Bariatric surgery is a boon for obese patients


We all know that obesity is an epidemic of the modern world. Though regarded as a sign of prosperity, one must remember that obesity is a type of malnutrition and has a direct effect on health and well-being. Obesity brings along with it, the demons of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and thereby reduced work efficiency. Morbid (severe) obesity is also treated as a social stigma and may have wide ranging implications on the person’s psychological and family life. A person is said to be overweight when his/her Body Mass Index is more than 25. Obese people have BMI more than 30. Those above BMI 40 are said to be morbidly obese and above 50 are super obese.
OCHRI has a dedicated Bariatric (obesity) surgery unit, with trained surgeons, experienced Anesthesiologists, Critical Care physicians and desired advanced technological infrastructure. Thus, patients with very high BMI are being regularly successfully operated on at OCHRI with excellent results.
Recently a 40 year old woman had successfully undergone surgery for her obesity. She is from a middle class family and her obesity was creating hurdles for her. The family brought her to OCHRI as OCHRI has desired backup of critical care facilities with round the clock trained stationed Intensivists and 4 members full time Anesthetists team to manage any complications if arisen.
Dr. Prachi Mahajan, Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgeon- OCHRI, explained that “Morbid Obesity is associated with several potentially life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disease and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, in addition to psychological and social discomfort. Bariatric surgery helps not only in weight loss, but also in control of all of said physical ailments. Different types of surgical procedures are performed, depending upon the specific needs of the particular patient.”  All patients who have undergone this specialized surgery at OCHRI, have lost significant weight. Those with diabetes have achieved optimal blood sugar levels. Bariatric surgery is thus a boon for patients with morbid obesity as it transforms their life and boosts their happiness- she further added.
OCHRI is well equipped to facilitate all forms of minimally invasive Obesity surgeries ranging from Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Band surgery and Gastro Intestinal Surgery. Moreover, a dedicated multi-disciplinary obesity treatment team consisting of physicians, surgeons, endocrinologist, Physiotherapists and nutritionists with expertise in weight loss surgery are all available under one roof.