Dr.Noorul Ameen represents OCHRI in DUAL VIII meet, Amsterdam


Recently M/s Novo Nordisk, Denmark organized “DUAL VIII Investigator meeting” from 24th – 26th November 2015 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Noorul Ameen represented Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur at this international conclave. Orange City Hospital was the only hospital from central India selected for DUAL VIII clinical trial study.
Orange City Hospital & Research Institute continues to keep itself abreast with recent updates in National and International healthcare sector. All major healthcare organizations recognize the presence of OCHRI in international clinical research platforms. A Central government approved ethical committee also functions at OCHRI.
On this occasion Dr. Noorul Ameen thanked OCHRI management led by Shri. Udaybhaskar Nair for the deputation and owed this visit to Dr.Nikhil Balankhe, Critical Care Physician & Chief Research Investigator, OCHRI, who nominated him in this conclave.
Dr.Noorul Ameen, SMO Incharge- Clinical Research, OCHRI stated that the main objective of the DUAL VIII meeting was to ensure that globally all sites have uniform information regarding the study protocol, rationale for the trial, the key operational aspects running the trial, safety of the subjects and reporting so that all over the world same protocol criteria should be followed and implemented. The meeting was attended by representatives of study sites from all over the world. Dr.Noorul Ameen has since then resumed his duties back at OCHRI after successfully partaking in this international conclave.

New Specialists in OCHRI

Following specialists have joined TEAM OCHRI.

Dr. Akash Saoji, MBBS, MS (Orthopedics), DNB (Orthopedics), MNAMS

Dr. Akash Saoji has recently joined Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur as a Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in Department of Orthopedics. He has completed M.S (orthopedics) from MUHS Nashik and DNB (Orthopedics) from LHMC, Delhi. He has exposure in Polytrauma management, Spine & Joint replacement surgeries. He has special interest in Degenerative Problems in Orthopedics including Osteoporosis related complex fractures, Spine problems and Joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Akash Saoji has published several papers at international & national level.

He will provide his expert services in OPD from 8am -12noon and 4 to 8pm on all working days at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur.


Dr. Samir S Patil, MBBS, MD, DNB (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Samir Patil has joined Department of Gastroenterology at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur as a Consultant Gastroenterologist. He has completed MBBS, MD from MGIMS, Sewagram and DNB training in Gastroenterology from PD Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai. He has experience in Diagnostic Upper GI scopy & Colonoscopy and also therapeutic endoscopic procedures like sclerotherapy, endoscopic Variceal band ligation, gastric Variceal glue injection, oesophageal dialatation, achalasia dilatation, esophageal stenting, colonic stenting, polypectomies, tube insertion and Control of GI bleed with Argon plasma coagulation, small bowel capsule endoscopy, inflamattery bowel diseases, liver disease and Pancreatitis. He has also exposure in pediatric upper & lower GI endoscopies, ERCP (diagnostic & therapeutic and liver biopsies.

He will be available in OCHRI OPD from 9- 11am on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and 7-8pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Dr. Shivraj S Suryawanshi , MBBS, MS (Orthopedics)

Dr. Shivraj Suryawanshi has joined Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur as a Consultant Orthopedician in Department of Orthopedics. He has done MBBS from GMC, Nagpur and MS (Orthopedics) from Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai. He is well trained in handling all types of orthopedic emergencies, mass casualties and varied Orthopedic surgeries. He has special interest in Adult Reconstructive Spine Surgery and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. He has presented many papers in National Journals.

He will be available in OPD on all working days from 5-8pm at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur.

Status Report of Miss.Shravani Kalpesh Tarekar As on 06.12.2015 at 10am

Miss.Shravani Kalpesh Tarekar, a 10 year old female was admitted in Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) on 2/12/2015 around 10pm as a case of alleged h/o Coffee dispensing machine blast injury around 9.30pm at Maratha Lawns, Ambazhari lawns in a wedding function. She was brought to OCHRI casualty in a very critical condition with hypovolemic shock, traumatic amputation of Lt. Upper limb at mid forearm level with Grade III Compound Fracture of Humerus L/3rd with severe bleeding. The Lt. Thoraco abdominal area was burst open with prolapsed intestinal coils & stomach. There was also Left Lung contusion with Diaphragmatic tear with collapse of the lung with multiple Ribs Fractures.

She was immediately resuscitated by Dr. Deepak Kore, Dr. Sandeep Kharode, Dr.Roshan Jawlekar and Dr. Santosh Gadge and immediately shifted to Operation theater with DOT high risk consent ( Death On Table) for Emergency surgical intervention, Exploratory Laparotomy and Thoracotomy, Lt ICD insertion, repair of Diaphragm, resection anastomosis of small bowel, repair of Gastric perforation, thoraco abdominal wall reconstruction with Open reduction and internal fixation of fracture Humerus and disarticulation of elbow( amputation) by the team of surgeons namely Dr. Sudhir Tomey, GI Surgeon, Dr. Darshan Rewanwar , Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Tushar Bhure, Orthopedician. 3 surgeons operated simultaneously on her. Critical Anesthesia services were provided by Dr. Smita Harkare & Dr. Anita Pande .Dr. Ninad Gawande provided Forensic expertise.

