Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur – Central India’S Health Care Taker

Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, located in Nagpur and named after the city itself, is one of Central India’s most prominent hospitals when it comes to health care, patient comfort, and research. Based on the will to serve the people with top quality heal

Orange-cityth care at an affordable price and bring happiness into their lives, OCHRI is now recognized as a brand ambassador of health care throughout Maharashtra and its neighboring states.

Orange City Hospital and Research Centre Institute was initiated at a time when people had to rely on government medical colleges for even critical care cases. Small clinics and nursing homes were the primary health care facilities available for the people of the city. This was the sad condition of Nagpur about ten years ago. Orange City Hospital and Research Centre was started as an experiment as a tertiary health care system at a time when nobody had the courage to venture into this particular field. Today, OCHRI is a household name when it comes to health care throughout central India. A multispecialty hospital at its best, OCHRI has put Nagpur on the National health care map, and has provided good health and life to the thousands of patients who visit the hospital with their medical needs.

Ethics are one of the most important factors which OCHRI swears by. Ethical, rational, and comprehensive health care quality is strictly implemented by the doctors and the entire staff of the institute. The institute believes in the greater good by making the country a healthier place by not only treating patients, but by providing resources and organizing awareness camps and health checkups regularly. Some of the camps organized by OCHRI are school health checkup camps, cancer screening camps, and regular specialty camps. OCHRI has also collaborated with Global Cancer Concern of India and Sarvaa Shiksha Abhiyaan, making it not only one of the best medical institutes, but also a social one.

Technology present at the hospital, the skills of the doctors, and the infrastructure at the hospital’s disposal are some of the most important factors that are taken into mind when judging a hospital’s worth. With a team of more than 150 doctors who cater their services to more than 60 departments, OCHRI is multispecialty hospital with all facilities available under one roof. Diagnosis, treatment, medicine, and rehabilitation of the patients is taken care of in the most meticulous manner possible, and affordability of treatments is kept in mind at all times. Equipments for proper imaging, surgery, and diagnosis, like Spiral CT scan, PFT, ECG, ENG, BERA, and E-scan, are some of the latest technologies available at OCHRI.

These reasons have given OCHRI the “Central India’s Health Care Taker” tag, and OCHRI has totally justified it and lived up to it. Patients from all over Central India look up to OCHRI for their treatment, and the institute only hopes to be better and serve the patients better, so they can live healthier, fuller lives.

OCHRI bids warm farewell to Asha Moushi


Smt.Asha Bante, Senior Aaya, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute recently attained superannuation. She was one of the oldest members of OCHRI and was instrumental in conceiving the exemplary personalized patient and housekeeping care which has generated lot of goodwill for OCHRI. On this occasion Dr.Usha Nair, Director, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that the immense goodwill generated by OCHRI which has grown from 28 bedded to presently 150 bedded complexes is purely because of selfless and dedicated service of personnel like Smt.Asha Moushi. The indigenous house keeping protocols initiated by personnel like her had gained a spot less reputation for OCHRI. A farewell program was recently arranged in her honor. Shri.Roy Thomas introduced her to the audience. A Samman Patra drafted by Dr.Anup Marar was read out by Smt.Saramma Samuel in English which was translated by Dr.Deepak Dongre in Marathi. Apart from Felicitation; Mementoes and gifts were handed over to her by Dr.Usha Nair, Dr.Anup Marar, Dr.Vidya Nair, Dr.Anit Prakash, Shri.Simha Chalam, Shri.Sunil Sure and Shri.Prakash Shende. All retirement papers were duly handed over to her on this occasion. With misty eyes all OCHRI family members bid a warm farewell to Smt.Asha Bante. In her farewell speech, Smt.Asha Bante mentioned that she was grateful for the immense affection showered on her till date by all OCHRI family members. She added that she will always cherish the unforgettable recollections and remain a part of OCHRI family through out her life time. She stated that the family atmosphere and bonding prevailing at OCHRI does not let anybody ever envisage the idea of leaving. Shri. Nishant Meshram also spoke on this emotional moment. He recollected the times shared, friendships forged and the incredible successes. Shri.Ganesh Iyer conducted the ceremony in an exemplary manner whereas Vote of thanks was given by Smt.Mary Chacko. Smt.Priya Sashi, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Dr.Kavita Dhurve, Dr.Anit Prakash, Shri.Prakash Shende, Shri.Santosh Mykalwar , Shri.Vishal Kapse , Shri.Avinash Ganar, Smt.Bharti Badwaik, Smt. Sangita Verma, Shri. Pankaj Wadaskar, Shri. Madhukar Chanore, Shri.Mahendra Meshram, Shri.Pravin Kelkar, Shri.Chetan Ragde and Shri. Subhash Bele worked hard for the success of this program. Highlighting the observance of such formal ceremony; Dr.Anup Marar stated that apart from recognition of members who had brought name and fame to OCHRI, such ceremony points out the efforts and pain taken by such old founder members of each hierarchy in inception days to coming generation. The low attrition rate of OCHRI speaks volume about the excellent working atmosphere & welfare measures prevailing at OCHRI.

