Orange City Hospital Nagpur Organzies Subsidized Camp in Honour of Republic Day


Not often do you get to see a hospital that goes out of its way in doing some good for the society. Orange City Hospital and Research Institute is one such hospital that has tried to be more than just a hospital, by organizing a month long health care camp in the honour of republic day. On all working days, doctors of all specialties will be available at the hospital, and will provide a wide variety of services. This camp has subsidized rates on all services, which means that normal rates of checkups will not apply here.

Outpatient department at Orange City Hospital and Research centre will give out consultations at a mere 100 rupees per visit. OPD facilities are usually more than three times the price being offered. Outpatient facilities are those facilities which do not require the patient to be admitted at the hospital. So, for just 100 rupees, you can get a consultation with some of the best experienced physicians of the city. This way, you can find out what is wrong with you, and get a prescription for any medication that you might need.

Think you are hard of hearing? OCHRI has you covered. A computerized hearing test is available at this month long camp for just rupees 200. This means that you can find out if your ears are not in perfect working conditions for extremely low prices, something that would be very expensive and would cost you a lot of money if done at a regular hospital checkup.


On all working days, a family physician would be consulting from 10 am to 1 pm, ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost. You can get your problems diagnosed for free. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Apart from these facilities, screening for various other surgeries will be carried out at the camp. These include tests for Laparoscopic hernia and Gallbladder stone surgery, laparoscopic gynecology surgery, advanced piles surgery, breast surgery, cataract surgery, lens implants, hair transplant and liposuction surgery, plastic surgery, varicose vein and diabetic foot management, bariatric surgery, kidney stone laser surgery,  and ENT surgery, along with clinics for diabetes, hypertension, sinus, chest, asthma, allergies, TB, respiratory disorders, backache, joints, mental health, physiotherapy, and hearing assessment clinic.


The best part about this camp is that if you take a screening test for one of these disorders and unfortunately need surgery for it, the hospital would give you a subsidized rate for it. All surgeries required will be carried out at subsidized rate. The camp also offers a huge discount on diagnostics. 20% off the price will be given to cases which require the use of the diagnostic department.

The camp will run from 26th January, Republic day, till 25th February. With these great facilities being offered at very low prices, OCHRI has shown that it cares about the health of the people. Orange City Hospital is truly Central India’s Health Care taker for offering these services to the people.

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