She is still admitted in OCHRI Pediatric Intensive Care Unit under Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve, Pediatrician aided by Dr.Sandeep Kharode and Dr.Madhuri Likhitkar.

Yesterday refashioning of her amputation stump with advancement flaps was also carried out by Dr.Darshan Rewanwar. Her non-responsive Left lung also responded well to ongoing treatment and lung is expanding normally. She has been weaned off ventilator and her endotracheal tubings and airways have been removed. She is now conscious, talking and oriented. She is also tolerating liquid sips now. Shri.Uday Bhaskar Nair, Chairman          ( RNHPL), Nagpur medical Community, her family, huge number of her well-wishers have applauded the astounding efforts of TEAM OCHRI in taking yeoman persistent efforts to snatch this girl from jaws of death.



A novel endeavor on rising attrition rate and crunch of trained and qualified staff in health care sector was recently undertaken by Dr.Dhananjay Ookalkar. He invited all major hospital representatives of Nagpur for a related discussion. Dr. V. L. Gupta, Dr. Anup Marar, Dr. Kamal Bhutada, Dr. Rajan Barokar and Dr. Vasant Khalatkar addressed this round table conclave of all renowned hospital of Nagpur.

Dr.Anup Marar, Director( Administration), Orange City Hospital & Research Institute highlighted that management of hospitals have to gear up to the new Human Resources changes noticed in all industries. He stated that following 6 new HR Trends have to be considered by the employers:

1. Time over Money – Employees today seek more personal time versus financial compensation.

2. Professional versus Personal Role – Employees want to be active both at work and at home, not choosing between the two.

3. Rising Super-class of Employees – As more employees opt for less stressful work/more personal time, a subgroup of employees, often characterized as more driven, are carrying the load of travel, relocation, and long hours.

4. Integration of Home and Work – Employers are increasingly offering services to reduce the stress of managing professional and personal lives. These services include child and elder care, dry cleaning, housecleaning, on-site full service banking etc.

5. Gen X Entrepreneurs – Employees in their twenties and thirties view the workplace differently, preferring greater autonomy and less bureaucracy. They are “loyal” to the work and not to the employer.

6. Collaborative Management – Traditional models of administrative structures are also in flux with flattening of hierarchies and increased team structures. People who can create environments of teamwork and creativity are the definition of good managers. No longer is top down control seen as desirable.

He added that retention of staff begins with how the organization does or does not value the staff. Human resources can arguably make or break an institution’s image and competitive edge. Organizations that maintain a market advantage will be those who not only remain competitive from a cost structure, but who also attract and retain talent. The staff of today needs autonomy, salaries, schedules, credibility and professional respect. They now look for participatory management, enhanced communication and thus adequate staffing, Effective administrative structure, quality patient care, investment in sustained professional development of staff are important. Career flexibility addressed by a leadership succession and competency program to identify and retain organizational talent is essential in today’s scenario.

VHA & AHPI join hands


Vidarbha gets representation in AHPI with inclusion of Dr.Anup Marar

Vidarbha Hospitals Association is a unit of Hospitals Association of Nagpur which is a registered society of more than 110 hospitals of Vidarbha which fights for hospital related issues to benefit common man. Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents more than 10000 healthcare providers in India. The association functions through an empowered secretariat which facilitates the member organizations in improving their systems, processes and outcomes. AHPI actively works with the government, policy making institutions, various commissions and committees on proposed legislations/regulations and other reforms, which enable healthcare providers to deliver affordable healthcare services. AHPI also collaborates with national and international FORUMS, engaged in work of similar nature to have access to best practices and undertake training & quality improvement activities in India and abroad.

Recently Dr.Parag Rindani, Secretary, AHPI- Maharashtra & Goa Chapter paid a courtesy visit to VHA. At the outset, floral welcome was accorded to him by Dr.Uday Mahurkar, President, VHA and he was felicitated in traditional manner with shawl and shreefal by Dr.Nishikant Kotwal. Smt.K.Sujatha introduced the guest while Dr.Anup Marar highlighted the activities of VHA. A very fruitful meeting followed wherein regional issues, knowledge sharing and Good management practices where discussed. CGHS/ ESIS tariff and outstanding dues were raised. Dr.Parag Rindani conveyed the common aims wherein AHPI can support regional associations like VHA. VHA assured to join hands with AHPI.

It was also highlighted by Dr.Parag Rindani that Dr.Anup Marar, Secretary of VHA has been nominated by National body as Joint Secretary of AHPI- Maharashtra & Goa Chapter. It was resolved that unity amongst all doctors , hospitals and nursing homes across India is essential.

Dr.Girdhar Gyani who is considered father of QCI/ NABH movement is National President of AHPI. Dr.Sadashiv Bhole proposed vote of thanks. All major hospital and nursing home representatives of Vidarbha partook in this round table meet.

Smt.Girija Bapat


Smt.Girija Bapat

W/o Hon’ble Shri.Girish Bapat, MLA

Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection, Food and Drugs Administration, Parliamentary Affairs

Government of Maharashtra

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