OCHRI commemorates 67th Republic Day with patriotic fervor

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67th Republic Day was celebrated with great patriotic fervor at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. At the outset, Shri.Vijay Chate, Senior Wardboy garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair unfurled the National flag which was immediately followed by National anthem rendition led by Smt.Jayshree Jugade and Smt.Manjiri Damle. Shri.Naresh Tiwari led the salutations while Dr.Deepak Dongre conducted the proceedings. Dr.Bhalchandra Kolwadkar was awarded for raising OCHRI to new academic heights during year of 2015. The award was announced by Dr.Neeta Deshpande and handed over by Dr.Jay Deshmukh. Smt.Sangita Verma announced the 2015 winner of Best Maintained Section as CCU 4 which was accepted by Smt.Sunita Patil- Ward section Supervisor and Dr.Ganesh Bure- Section Coordinator from hands of Dr.Usha Nair. The Best maintained Vehicle Award for year 2015 was named by Smt.Manjiri Damle as MH31 DC 6997 which was accepted by Shri.Arun Chopde on behalf of Shri.Krishna Asre from hands of Dr.Vidya Nair. Smt.Priya Sashi announced name of Deluxe Ward as the Best appreciated Section award during year of 2015 which was accepted by Smt.Mary Chacko- Ward Section Supervisor and Dr.Anit Prakash- Section Coordinator from hands of Dr.Dileep Dhande. Gynecology was named as Most Patient friendly section award 2015 and was accepted from hands of Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair by Smt.Ambika Nair- Ward Section Supervisor & Dr.Bindu Menon, Consultant Incharge. Best Friend of patient award for the year 2015 was accepted by Smt.Saramma Samuel from hands of Dr.Anup Marar.
Dr.Mukund Thakur, Minimal Invasive Surgeon, OCHRI was guest of honor. In his address, he recapitulated on the growth of OCHRI from day one and complimented the management and founder staff for the perseverance, vision and selfless dedication. He advised all new young staff to emulate the standards set in by older generation but ensure continual improvement on skills to keep up with times. He commended the team spirit prevailing in OCHRI and complimented the bonhomie amongst more than 150 doctors attached to OCHRI since inception. More than 100 renowned doctors of Nagpur attended this nationalistic ceremony at OCHRI. Dr.Smita Harkare, Dr.Kavita Dhurve, Smt.Priya Sashi, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Shri.Ganesh Iyer, Shri.Simha Chalam, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Shri.Prakash Shende, Shri.Roy Thomas, Shri.Niraj Patil, Shri.Dayaram Nimbarte, Shri.Sunil Sure, Shri.Sachin Gajbhiye and Shri.Pravin Mungal, Shri.Ravindra Dhande, Shri.Chetan and others worked hard for the success of this patriotic undertaking.

