OCHRI honours Dr.Milind Kirtane

Globally one in every 10,000 children is hearing impaired and Hearing loss is the third leading chronic disability following arthritis and hypertension. 9 out of every 10 children who are born deaf are born to parents who can hear. Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute (OCHRI) had launched their Cochlear Implant programme (OCHRI-CIP) ON 16th August 2015. The intricate surgeries are now regularly undertaken at OCHRI by team of ENT Surgeons namely Dr.Nandu Kolwadkar, Dr.Sameer Choudhary and Dr.Ajay Deshpande assisted by Dr.Kavita Dhurvey and led by Mentor & Chief Surgeon Padma Shree Dr. Milind Kirtane. The success story of OCHRI CIP program could be gauged by the fact that 60 funded surgeries were performed at OCHRI from 8th March 2016 till date.

On 11th March 2017; Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS group had hosted a celebration dinner to commemorate successful 60 CI surgeries done with TATA Funding under leadership of Dr.Milind Kirtane. All TEAM members involved in the surgery including surgeons, Anaesthetists, administrators, nursing staff and para-medical staff partook in the celebration to honour Dr.Kirtane. This was a thanksgiving function for Padmashree Dr.Milind Kirtane – Father of Cochelar Implant Surgery in India who is the guiding spirit behind this undertaking at OCHRI.

It is added that TATA Trust had signed a contract last year with OCHRI to fund Rs.5 lac per surgery to the maximum of 60 surgeries in one year. Accordingly, OCHRI initiated a movement under aegis of Project Geeta so that this grant could reach needy children from Vidarbha who were deaf & mute only due to lack of said Cochlear Implant.

At the outset Dr.Anup Marar, Director (Administration) – OCHRI welcomed the learned surgeon. Later Dr.Sameer Choudhary, Cochlear Implant Surgeon-OCHRI & Secretary, AOI felicitated Padmashree Dr.Milind Kirtane in a traditional manner with shawl and shrrefal while Dr.Usha Nair Director- Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited presented a memento on behalf of TEAM OCHRI to Padmashree Milind Kirtane. Dr.Vidya Nair, Director (Operations) – RNHPL conveyed the feelings of Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS Group and briefed the gathering about Project Geeta.

Expressing his sentiments on this occasion, Dr.Milind Kirtane stated that infrastructure at OCHRI is one of best he has seen across the nation and the enthusiasm, dedication, passion and team spirit prevailing in OCHRI is really infectious. He implored all media brethren, paediatricians, ENT Surgeons, Audiologists and general practioneers to sensitize people about the need of timely neonatal hearing screening and availability of such a unique advanced facility which is now sponsored by TATA trust and Chief Ministers Relief fund.

Smt.Maniri Damle proposed vote of thanks. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.Ashish Diswal & Ms.Neelu Somani- Audiologists, Dr.Smita Harkare, Dr.Neeta Deshpande, Dr.Anita Pande and Dr. Sweety Pasari- Anaesthetists, Dr.Kuldeep Sukhadeve- Paediatrician, Dr.Jeevan Vedi and all nursing and paramedical personnel associated with OCHRI Cochlear Implant movement functioning under aegis of Project Geeta.

Shri. Sunil Sure, Shri.Roy Thomas, Smt.Priya Sashi, Dr.Noorul Ameen, Shri. Shekhar Bhagat, Shri.Ganesh Iyer, Shri.Avinash Ganar and Shri. Pankaj Wadaskar worked hard for the success of this ceremony.

It is worthwhile to add that the immense confidence gained by Cochlear Implant team at OCHRI under Project Geeta within one year could be gauged by the facts that patients are reaching from Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and western Maharashtra belt also. Giving one person the gift of hearing may seem like a small act of kindness by TEAM OCHRI, but it has a compounding effect on the future of our world.


International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year to mark the contribution of women to society across the globe. International Women’s Day as the name implies is a day to celebrate womanhood and their social, political, cultural, economic achievements and significant contributions to society. To fulfill these objectives; teaching staff and trainee students of Kalyani Nursing School recently celebrated International Women’s Day.

