Health care sector in Nagpur is not only attracting needy patients from adjoining states but is also now reaching out to other countries in view the approachability to various countries through direct Doha flight commenced recently by Qatar airways. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute with its standing of having maximum number of specialities under one roof with long standing goodwill in central India is becoming a preferred hospital for many Indians settled abroad. Recently a 30 year old Indian woman came all the way from Canada to get herself operated by Minimal Invasive Division, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology-OCHRI.

After a successful intricate surgery by Dr.Mukund Thakur- Minimal Invasive Surgeon and Dr.Bindu Marar- Gynaecologist aided by Dr.Neeta Deshpande- Anaesthesia, she forwarded following feedback to OCHRI after her discharge.

“There is lot of waiting in developed countries for planned surgeries and it is exorbitantly costly if not covered by health insurance. Moreover, there is growing perception that hospitals in metros of India are working too commercially and the specialists are behaving in too professional manner and are unreachable. Nagpur via Doha is now easily accessible and hospital like Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has gained a distinct name for maximum specialities and super specialities in one hospital with good critical care facilities and least attrition rate of specialists. Moreover the hospital has an altruistic outlook. Hence I opted for the same. After availing the services here, I can assertively state that compared to national and international standards; the care given to patients and cost involved is very optimal. I enjoyed the personalized care delivered in this hospital. Best wishes!”

On this occasion Dr.Anup Marar, Director-OCHRI stated that they had even proactively coordinated a visit of patient’s parents to Bapu Kuti- Sewagram and Zero Mile stone. However he conveyed the urgent need to improve the basic facilities in nearby tourist places. Spot less Cleanliness, clean washrooms, good roads with signages and hygienic eateries are essential at all tourist places to attract tourists to Nagpur. This will help health care service providers to promote medical tourism in a big way because hygiene, transport, security, food and sanitation are the primary areas of concern.

During her stay, Dr.Anit Prakash, Dr.Nitu Hedaoo, Shri.Simha Chalam, Smt.Priya Sashi, Dr.Madhuri Likhitkar, Smt.Ambika Nair and Smt.Mary Chacko and Shri.Avinash Ganar ensured smooth execution of related administrative and nursing processes.