Airport Director pats OCHRI

Shri.Roshan Kamble


Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is the only private hospital of Nagpur which has been recognized to provide tertiary Speciality care back up to Airport, Railways and Roadways by competent government authorities for needful emergency/ calamity assistance. Recently Shri. Roshan Kamble, who has recently taken over as Airport Director, of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur paid a courtesy visit to OCHRI. He complimented the availability of a dedicated wellness lounge with Phlebotomist, Tread mill test, ECG and lung function facility at OCHRI to propagate preventive health checkup assessment modality and wide array of all related diagnostics & OPD Consultation services under one roof. He thanked OCHRI of providing quality care to incoming Airport Authority of India and CISF personnel who visit OCHRI to needful health care. At the outset Dr.Anup Marar, Director, OCHRI welcomed Shri. Roshan Kamble in a traditional manner with shawl and shreefal and thanked him for the appreciation. Prominently present on this occasion were Shri.Sunil Sure, General Manager, OCHRI and Shri.Ravi Khushwaha, AAI.

Carry your Aadhar card when going to any hospital even in Emergency -NMC


The Medical Records Department of a Hospital is responsible for maintaining medical records in a standardized and professional manner in order to protect patient confidentiality while allowing adequate access to providers in order to promote quality patient care. Transcription, diagnosis coding, and release of information are some of the other major duties performed in the Medical Records Department of major hospitals. Also information is gathered and sent to state agencies concerning Traumas, Births, and Deaths.
Recently Nagpur Municipal Corporation had organized a seminar to sensitize all hospital administrators about the new guidelines in birth/death certificate submission. Shri.Mukesh Shambarkar and Smt.Deepa Goikar conducted the seminar. Smt.Jayshree Jugade, Coordinator, OCHRI Medical Record Department Division complimented TEAM NMC for this unique sensitization workshop. She highlighted that Aadhar card number is essential while filling up registration Number of patients and hence all patients who are approaching any health care service provider should positively carry Aadhar card. Without Aadhar card no birth or death registration will be done henceforth by NMC. Moreover, carbon copy of 2 other copies can be used in death certification, but the carbon paper should be new every time for clarity. All doctors are now expected to fill the forms in CAPITAL letters with no spelling mistakes since next day online entry is going to be done by MRD Divisions of various hospitals wherein no subsequent change is possible. Orange City Hospital & Research Institute caters to maximum number of accident cases amongst private hospital of Nagpur and the working methodology of OCHRI’s dedicated MRD division has been studied by many management school students.


Cycle race(1)

Orange City Hospital & Research Institute’s Medical & Ambulance services was recently sought by Sport buds, Nagpur for providing emergency medical services for the “Prakash Sathe Memorial CYCLE RACE” organized in Nagpur on 10 January 2016.
Sport buds had organized Cycle race for various age groups and open category on Sunday 10.01.2016 at 5.30am from Deekshabhoomi square. OCHRI’s ambulance along with medical team escorted the entire event from 5.30am to 9am and provided medical services on the spot. Objective of the rally was to inspire the citizens of Nagpur to take up cycling as a means of transport and prevent environmental pollution and degradation. Smt. Devayani Sandeep Joshi, Organizer of this race applauded the efforts of OCHRI management and thanked them for this unique Social gesture at the venue and emergency medical backup for the program.
On this occasion Dr. Anup Marar, Director, OCHRI stated that Cycling is good for the health & environment. As a corporate social responsibility Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is always ready to provide medical services for any event or sports as we have the dedicated sports medicine & physiotherapy department and other allied medical facilities under one roof. In past OCHRI had also provided its services in many such sports events. He further added.
Dr. Pranshul Khare rendered his expert services along with Sr. Karishma Mahiskar, Shri Sanjay and Shri. Rama under supervision of Dr.Noorul Ameen for this endeavor. For any such event, the organizers can call Dr.Noorul Ameen for related assistance of Medical team & Ambulance backup.
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