OCHRI’s Upgraded Radiology division inducted


Department of Radiology, Orange City Hospital & Research Institute was under renovation since few months. Recently, OCHRI announced commissioning of enhanced radiological division by conducting a formal pooja of the new division accommodating Hitachi MRI unit, GE CT scan apart from the imaging, Ultrasonography, Mammography and Color Doppler.

The pooja was conducted by hands of Shri.Varadrajan Iyer while Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair and Dr.Raju Khandelwal performed the role of Yajmans. Subsequently, ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted by hands of Yajmans in presence of all leading specialists of Nagpur. Nagpur Medical community has welcomed the new upgraded revamped OCHRI Radiology division.

On this occasion Shri.Udaybhaskar Nair, Chairman- NAIRSONS Group stated that continual improvement of service delivery system is key to our success. Central Indians expect OCHRI to be trend setter and introduce novel advanced equipage to keep up with times. Dr.Anup Marar, Director- OCHRI added that last year OCHRI had revamped operation theater complex and this year they have executed renovation of Radiology to face new decade.   He also sought apology from incoming patients for the bit of trouble faced by them since few months due to ongoing renovation in OCHRI Radiology division but assured that the up gradation will now help TEAM OCHRI to ensure better comprehensive quality service. Dr.Usha Nair, Director (Clinical) – Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited stated that Value based care is key to retain goodwill. Keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology is essential in health care and we at OCHRI are committed to it. Health care service providers should not ignore the technological advances happening around them and should keep abreast with new technology.

Dr.Raju Khandelwal, Consultant In charge, Department of Radiology highlighted that Radiology has transitioned in recent years from an imaging device focus to an imaging information technology focus. The trend is using technology to streamline workflow efficiency.

Shri.Roy Thomas, General Manager and Dr.Nishikant Lokhande, Radiologist worked hard under supervision of Dr.Vidya Nair, Director (Operations) – RNHPL for timely execution of this renovation and upgradation.

Prominently present on this inauguration ceremony were Dr.Jay Deshmukh, Dr.Dileep Dhande, Dr.Devayani Buche, Dr. Nikhil Balankhe, Dr.Bindu Menon, Dr.Sameer Jahagirdar, Dr.Darshan Rewanwar, Dr.Smita Harkare, Dr.Neeta Deshpande, Dr.Abhay Agashe, Dr. Mohan Shendre, Dr.D.N.Balpande, Dr.Shivnarayan Acharya, Dr.Rohan Bansal, Dr. Sunita Lawange, Dr.Amit & Sweety Pasari, Dr.Milind & Anita Pande, Dr.Prachi Mahajan, Dr.Vinaya Suneed Kumar, Dr.Sameer Choudhary, Dr.Vivek Gadge, Dr.Ganesh Bure, Dr.Rani Lakhe, Dr.Deepak Dongre, Dr.Anit Prakash, Dr.Kavita Dhurvey and Dr.Madhuri Likhitkar along with many others renowned doctors of Nagpur who rejoiced in this new enhanced deployment of OCHRI’s service delivery mechanism.



Recently Vidarbha Hospital Association office bearers Dr.Anup Marar- Secretary and Dr.Sameer Paltewar- Treasurer met Hon’ble Shri.Devendraji Fadnavis, Chief Minister- Maharashtra and apprised him about the increased various taxes, water and electricity charges which is directly affecting the incoming needy patients in hospitals. The increasing taxes, water, electricity, waste disposal, advance general waste, fire taxes & charges get transferred to cost of patient and incoming patients only have to bear the brunt. It was contemplated that since Private hospitals render 80% of health care delivery; it would be prudent that private health care sector and State government proactively address these concerns wherein a realistic review of the tariff, terms and conditions of various government schemes may be done so that many genuine ethical players can join hands with government. VHA requested that priority sector code & charges therein instead of commercial charges may be made applicable to private hospitals as Health care sector is included under essential services act. Prominently present on this occasion were Shri. Vishwas Pathak, Technical Advisor to Energy Minister and Director-MSEBHL/MSPGCL/MSEDCL/ MSETCL who conveyed the problems faced by state government in maintaining breakeven of income and expenses in context to energy usage. Hon’ble Shri.Chandrashekarji Bawankule, Energy & Excise Minister- Maharashtra and Nagpur Guardian Minister who had also been apprised by VHA of these issues had supportively assured to have a detailed discussion in presence of Hon’ble CM on these critical areas and search for a via media. Chief Minister complimented efforts of Vidarbha Hospitals Association in raising pertinent issues affecting medical fraternity and coming ahead with not only problems but also rational solutions with an open mind.

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