On the eve of Women’s Day; inter-nursing school competition was held at Matru Sewa Sangh, Sitabuldi, Nagpur. Trainee students of Kalyani Nursing School actively participated in different competitions and made posters and slogans according to theme allotted by Matru Sewa Sangh I.e “Pap Smear test is right of every woman”.

Poornima Wandre, Neelima Zodape, Gitanjali Ghakre, Pooja Nanhe, Shivani Naik, Sapna Dhankute of KNS 2016 batch actively participated in slogan competition in which Gitanjali Ghakre got 3rd prize for her slogan.

Similarly in the Quiz competition; Bharti Raut- 2015 batch and Kirti Sahare- 2016 batch got the consolation prize.

All the students were trained and backed by Mrs. Jyotsna Bhujbal- Principal, Mrs. Kanchan Bante- Sr. Tutor and Ms. Veena Borkar- Tutor of Kalyani Nursing School which is attached to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute.


Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is a hospital which is continually improving the health care delivery system. As a part of its continual improvement initiatives to sensitize and train medical officers and nursing staff a Continued Medical Education (CME) on advancement in Blood Transfusion was recently organized at Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur in association with Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank & Components. Faculty of JJBB conducted this course at OCHRI. It is added that FDA recognized Blood storage unit was first commenced at OCHRI long back.

On this occasion Dr. Sheela Mundhada, Director-JJBB explained that Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood or blood products into one’s circulation intravenously. Transfusions are used for various medical conditions to replace lost components of the blood. Earlier transfusions used whole blood, but modern medical practice commonly uses only components of the blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, clotting factors, and platelets. Thus one bag is put to multiple uses rationally accordingly to the need of patient. Prior to blood transfusion one must take informed consent about the need of transfusion. She further added.

Dr. Gunjan Babhulkar, Medical Officer- OCHRI Blood Storage Unit also spoke on Do’s & Don’ts of Blood transfusion. She emphasized that always check all identifying information such as recipient name, age, blood group, Rh factor and expiry of blood products. Blood bag should not be warmed before transfusion and no medicine should be added in the bag and don’t use routine pre-transfusion medicine. Moreover don’t infuse over more than 4 hours. She further added.

All medical history should be given to physician honestly before you donate or receive blood, in order to avoid long term health issues which can either be fatal for donor or the person receiving blood. The session concluded with Q & A session.

Large numbers of medical officers and nursing staff of ICU, PICU & NICU, Casualty and General wards at OCHRI were benefited from this training. Certificates were awarded to participants. Dr. Noorul Ameen assisted by Smt.Saramma Samuel coordinated this event.

Dr. Buche guides lady students on Health & Hygiene

Preventive Health Division, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute on invitation undertakes sensitization and awareness lectures on various health related topics in schools, colleges and educational Institutions. Recently a lecture on Importance of Personal Health & Hygiene in Women was held at Pratima Beauty & Wellness Centre under aegis of Inner Wheel Club of Nagpur east for the benefit of their girl students. Dr.Devayani Buche, Physician- OCHRI guided the students. Dr.Devayani Buche highlighted simple tips to maintain the best in a woman. She stated that “Good personal hygiene is the first step to good health. It not only protects you from poor health, but also shields those around you from suffering illnesses that arise from poor personal habits.”

Smt.Jyoti Chhabria, President, Inner Wheel Club of Nagpur East organised the event. Prominently present on this occasion were Dr.Vimla Jain, Swati Ruhchandani, Rashmi Kaurani, Pratibha Assudani, Deepa Lalwani, Shweta Mandape, Vaishali Bhivgade & Cynthia Fernandez. Shri.Anil Dhakate under supervision of Smt.Priya Sashi coordinated the itinerary of this event.


