Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur a multi-specialty and super-specialty hospital was recently re-empanelled by  Airport Authority of India, Nagpur office for the provision of comprehensive outdoor and indoor Medical & surgical health care Services to employees and their dependents of Airport Authority and CISF unit of Nagpur Airport, Nagpur. This was communicated by the Airport Authority office vide their recent order signed by Shri.R.B.Nandanwar to the hospital which shall be valid till 02/02/2019.

Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is endorsed by more than 60 major companies and organizations based in Central India. Recently an Inspection team on behalf of Madhya Pradesh State Government had also visited OCHRI to review the facilities provided at OCHRI and renewed the recognition. Numerous patients from all parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh reach this signature hospital of Nagpur providing services of more than 150 doctors through 60 departments under one roof. In view of the comprehensive multi-specialty and super-specialty services available in one complex; it is a boon for incoming patients. Moreover, OCHRI is the only ISO 9001 accredited private hospital of Nagpur as on date to have been approved by competent authorities of Railway, Roadways & Airports. OCHRI is the only private hospital of Nagpur which has even been accredited by Police authorities to attend Z+ Security covered VVIPs for any emergency medical assistance as when they are in vicinity of Nagpur.

The management of OCHRI thanked the officials of Airport Authority of Nagpur for the sustained confidence reposed on TEAM OCHRI. The employees & beneficiaries of AAI and CISF unit of Nagpur office may contact Orange City Hospital for further details in this regard.



Orange City Hospital & Research Institute provides services of more than 60 specialities under one roof and is recognized by Madhya Pradesh state government for various super specialities treatment of their needy beneficiaries.

Recently on a call given by MP government authorities; TEAM OCHRI assisted them in organizing various health camps which was well attended. Shri.Rajan Thakur and Shri.Sunil Sure under leadership of Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI coordinated the itinerary of these camps from OCHRI end.

Dr.Rohan Bansal, Orthopedician and Dr.Saurabh Rathi Physician partook in Balaghat camp. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.K.L.Sahu, Director, Health Services, Bhopal, Shri.Gaurishankar Bisen, Agriculture Minister GOMP, Shri.Rustham Singh, Health Minister, GOMP, Shri.Bharat Yadav, Collector, Balaghat, Dr.K.D.Deshmukh, MLA, Katani and Shri.Bidhsingh Bhagat, MP of Balaghat –Seoni.

Dr.Tushar Bhure, Orthopedician, Dr.Ashish Shukla, Chest Physician and Dr.Ashish Disawal, ENT Specialist partook in Chindwara camp. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.M.K.Sailam, CMO, Chindwara, Shri. Choudhary Chandrabha Singh, MLA Chindwara, Shri.J.K. Jain, Collector, Chindwara and Ms. Neeta Uikey, Coordinator.

Dr.Rajesh Atal, Physician, Dr.Ashish Thakur, Orthopedician, Dr.Noorul Ameen and Shri. Narottam Awasthi Hearing assessment expert partook in Bhaihar camp. Prominently present on this occasion were Shri.Shivraj Singh Chauhan, CM, GOMP, Shri.Gaurishankar Bisen, Agriculture Minister GOMP, Shri.Bharat Yadav, Collector, Balaghat, Shri.Bharat Singh Netam EX-MLA BJP, Dr.K.K.Khosala, CMO Balaghat and Shri.Akram Mansuri- Camp Coordinator.

Dr.Darshan Rewanwar, Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Upendra Kumar, Physician, Dr. Akash Saoji, Orthopedician, Dr.Archana Jain, Cardiologist and Dr.Naziya Khan, ENT Specialists partook in Betul camp. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.Pradeep Mozes, CMO Betul, Dr.Ashok Barangi, CS, Betul, Shri. Hemant Khandelwal, MLA, Shri.Shashank Mishra, Collector and Dr.Ranu Verma, Camp Coordinator.

Dr.Darshan Rewanwar, Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar, ENT Specialist, Dr.Upendra Kumar, Physician and Dr. Akash Saoji, Orthopedician will partake in the upcoming Seoni camp.

Madhya Pradesh Government have applauded the altruistic efforts of TEAM OCHRI for proactively rendering their expertise in interiors of Madhya Pradesh to benefit poor and needy. Thousands of needy MP beneficiaries availed the services of OCHRI experts in these camps.



Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has around 60 specialties under one roof and has gained a distinct name as trusted health care center of Central India.

