Welcome to City of Oranges, Nagpur …..

The city well-known as ora nge city of India due to its famous Mandarin oranges, a city that enjoys the privilege of being a fast growing metropolis-in-the-making at the same time maintaining the pleasures of a large well spread idyllic unhurried town, welcomes you .

Nagpur, an emerging metro and Orange Cityof India has best of its climates in the month of October. It also has best air & rail connectivity with all the major cities of India. Nagpur lies precisely at the center of the country with the Zero Milemarker indicating the geographical center of India. Nagpur can also be called as Tiger Capitalof India, as maximum number of tigers in the country are found around Nagpur.

Nagpur is strategically located in the very centre of India, at the cross roads of India’s North-South & East-West routes by road, rail & air. A city 300 years old is now the industrial, commercial & transportation milestone of India. Added attraction is the Kanha National Park, the home to tigers, spread over 940 sq. km about 250 km from Nagpur and Pench Tiger Reserve & Tadoba National Park located around 100 km from the city.

Nagpur is a medical hub of central India. Pediatrics has always been at the centre stage of medical innovation and academic excellence which has led to accelerated growth of health care in Maharashtra and Central India. Pediatrics as a separate subject and an individual identity in MBBS curriculum was started from Nagpur. Nagpur is obviously famed for the wholesome, robust and purely academic medical conferences.

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