Orange City Hospital & Research Institute has been empanelled by more than 60 major organisations and industries based in Central India to provide comprehensive health cover of more than 60 departments to benefit their staff members and families. OCHRI is also empanelled by Airport Authority of India for the benefit of AAI and CISF beneficiaries.

Recently a free health camp was organised in Nagpur Airport premises for the benefit of AAI & CISF employees serving in Nagpur Airport. Since CISF employees are always on their toes, it was prudent that onsite health camp be organised in airport premises. For the same Shri.Prakash Kumar under leadership of Shri.Anil Malghade, Assistant Commandant-CISF organised this health camp. Smt.Gayatridevi presented mementos to OCHRI experts while floral welcome was rendered by Shri. Sachin Gaikwad. This health camp under aegis of OCHRI was part of activities to commemorate CISF raising day. Dr.Upendra Kumar Shastri, Physician and Dr.Bindu Menon, Gynaecologist-OCHRI rendered their voluntary expert services for this camp. Shri.Anil Dhakate and Shri.Sunil Sure coordinated the itinerary of this camp on behalf of OCHRI. Dr.Madhuri Likhitkar, Senior Medical Officer and Sr.Preeti Chokandre were also part of OCHRI team. On this occasion Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI stated that personnel attached to Organisations like CISF are under severe stress due to on duty law and order pressures, hence regular health check-up is essential. It is great to see CISF – Nagpur taking care of their employees so proactively. We are proud to be associated with AAI & CISF since long as their health caretaker he added.

Awareness lecture by Dr.Bindu for WCL ladies

To commemorate International Women’s day; Orange City Hospital & Research Institute joined hands with Western Coalfields Limited to organise a public awareness lecture to benefit ladies staff and female family members of WCL staff serving in WCL Umrer Area. Dr.Mrs.Rama Rao, Area Medical Officer Incharge, WCL Umrer Area Hospital organised this lecture as a part of many undertakings convened by WCL Umrer area hospital on this occasion. Dr.Bindu Menon, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist- OCHRI addressed the gathering of ladies on Cervical Cancer and its prevention. More than 250 ladies attended this public awareness lecture. Smt.Prathapan, w/o Shri.V.G.Prathapan, Chief General Manager, WCL Umrer graced the function as Chief Guest. Shri.Anil Dhakate under supervision of Shri.Simha Chalam coordinated the itinerary.

It is highlighted that OCHRI reinvests its profits back to society through its various altruistic arms which includes on site lectures and camps for concerned organisations and industries.


Orange City Hospital & Research Institute, Nagpur a multi-specialty and super-specialty hospital was recently re-empanelled by  Airport Authority of India, Nagpur office for the provision of comprehensive outdoor and indoor Medical & surgical health care Services to employees and their dependents of Airport Authority and CISF unit of Nagpur Airport, Nagpur. This was communicated by the Airport Authority office vide their recent order signed by Shri.R.B.Nandanwar to the hospital which shall be valid till 02/02/2019.

Nagpur based Orange City Hospital & Research Institute is endorsed by more than 60 major companies and organizations based in Central India. Recently an Inspection team on behalf of Madhya Pradesh State Government had also visited OCHRI to review the facilities provided at OCHRI and renewed the recognition. Numerous patients from all parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh reach this signature hospital of Nagpur providing services of more than 150 doctors through 60 departments under one roof. In view of the comprehensive multi-specialty and super-specialty services available in one complex; it is a boon for incoming patients. Moreover, OCHRI is the only ISO 9001 accredited private hospital of Nagpur as on date to have been approved by competent authorities of Railway, Roadways & Airports. OCHRI is the only private hospital of Nagpur which has even been accredited by Police authorities to attend Z+ Security covered VVIPs for any emergency medical assistance as when they are in vicinity of Nagpur.

The management of OCHRI thanked the officials of Airport Authority of Nagpur for the sustained confidence reposed on TEAM OCHRI. The employees & beneficiaries of AAI and CISF unit of Nagpur office may contact Orange City Hospital for further details in this regard.

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