Recently a team of technical experts led by Dr.Girish Maindarkar, President- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai visited OCHRI to inspect its comprehensive facilities and interact with attached specialists to consider initiating various Post graduate teaching courses.

After the visit, Dr.Girish Maindarkar stated that professionals who are working at Institutes like OCHRI should share their knowledge and teach young medical graduates which will also keep them updated. He added that sharing knowledge has only helped mankind survive. He quoted “In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.”

Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS mentioned that since admission to CPS courses will now be done through All India NEET examinations and Hon’ble Prime Minister has given a call to all private Hospitals to commence various post graduate courses so as to nurture specialists; OCHRI has decided to commence CPS and DNB courses to facilitate medical graduates and thus help in nation building as there is significant dearth of post graduate doctors in our country.

Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI highlighted the facilities to inspection team while Dr.Deepak Dongre presented a virtual tour of hospital. Prominently present on the occasion along with specialists attached to OCHRI were Dr.Usha Nair & Dr.Vidya Nair, Directors, Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited. Dr.Noorul Ameen, Shri.Sunil Sure and Shri.Ganesh Iyer coordinated this itinerary under the leadership of Dr.Anup Marar.

OCHRI organized MMC renewal facilitatory Camp for doctors


Maharashtra Medical Council mandatory renewal for doctors is underway and should be completed by end of this month. To assist medical fraternity; Orange City Hospital & Research Institute organized a facilitatory Camp on 15th February 2017 in Jaivik Hall, Ground floor, OCHRI. Dr.Noorul Ameen and Shri.Ganesh Iyer coordinated this MMC Renewal facilitatory camp for benefit of OCHRI doctors under the supervision of Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar- OCHRI Surgical Coordinator.

Highlighting this undertaking; Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI stated that MMC renewal can be done online but it requires paraphernalia’s like hi speed scanner and many senior doctors are not IT savvy enough to comprehend picture compression techniques , timely uploading, online remittance, credit point online calculation etc. Hence to help such doctors, this facilitatory camp was organized wherein accouterments like high speed scanners, printers, Xerox machines, net connectivity, laptops with trained manpower was provided under guidance of Shri. Raju Andulkar.

Commending this initiative, Dr.Shivnarayan Acharya, senior Nephrologist of the city stated that OCHRI is one big joint family of doctors with great mutual bonding and such well thought well planned reveals the proactive caring outlook of OCHRI management led by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman-NAIRSONS. Not only doctors attached to OCHRI but medical fraternity across the city took advantage of this camp.

रामटेक येथील योगीराज रुग्णालयाच्या कामगिरीचा केंद्रीय आरोग्यमंत्र्यांकडून सन्मान


रामटेक येथील योगीराज रुग्णालयाच्या कामगिरीचा केंद्रीय आरोग्यमंत्र्यांकडून सन्मान
रामटेक येथील योगीराज स्वामी सीतारामदासजी महाराज हॉस्पिटल अँड रिसर्च सेंटर या रुग्णालयाला नुकतेच मा. श्री. फग्गन सिंग कुलस्ते, केंद्रीय राज्यमंत्री, आरोग्य व कुटुंब कल्याण मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार यांचे हस्ते विदर्भांतील आदिवासीबहुल ग्रामीण भागात उत्कृष्ट आरोग्य सेवा दिल्याबद्दल मानचिन्ह देऊन गौवरविण्यात आले. विदर्भ हॉस्पिटल्स असोसिएशनच्या व्यासपीठावरून देण्यात आलेला हा पुरस्कार योगीराज रुग्णालयाचे प्रमुख केंद्रीय अधिकारी डॉ. दीपक डोंगरे यांनी नुकत्याच झालेल्या एका आरोग्य परिषदेत स्वीकारला. याप्रसंगी विदर्भ हॉस्पिटल असोसिएशनचे अध्यक्ष व प्रख्यात हृदयरोगतज्ञ डॉ. उदय माहूरकर, कोषाध्यक्ष प्रख्यात न्यूरोसर्जन डॉ. समीर पाल्तेवार, सचिव व आरोग्यसेवा व्यवस्थापन तज्ज्ञ डॉ. अनुप मरार, बालरोगतज्ज्ञ व कॉमहॅडचे अध्यक्ष डॉ. उदय बोधनकर, नामवंत नेत्ररोगतज्ज्ञ, राज्यसभा खासदार, पद्मश्री डॉ. विकास महात्मे, डॉ. अशोक अरबट, डॉ. श्रीवास्तव मंचावर उपस्थित होते.
याप्रसंगी आपले मनोगत व्यक्त करताना योगीराज रुग्णालयाचे मुख्य केंद्रीय अधिकारी डॉ. दीपक डोंगरे म्हणाले की रुग्णालयाशी जुळलेल्या प्रत्येक डॉक्टर व लहानमोठ्या कर्मचाऱ्यांच्या गेल्या पाच वर्षातील केलेल्या सांघीक कामगिरीचा हा मान आहे. या गौरवामुळे रामटेक नगरीच्या शिरपेचात एक मानाचा तुरा खोवला गेला आहे. रुग्णालयाला सातत्याने मदत करणाऱ्या सरकारी व गैरसरकारी संस्था यांच्या पाठिंब्यामुळेच रुग्णालयाला ही मजल मारता आली. आरोग्यक्षेत्रात अजून नवे-नवे उपक्रम राबविण्यासाठी आणि आणखी दुर्गम भागात आमच्या सेवा पोहोचविण्यासाठी जास्तीत जास्त संस्था रुग्णालयाशी जुळाव्या असे त्यांनी आवाहन केले. भविष्यातही ग्रामीण आरोग्यक्षेत्रात सुरु असलेली उत्कृष्ट कामगिरी कायम राहील तसेच अजून तज्ज्ञांच्या सेवा सुरु करण्यात येतील अशी त्यांनी ग्वाही दिली. याबद्दल ऑरेंज सिटी रुग्णालयाचे अध्यक्ष श्री. उदयभास्कर नायर, संचालक डॉ. उषा नायर, डॉ. विद्या नायर, श्री. लक्ष्मीनारायण देवस्थानाचे अध्यक्ष श्री. नारायणदास अग्रवाल, एड. संजीव खंडेलवाल यांनी रुग्णालयातील कर्मचाऱ्यांचे अभिनंदन केले आहे.

