programming up to 99 virtual sample trays.

Thanking OCHRI Parivaar for the confidence reposed on OCLS; Dr.Milind Pande stated that OCLS already has one fully automatic analyzer and 3 semi auto analyzers. However, looking into the quantum of samples coming not only from OCHRI but also from various hospitals and private practioneers who desire quality timely 24×7 reporting; this new state of art unit has been additionally procured.

This unit was recently commissioned by hands of Dr.Usha Nair, Director- Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited in presence of Dr.Anup Marar, Director and Shri.Simha Chalam, Chief General Manager- OCHRI.

Mother’s Day celebrated at OCHRI

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Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Recently Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics and Physiotherapy of Orange City Hospital & Research Institute in association with Life Cell celebrated Mother’s Day program with a difference for the mothers to be at Jaivik Hall, OCHRI. The program consisted of lectures on Garbh Sanskar, Stem cell and Physiotherapy.

On the occasion, Dr. Bindu Marar, Senior Consultant Gynecologist Incharge – OCHRI said that Motherhood is the most beautiful, loving caring gift of nature. Women is said to be the back bone of every family. During and after pregnancy, if she is healthy & energetic, she will definitely pass on the same energy level to her family and the concept of ‘A healthy mother means a healthy child’ will be achieved.

Dr. Priya Parwate, Physiotherapist- OCHRI spoke on role of Physiotherapy during pregnancy informs of ante natal and Post natal exercises. She said that Antenatal exercises starts after 1st trimester and its goal is to offer improved prenatal fitness for healthier and easier pregnancy and delivery. Similarly post natal care exercises can be started after delivery. It helps in restoring muscle strength, muscle tone, relives stress and helps mother to come back to her normal & regular life with ease.

Dr. Durvanshee Sewaiwar spoke on Garbh sanskar, meditation and music therapy during the pregnancy.

Program ended with a brief Q-& A Session. Ms. Sanjana Meshram worked hard for the success of the program. It is highlighted that apart from regularly catering to normal delivery cases; complicated cases   from all over Central India reach OCHRI Maternity wing for solace in view of back up of Blood storage unit, Critical Care unit, state of art Operation theatre complex, 24×7 Emergency room, advanced labour chair, New born management & Physiotherapy Units . Dr.Sindhu Bhute, Dr.Bindu Marar and Dr.Nitu Hedaoo render their expertise in this division.

Shri.R.R.Mishra, CMD- WCL releases Jaivik recent edition

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute publishes a fortnightly government registered new paper under insignia of Jaivik which is distributed free of costs amongst Central Indian medical community subscribers. It spreads moral and ethical values through compiled stories. Jaivik is being published by OCHRI since 2000. Recently Shri.Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Chairman cum Managing Director- Western Coalfields Limited released the recent edition of Jaivik and appreciated the efforts of OCHRI management to permeate positive values & goodness in society through Jaivik. He added that sharing good thoughts and good anecdotes instills positivism. Prominently present on this release ceremony were Dr.Anup Marar, Founder Editor in Chief- Jaivik and Shri.Simha Chalam, Chief General Manager- OCHRI. For free subscription of Jaivik Newspaper, interested doctors can contact Ms.Kishori Kale, Circulation Incharge- Jaivik in 0712-6634879 during working hours.


Essilor- World leader in lens technology has initiated a social revolution through their CSR activity aptly entitled “2.5 New Vision generation”. Impaired vision is the most common disability in the world, yet its impact on society is largely unrecognized. One-third of the global population is prevented from accessing vision care because of where they live, what they believe or what they can afford. Many do not even realize they are disadvantaged. Total 4.5 billion people need corrections but 2.5 billion do not have desired corrections. They are affected by: Geographic Location, Ideological Isolation & Economic Isolation. Following their mission of Good vision is right of all; they are reaching to rural interiors through their mobile clinics and providing feasible assistance to needy.

Recently 2.5 NVG team represented by Shri. Kumar Sāmbhav, Project Manager- Maharashtra of 2.5 New Vision Generation visited Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute and interacted with Dr.Anup Marar, Director (Administration) – OCHRI in presence of Dr.Deepak Dongre, SMO Incharge- OCHRI Special Projects who is conceptualizing a new social undertaking wherein National Human Care Foundation and OCHRI can work in a collaborative manner with 2.5 New Vision Generation to provide solace to needy poor rural populace of Vidarbha. 2.5 NVG team commended the unique working model of OCHRI wherein hospital profits are pumped back to society through its varied social arms.

It is added that OCHRI Ophthalmology division led by Dr.Ashish Thool, Dr.Abhay Agashe and Dr.Pooja Dhande provide subsidized cataract removal with phaco and IOL lens implant services to needy central Indians part from organizing various urban, industrial and rural screening camps.


CME on NIV for nurses held at OCHRI

Noninvasive ventilation is a valuable complement in patient management-Dr. Ashish Shukla   

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has a dedicated academic division which ensures that all personnel are kept abreast of the advancements in their respective fields. OCHRI caters to maximum number of varied critical care patients referred from all over central India to Nagpur and has a 40 bedded Critical Care Complex.

A training program on developments in field of Non-Invasive Ventilation was organized recently at OCHRI especially for all CCU & NICU/PICU nurses.

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the provision of ventilator support through the patient’s upper airway using a mask or similar device. This technique is distinguished from those which bypass the upper airway with a tracheal tube, laryngeal mask, or tracheostomy and are therefore considered invasive.

On this occasion, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician- OCHRI stated that Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the administration of ventilator support without using an invasive artificial airway (endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube). The use of noninvasive ventilation has markedly increased over the past two decades, and noninvasive ventilation has now become an integral tool in the management of both acute and chronic respiratory failure, in both the home setting and in the critical care unit.

The programme was attended by CCU nursing professionals attached to OCHRI.

Dr. Jaydeep Khalpada was the main speaker who explained the working, settings, various modes and the masks used during NIV. He also showed a video to make the nurses understand more clearly. Lecture was followed by a question answer session. Mr. Mukul Thorat and Mr. Jitendra Shekhawat of RESMED Pvt.Ltd. Gave demonstration of the machine which was actively participated by the nurses in two different groups.

Smt.Saramma Samuel under supervision of Shri.Roy Thomas worked hard for the success of this educational initiative.

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