OCHRI commemorates Republic Day with patriotic fervor


Republic Day was celebrated with great patriotic fervor at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute. At the outset, Smt.Nisha Zedia, Senior Aaayabai garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair unfurled the National flag which was immediately followed by National anthem rendition led by Smt.Manjiri Damle & team. Shri.Naresh Tiwari led the salutations while Dr.Deepak Dongre conducted the proceedings. Dr.Shivnarayan Acharya and Dr.Sunita Lawange were awarded for raising OCHRI to new academic heights during year of 2016. The award was announced by Dr.Neeta Deshpande and handed over by Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman, NAIRSONS Group. Smt.Sangeeta Varma announced the 2016 winner of Best Maintained Section as Operation Theatre complex which was accepted by Dr.Smita Harkare- Section Coordinator. Smt.Priya Sashi announced name of Pediatric Ward as the Best appreciated Section award during year of 2016 which was accepted by Smt.Sheela Patel- Ward Section Supervisor and Dr.Priyanka Wankar- Section Coordinator. General Ward- A wing was named as Most Patient friendly section award 2016 and was accepted by Shri.Dayaram Nimbarte, Nursing In charge & Dr.Anit Prakash, Section Coordinator. Best Friend of patient award for the year 2016 was accepted by Shri.Santosh Mykalwar.

Bravery Awards were bestowed to 19 personnel who had timely responded to a code red call and averted a tragedy in the year 2016. Moreover team of Yash Enterprises were awarded for exemplary housekeeping services. Dr.Anup Marar, Director (Administration) – OCHRI was guest of honor. In his address, he elucidated unknown anecdotes of forgotten heroes like Capt. Abid Ali and Capt. Ram Thakur. Moreover, he sensitized young doctors and healthcare personnel to concentrate more on enhancing communication with incoming patients. Personal touch and empathetic talks will prevent the growing mutual distrust seen in society. He also cautioned that not audience not to demean or hurt fellow humans and highlighted the role of Karma. Seven second window theory of making first impression was also explained for awareness of all by him. More than 100 renowned doctors of Nagpur attended this nationalistic ceremony at OCHRI. Dr.Smita Harkare, Dr.Kavita Dhurve, Smt.Priya Sashi, Smt.Manjiri Damle, Shri.Ganesh Iyer, Shri.Prakash Shende, Shri.Roy Thomas, Shri.Niraj Patil, Shri.Dayaram Nimbarte, Shri.Sunil Sure, Shri.Ramesh Pande, Shri. Sachin Gajbhiye and Shri.Pravin Mungal and Shri.Ravindra Dhande and others worked hard for the success of this patriotic undertaking.

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